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It's definitely a unisex set, I didn't think twice about buying it for my girls and they love it.
My parents asked me what I would like for Christmas for my baby who was 6 months old, and I said to surprise us, so knowing how my nephew had loved his Happyland toys they got us this train set. The toy is meant for 18 months plus, but at 7 months my baby gets very excited about the train going round and waves his arms around erratically.
For some reason when I was pregnant with my son I developed a fascination with the Happyland Range at The Early Learning Centre. Although eleven month old Freddy has quite a few of the Happyland sets, this is one of the more expensive and larger pieces. Do You Want to Sell Western Train Chase - LEGO set #7597?The Plastic Brick is interested in buying LEGO collections of all themes. In the traditional figure of eight, the 50 piece train set is perfect for creating your own little town. I absolutely adore wooden trainsets, they are so strong and perfect for young children to hold and play.
N Amtrak P42 Superliner Phase IVb Starter setEvery hobby begins with a single step; start off on the right foot with a Kato UNITRACK Starter Set! N Amfleet I Phase VI 2-Car Set ADuring its beginnings, Amtrak inherited its passenger cars from other railroads. N Amfleet I Phase VI 2-Car Set BDuring its beginnings, Amtrak inherited its passenger cars from other railroads. Got this while it was in the half price sale, and although I do like it, I wouldn't pay full price for it. At first I thought it was going to be another floor filler that I would be tripping up over in the living room. I thought it was so cute and innovative, although actually when you think about it, it's not innovative at all!
We have a selection of Happyland toys, but they're her older sister's, so this was her first set. Being in many ways a typical boy, Freddy absolutely adores cars and trains and as this train set combines both of these it's absolutely perfect for him. This product includes items such as the train, carriages, buildings, bridges, trees and also people. I think the image on the box gave me that impression but it isn't really the case at all.It was my parents that bought it for my son and they told me they got it from the Early Learning Centre, as they do with so many other toys. I guess that's why even before my son was born I bought a few items when they were on offer and put them away thinking I would give them to him for his first Christmas.I didn't really think that one through as my son was only 3 months old that first Christmas so the toys stayed in their box until this year when my son was 15 months at Christmas-perfect age for Hapyland introduction!This Happyland Country Train Set was one of the sets bought before he was born and it was ?38 then, the same as it still retails for now.
The set includes 6 pieces of brown coloured train track which slot together easily to form an oval track.
The standard selling price for this set is ?35, but when we bought it, it was reduced to ?28, which really isn't a bad price, considering what you get in this set and what it does.==Setting Up==The Happyland Country Train Set comes securely packed in a cardboard box, now personally I feel that far too much packaging was used. You also get a load of your favorite Toy Story characters like Buzz, Woody, T-Rex, and more.
Sell your LEGO collection now >Need Instructions for Western Train Chase - LEGO set #7597? The set can be used on the floor, table or on a play mat and is also compatible with other popular wooden train sets. The image on the front of the box shows the train set fully built and has the happyland rainbow logo at the bottom. Little ones should find it easy to put the track together themselves, although they may need help getting the right configuration to make the oval.
While there weren't that many plastic ties to undo, there were several, empty cardboard boxes within the outer box, the only purpose of which would appear to fill in gaps. The train only moves when the little driver's platform is pressed down, so when a figure is put in the seat, so kids enjoy putting the driver in and out, over and over. Other retailers now carry the Happyland Range like Argos, Boots and Amazon-although you will need to check which stocks this train set.The Train set itself is so simple to use and play with-that's the great benefit of Happyland. It lies flat enough on a solid floor, such as laminate, but not on thicker pile carpets which can make the track uneven.A red train engine, coal-filled carriage, and passenger carriage hook onto each other to run around the track.
All of the separate pieces were also wrapped in plastic bags, which meant there was a considerable amount of rubbish that needed disposing of. It can get annoying if they set it going round the track and just walk away as it will keep going until you take the driver out. My daughter tends to try and push the train from the rear carriage which makes them unhook from each other and fall off the track.
Apart from unpacking the train set from the box the only real setting-up that needed doing was inserting two AA batteries into the engine and connecting the track together.
The track itself comes in six pieces that easily slot together to form an oval shaped track for the train. Even when pulling the front carriage around the track the carriages can come apart which is frustrating. On a scale of one to ten, I personally would put the difficulty of setting this up at about four and would say it took me under ten minutes to have it ready for Freddy to play with.Now as there are so many different parts to this train set, this next section is going to take a while as the outside of the box really doesn't do justice to the quality and detail.
The kids love role playing, swapping drivers and passengers round, stopping at the station (which the train does by itself) and even setting up the tracks. There are four rounded pieces and two straight pieces that all connect together to form the one and only track combination (unless you want the train to run off the track at the end!) One of the straighter looking pieces is attached to the car crossing too.
It does hold their interest for quite a long time and we purposely only get it out every now and again so they don't get bored of it.
