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Beginning today, off-peak weekday and weekend trains on the New Haven Line will run every half-hour between New Haven and New York City.
Metro-North operates the New Haven Line and its three branches – to New Canaan, Danbury and Waterbury – under contract to the Connecticut Department of Transportation (ConnDOT).
Governor Malloy and ConnDOT Commissioner James Redeker have since been in active discussions with Mr. The New Haven Line is the busiest single commuter rail line in the United States and provided a record-breaking 39 million customer trips in 2013. Ongoing on Fridays, Bridge games will take place from 2-4:00pm at Atria Larson Place, located at 1450 Whitney Avenue.
The Internet went wild last week over a video of a rat dragging a slice of pizza down the steps of a New York City subway. The average adult brown rat is 16 inches long and weighs 1 pound, but some have been reported to be as long as 20 inches and weigh up to 2 pounds. As you might expect, rats are crawling with nasty bugs that can make us sick, like the bubonic plague (picture below).

Urban dwellers beware: Rats can easily wriggle up toilet pipes, as a recent National Geographic video demonstrated. In February, when the new Metro-North President Joseph Giulietti began, Governor Malloy outlined his expectations and priorities for improved service and performance for Connecticut’s commuter lines.
Giulietti as Metro-North works to implement improvements that include the appointment of Mike Donnarumma as District Superintendent on the New Haven Line and consumer advocate for the Waterbury Branch. Games are facilitated by local Bridge Club Director, Frederick Townsend who has been running bridge groups for more than 25 years. They eat just about anything, they multiply incredibly fast, and they might be one of the few creatures that survive the next mass extinction. In fact, the real number of rats is closer to a quarter of the number of people (or about 2 million rodents). Rats are sexually mature at 2-3 months old, and can produce a litter of 5-7 pups every couple of months. They can survive on just an ounce of food and water a day, which they can easily get from NYC’s trash and food waste.

In 1860, The New York Times ran a story about a dead newborn baby whose nose, upper lip, cheek, and toes were reportedly chewed off by rodents. In the last four years, the state has invested almost $11 million in Waterbury Branch-specific projects to restore the line to a state-of-good repair.
Tim Gray’s book presents a clear and enlightened understanding of the fundamental themes of Jesus’ messianic mission. In fact, all of us mammals are descended from a ratlike creature that emerged from the mass extinction that killed the dinosaurs.
Using the Gospel of Luke and Old Testament prophecies, we see Jesus as the fulfillment of the Prophecies.  Dr. New Haven Line and Waterbury Branch schedules will also be improved to address crowding on key weekday and weekend trains.

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