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Stories From The Days Of SteamIn a bygone era not so long ago rail travel was romantic and exciting. I have driven for short times under supervision, Sydney suburban electrics, Melbourne Trams, 3811 at Goulburn loco, and fired a few engines along the way.
In order to catch this early morning train, a mate and I started out at Roseville station at 4.12 am or thereabouts! We travelled on a 10c excursion which took us as far as Campbelltown in the South, Emu Plains in the West, Cowan in the North, and Waterfall on the South Coast. After a few stations, I think at Quakers Hill, we ventured up to the cab and asked the driver if we could ride with the crew. I started the train out of Quaker’s Hill and was doing pretty well until the next station, Vineyard came into view. Well the first stop was not that great, but by the time I reached Richmond, I was getting pretty good at it and really enjoying driving the train. Our all stations trip back was uneventful until Riverstone, where the ticket inspectors who had been on the train decided to check our tickets. Well, the crew pointed out the engine was their domain and told them to go away (in less polite terms). For those of you who don’t know, the railway line from Seven Hills to Westmead took the form of inner main lines and outer suburban lines.
Don’t Mention The War – Steam In RhodesiaEver Present Danger Ignored In Our Quest To Photograph Garratts In Action By the mid 1970’s he country known as Rhodesia was losing its identity.
A Day At Campbelltown StationThese days, Campbelltown is a City, with an electrified railway system. To prevent spam, please type in the code found in the red box to verify you are a real person. 119 was a 4-4-0 steam locomotive built by Rogers Locomotive andMachine Works of Paterson, New Jersey in 1868. I did contemplate signing on as an engine cleaner with a view to graduating to cab duties in Port Elizabeth in South Africa, but the pay was around $400 for 50-60 hours work, so I chose a more lucrative job using my technical skills. Perhaps one of the most notable efforts I will write about one day, is firing an SL in China out of Xia’an. Steam in Sydney pretty well ended in May, 1968 following the declaration of Campbelltown as a City.

There was a 50 class that regularly took a train from Sydney to the Abattoirs, on the site where Olympic Park now stands. By this time, the bulk of the services were operated by 620 rail car sets, but in the peak hours, 30 Tanks and 32 (P) Class were used. There was a train that started in Seven Hills early in the morning and went all stations to Richmond.
It travelled all stations to Blacktown, and we alighted at Seven Hills to connect with the Richmond steam train. As we had limited means as students, we somehow sued to stretch the journey and get to Gosford or Goulburn, far beyond the ticket inspectors reach. The 32 class is a 4-6-0, built around 1890, and the mainstay of the Sydney suburban fleet up until electrification. Vineyard in those days was a small platform one carriage length and you had to stop the last car adjacent to that platform.
There was a flyover at Seven Hills to take the outer Suburban down (away from Sydney) line across to teh Richmond line. In 1965, Ian Smith, the then Prime Minister, declared independence from the British Commonwealth in an effort to hang on to power. Hand-crafted iniron, this 1:24-scale model comes with remarkable details such asspoke wheels, chimney, headlights, engine, and a wagon, a must havefor the collector and enthusiast. We got this image from the net we believe would be probably the most representative images for samsung s3 malaysia price.
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My driving experiences are restricted to the steam trains of NSW, and then only in my youth. This was an amazing trip using a very small shovel with pulverised coal – much heavier than the big lumps of Newcastle coal we had in NSW. The engine was turned, and then it headed back to Seven Hills, running Express to Westmead.
It might seem simple to someone driving a car, but when you have 300 tons of steel and 500 feet of train behind you, it isn’t that simple.
That means not upsetting the passengers by stopping too fast, meeting the schedule by not stopping too slowly, and the hardest part of all, lining up the last car with that platform.
With a manual turntable, it was necessary to have the loco perfectly balanced, or you simply couldn’t operate the turntable.

Normally you would tell the inspector there was no station staff when you boarded the train and they would sell you one on the spot rather than fine you. Back in 1929 the railway was electrified as far as Liverpool, as Campbelltown although a mere 13 miles to the south, did not have the population to support a regular electric service.
I made a NSW steam train trip out there once, and it was a smell you would never wish to experience. Most steam passengers travelled from Liverpool, although there were a couple of peak hour expresses that were steam hauled all the way from Sydney. I saw rows and rows of dead cows hung upside down with blood pouring like a river around the place. Founded in 1999, Old-Modern Handicrafts (OMH) is a familyowned and operated business and a leading manufacturer of highquality wooden ship models. It reminded me of Enfield loco depot at that time which was a graveyard for many NSW steam trains being readied for the scrap torch. Eventually, I managed the task and then my friend and I pushed the P class around to face Sydney.
On the mainline an Interurban from the Blue Mountains was scheduled to travel on the main at the same time, and it duly appeared. OMH started with about twenty popularmodels such as the RMS Titanic and the USS Constitution.
If you spin the wheels with too much thrust, you can kill the fire and blow it out the smoke box.
If you put too much water in the boiler, you can have a pressure drop and run out of steam, stalling the engine.
By the time we had to slow down, we had crept past the Interurban and reached a speed of just over 70 MPH. Theselection from our factory includes historic tall ships, ancientboats, modern speed boats, ocean liners and modern cruise ships,yachts and warships. OMH is widely supported around the world asour unique and eye catching model ships are affordable and easy todisplay.
Our models are proudly displayed in many homes, offices,hotels, restaurants, as well as in luxurious galleries and museumsaround the world.

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