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Unfortunately, the UPS Store did a poor job packaging the Big Boy, and the UPS carriers decided to drop it a few times. That's when Charles Ro changed their tune and decided not to honor the quote they'd given me in writing, which was a whole new chassis (including all wheels and motors) for $1000. So I decided to not to spend anymore money with Charles Ro, and instead fix the Big Boy myself. For the record, although there is no excuse for the poor customer service I received from Charles Ro, they still make great products which I have continued to buy, but only used or through dealers instead of Charles Ro directly.
In my next post I'll start documenting the various repairs I have made so far, and am continuing to work through.
Fortunately as you can see the damage is mostly little stuff you don't see at a glance, although there are some important little things I need to fix. Thanks for posting Ben, going to be interesting to see the steps and processes you use to make the necessary repairs as working with die cast is a different animal compared to plastic.
With that, the headlight and reverse light being wired backwards and the paint damage on the boiler from the Styrofoam packing making contact with the paint USA exchanged the engine with a new one without any fuss. I really hope you can get this sorted out without too much trouble so you can focus on customizing and enjoying your engine! Mark,A It came with motors and lights, but no electronics boards, speakers, or smoke units.
I wasn't at the show, but I was helping Shawn of the USAT G Scale Group provide live coverage of the event. I've also heard other Charles Ro customer service horror stories.A If they'd have said "we made a mistake the price is really $1600" I would have been disappointed but I'd understand. A I know from talking with you originally back when all this was first going down I was really surprised at not only the damage you saw but how it was handled with regards to service.

A Of course in my case I was going through a dealer (RidgeRoadstation) so maybe that had something to do with it. A So aside from the axle and what looks like the front pilot railing what else was messed up with it? I've decided now to start from the beginning in a single thread, both here and on the USAT G Scale Group. When I heard that Charles Ro had two Big Boys for sale for $1800 each (without electronics) I asked if Shawn could help me buy one, and he graciously agreed.
The UPS Store guy put down $1000 for the engine and $1000 for the tender, and the tender wasn't damaged.
I talked to Mike in parts, Charles Ro himself, and eventually Charlie's son Mike (known as the "bouncer" for problem customers) who treated me poorly and flat out lied to me about things they themselves said just weeks earlier in phone calls I documented, as well as an [admitted vague] email stating the $1000 chassis price.
A My first USA BB experienced some sort of internal short and went up in smoke after the first 500ft or so. A I have come to believe that working through a dealer generally results in a better level of service as opposed to working with the company direct as you actually have an advocate when you have a dealer in the loop. I provided my credit card number over the phone to Charles Ro, and then Shawn picked up the Big Boy and took it to a UPS Store where I again gave the store my credit card to ship it to myself, at an outrageous cost of about $300. After months of dealing with UPS claims, the UPS Store, and Charles Ro (to get quotes for repairs), UPS finally accepted that the engine had more than $1000 worth of damage, so I eventually got $1200 from them (including the packing and shipping refund for the engine box).
I thought it'd be an easy operation on my lathe, since I just needed to turn the rod down to .196 diameter. A My only other experience with USA was in ordering parts and have always had good luck with being able to get what I need and get a hold of someone knowledgeable (which think was Mike). Before you register please ensure you are familiar with our terms of use and related policies.

I prefer not to speak negatively about any company, especially not the one that makes my favorite products. However being a press fit it needed to be very precise, and I hadn't used my lathe enough to realize I didn't know how to do such precise work.
How the axle was bent I can't imagine, but my theory is that USA Trains sold it to me this way. I encourage everyone to buy USA Trains products, just be cautious in dealing with Charles Ro direct. I finally figured out how to align my lathe headstock and tailstock more precisely, and made a new axle that worked. Unfortunately I forgot to take photos while actually making the new axle, but I've included the photo I took when I originally discovered the bent axle, and another of the trailing truck reinstalled with the new axle, and the one old (and my mistake piece) next to it.
And this locomotive was likely sold to be a shelf queen since it didn't have electronics, so I think they assumed no one would ever notice.
By the way, to futher back up my theory when I disassembled the rear trailing truck some of the screws were partially stripped. Someone opened up the trailing truck at a later time for some reason, like to get rid of a bent wheelset!

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