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The storm's quicker-than-expected forward motion means it will make landfall about two hours sooner than previously anticipated. From just now on the TV: Con Ed has taken down the Bowling Green and Fulton electrical networks in lower Manhattan. Walked by Joseph Leonard on Waverly Place here in the West Village earlier and it was jam packed. Great story of how Dan Rather hacked up the first radar image of a hurricane shown on TV for Hurricane Carla in 1961.
There are reports of a crane collapse at One World Trade but Jake Dobkin doesn't see any evidence of that. Is TV news and Twitter whipping everyone into a hurricane-like froth with its incessant coverage of Sandy?
The radio either lets Nature alone or gives her the full treatment, as it did at the approach of the hurricane called Edna. This WSJ comparison of 2011's Hurricane Irene and Sandy really captures just how massive this storm is and why people seem more concerned about it than they were with Irene. The National Weather Service in Atlantic City, NJ said that isolated record storm surge flooding already occurred along portions of the New Jersey coast with this morning's 7:30 am EDT high tide cycle.
Here's my post from yesterday with all sorts of hurricane resources, including Jeff Master's WunderBlog, the Wind Map, and check out your flood zone in NYC.
Think you might want to be an engineer who builds amazing underwater tunnels in the future? Take some time to imagine what kinds of incredible underwater tunnels could be built in the future. I love that they took the time to do that and I think it's crazy how that machine is so big I hope I can drive in an under water tunnel soon. I have to write reports on 5 wonderopolis wonders per week, reading the wonders are really fun I can't say the same about writing it!!!!!
It makes us super happy to hear that you thought this Wonder was cool and that you learned some interesting new facts about underwater tunnels by exploring it today, Will! I have always wanted to go through an underwater tunnel, and I actually wish there was an underwater roller coaster, too. What if they built a machine that made a HUGE tunnel and made it go ALL the way around the world?

It would be cool if they used it to make a giant tunnel under the ocean to go all the way to Asia, China, Germany, etc., but the down side to that is, if the tunnel were to collapse there woudn't be any survivors, since the whole place would flood and also the crumbling rock. Rivers are overflowing their banks, wind is whipping, and residents are either hunkered down or scurrying around picking up last minute supplies.
Weather Bureau (now the National Weather Service) office in downtown Galveston, which featured a cutting-edge WSR-57 radar console. The idea, of course, is that the radio shall perform a public service by warning people of a storm that might prove fatal; and this the radio certainly does. As the tide goes out late this morning and this afternoon, water levels will fall, since the difference in water levels between low tide and high tide is about 5'. Keep the learning going by exploring one or more of the following fun activities with a friend or family member:Underwater tunnels require engineering skills that push the envelope of modern technology. Underwater tunnels are only some of the incredible engineering feats that have been accomplished. We're thrilled that you have been WONDERing about underwater tunnels with us today-- we hope you can experience one for yourself soon!
But another effect of the radio is to work people up to an incredible state of alarm many hours in advance of the blow, while they are still fanned by the mildest zephyrs. However, this evening, as the core of Sandy moves ashore, the storm will carry with it a gigantic bulge of water that will raise waters levels to the highest storm tides ever seen in over a century of record keeping, along much of the coastline of New Jersey and New York. Sooner or later, though, people just wanted to get to the other side of them.Boats, such as ferries, were the earliest and most obvious solutions.
This doesn't change the forecast much for coastal New Jersey, but it could greatly complicate coastal flooding projections for New York Harbor. He asked a Weather Bureau meteorologist to draw him a rough outline of the Gulf of Mexico on a transparent sheet of plastic; during the broadcast, he held that drawing over the computer's black-and-white radar display to give his audience a sense both of Carla's size and of the location of the storm's eye. The peak danger will be between 7 pm - 10 pm, when storm surge rides in on top of the high tide. Look it up on a map or do some Internet research to find out how far it is from New York City to Paris. The full moon is today, which means astronomical high tide will be about 5% higher than the average high tide for the month, adding another 2 - 3" to water levels. Other than hiring a crack team of moles and beavers, how could this be done?As early as 1818, a French engineer named Marc Brunel invented a device that allowed workers to tunnel under rivers without worrying about water and mud ruining their work.

Brunel's “tunnel shield" was a big rectangular iron wall with lots of small shutters in it.Workers would open the shutters one at a time to dig out a few inches of dirt. Would people really be willing to drive under the Atlantic Ocean rather than sailing or flying across it? As the shield advanced a few inches at a time, workers would build a thick brick wall behind it that would become the shell of the tunnel.This was very time-consuming work, of course. For example, it took workers nine years (from 1825 to 1843) to build a 1,200-foot tunnel below the Thames River in London.
If so, contact them to find out if you could meet with an engineer for a few minutes to learn more about what they do.
This became the first underwater tunnel in the world.Technology has advanced a lot since Brunel's day. Today, underwater tunnels are often created with humongous tunnel-boring machines (TBMs) — sometimes called moles.
These machines cost millions of dollars, but they can create large tunnels in a very short time.A circular plate with disk cutters rotates to cut through rock as the machine inches forward slowly. As the machine excavates the tunnel, it also helps to build the walls that will eventually support the tunnel.France and England used 11 massive TBMs to create — in just three short years — the three tubes that make up the 32-mile Channel Tunnel. Also called the Euro Tunnel or Chunnel, these tunnels now connect the two countries under the English Channel.Another new method of creating underwater tunnels is the cut-and-cover method.
After the tubes are covered with a thick layer of rock, workers connect the sections of tubes and pump out any remaining water.This method was used to create the Ted Williams Tunnel, which connects the southern part of Boston with Logan Airport. The 12 giant steel tubes that were sunk in the trench were each 325 feet long and already contained fully-constructed roads!Engineers are always coming up with new ideas.
Based upon experimental rock-cutting methods, tomorrow's underwater tunnels might be built with the help of high-pressure water jets, lasers or ultrasonic sound machines.New technologies could enable the building of tunnels that once seemed impossible. For example, some engineers would like to build a Transatlantic Tunnel to connect New York with London.

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