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Ye Ling has been featured in the New York Times, toured, competed and performed all over the world. We’re working on five live concert recordings from INRS, and a new show is finishing production. We’re planning to broadcast more of these evenings going forward, in addition to still producing the full Nextlevel Radio podcasts. Music played during the Laura Harley interview (in order, unannounced): Sharpshooter (from her previous band Sliver), Shine, Sing Out Loud, Stars Light. About 3 weeks ago I was in the midst of preparing show 4 (more about that in a bit), when I got contacted about a new job in Washington DC.
Looking at our web stats we have had listeners from every single continent on the planet which is not covered in iceburgs permanently. Tracks Played during the interview (unannounced): Posee un Corazon(audio excerpt for intro), No Te Aflijas, and La Rosa del Amor. Press the arrow above to hear the most recent show.Click here to learn how to subscribe to the podcast.
Participants will gather for the 8 AM Eucharist and leave from the Church for the 10 AM train. Our assembly location is East 38th Streeet, between 5th Avenue and Madison Avenue, closer to Madison.
There will be an Episcopal Church float, and people will be able to ride the float once the march begins. He has studied many forms of dance, including jazz, tap, hip-hop, salsa, Argentine tango, mambo, Lindy hop, and hustle.

It was started back in New Jersey sometime in July, and was put on hold in August when the move happened.A  Since the move, it has taken a while for everything to settle down. She currently just sings for fun, but every time I heard her singing at local events I knew I had to record her. Devon has been working hard to establish himself in the LA music scene, and has a solid EP out of selections from the Baha’i writings set to music. Its pretty much my dream job, working for XM Satellite Radio (in their IT department, not as a DJ). I’m scheduling interviews right now, and Pieter is busy working on a new layout for the website. Their album has found critical acclaim in the New York Times, and once you hear it you will understand why. He’s an electronic music producer whose tracks range from Trance, Drum N Bass, and even downtempo. Georgians have had a contingent in the NYC Pride March for several years witnessing that Christian churches do welcome LGBT people, and we will do so again on Sunday, June 30. Bishop Andrew Dietsche of the Diocese of New York will be joining us, as well as Epsicopal congregations from the dioceses of New York, New Jersey and Long Island and members of Integrity USA.
DC is a great place, and I think there are a lot of great artists and thinkers who will provide a some solid material for future shows. He just won his second national title for Poetry Slam, and is in the process of filming material for Def Poetry Jam. The music builds on the best of traditional Colombian styles, and fuses it with the dynamite production of Grammy Award Winning Producer KC Porter.

I heard him two years ago at the Baha’i Center in New York, and was blown away by his poetry. George's, we take seriously the importance of adding our voice to the public conversation about issues concerning LGBT people locally as well as in the greater society.
I caught up with him in NYC when he was doing a reading this summer.A  New York is a funny place because you always see celebrities walking around. Whether accompanied by her guitar playing, or just a minimal beat, she has an amazingly smooth voice that only gets more powerful when coupled with her uplifting lyrics. Istvan and Leonor tell us the story of their music, all the way from Hungary to Cuba, Columbia, Paris, and back again. It’s really exciting to see just how powerful the combination of music and spirituality can be. There will be bomb-sniffing dogs for the first time, so please do not bring backpacks, or keep them to a minimum.
Many churches welcome the LGBT community into their membership and leadership and as one such church, our voice needs to be heard.
Since we were doing this interview in a public place, people kept stopping and trying to figure out who Anis was. The events we host or sponsor send a clear message that God loves everyone and that all people have a place at God's table.

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