I think this is a really nice addition to this train set-you get a sports car and a man to drive it too and so in order to incorporate him and the car in to the toy there is a crossing made especially for the car. Other trailers, such as the caravan, from other Happyland sets fit onto the train as it's a generic fitting, so the train can be played with away from the track and used to pull other vehicles.There's a level crossing on one piece of track, complete with red barriers that lift up.
When put together they form an oval that while not huge, does take up a good amount of floor space at 120cm by 60cm. It's not the sort of thing you would want to hear every day really in my opinion, as although it's not too loud, it would grate on you I think. Once slotted together they form an oval shaped track.Also in the box was the train and two train carriages that the engine pulls around the track.
It's ramped on either side so the car can drive up to and over the track and you can put the barriers down to stop the car while it waits for the train.

The barriers stay up, but it can be a bit tricky to make them stay up, you have to push them right back slowly.Something I didn't discover for a while was that the train makes a noise and moved by itself when batteries are fitted. As an adult, I found it very easy to fit the track pieces together and as they are quite chunky I would imagine that any child of about two years upwards should be able to manage with a little assistance. No idea why this got overlooked, although batteries weren't included which could have had something to do with it. The track pieces also hold together quite well and don't come apart with every little knock, meaning it doesn't have to be put back together every few seconds.
It feels a little less 'standard train set'.You also get the station platform which can be positioned anywhere but it is a rectangular shape so it slots nicely next to the opposite straight piece of track. One of the two straight track pieces also doubles up as a level crossing, complete with pivoting barriers and warning lights. There is also a button inside the engine that once the batteries have been inserted this causes the train to automatically drive around the track.
You also get a moveable road sign for the 'Happyland Train Station' which can also be placed anywhere the imagination wishes. The level of detail on this crossing is really quite amazing (as it is across the whole set), with the gates and posts being set among lots of very sweet looking flowers. The engine also has blue wheels with gold rims and some detail also in gold.The two carriages and the same red colour with blue wheels and the same gold detail. You also get two people as well with this set who can act as the passengers.The train itself is red and black and painted in the traditional way. The barriers themselves did need to be slotted into place, and although they are easy to lift up and down, it is quite difficult to keep them raised, which does lead to a little frustration, when trying to get a car through before the train starts approaching.
One carriage is a coal carriage and the other a passenger carriage that can fit one passenger. Along with the track a small country station is also supplied, and again it's all the little details that make this extra special, I especially like the addition of the clock and hanging baskets.
These carriages fit together easily.Before the train will work you have to insert the two batteries.
One is coal filled so you can't really do much with it, and the other is hollowed out as a passenger train to fit one of the people loosely inside. We live in the country and have a country train station that also has hanging baskets, so for us this is quite a realistic touch. To do this you will need a small head Phillips screwdriver to remove the battery cover and to tighten it back up again.There are also other pieces that fit to the track. These carriages both have little peg like hooks at the front and back to attach to each other and the front train in order to be pulled around the track.
Firstly a ramp that slots into either side of one track piece and the other is two barriers that fit into brackets that are already built onto one piece of track. The main train itself has a hollowed out section for the driver who is also included in the set and the magic thing about this particular train set is that when you put the driver (or any other Happyland character) in the drivers section the weight of him pushes down and makes the train move! All of the buildings are extremely well made, feel very durable and perhaps my only gripe is that there are a few places where stickers have been used rather that the details being painted or moulded on.The train itself is of the old-fashioned steam variety and comes in three parts all of which connect together via movable peg and hole type affairs. The ramp and barriers depict a level crossing.There are two pieces that don't connect to the track. The actual engine is powered by two AA batteries (not supplied), which are hidden behind a flap that is secured with a tiny screw. The presence and weight of the driver also is what instructs the train to make it's typical 'choo choo' noises too. The red, black and yellow engine is a good size for little hands to hold, but because it contains a motor it is quite heavy. The platform floor is orange with a green and blue shelter with gold and red flowers at either side.
As the train moves slowly around the track it will come to a stop of it's own accord when it reaches the station.
Along with the actual engine there is a coal compartment and passenger carriage which are both a lot lighter. The wheels on all three sections run fairly freely even on a carpet, meaning that a child could just push them along the floor, but then they miss out on this train sets extra special features.Once the train is placed on the track all that's needed to make it go is to the place the driver (or any other Happyland character) into the engine and then the train starts making it's way round the track. It's the perfect 'first train set' and I can say I've not come across better thanks to the noises, the movement, the vibrancy, simplicity of the toy etc. Although the train doesn't move particularly fast, it chugs it's way round the track in about thirty seconds making lots of noise as it goes.
It is coloured green and stands on a bed of green and blue flowers.There is also a car and three figures with the set. Happyland has a chunky feel to all the various people and sets and this train set uses that and the beautiful way in which is moves as a great way to stimulate your child. As the train makes it's way round it makes some very satisfying steam train sounds with a sort of 'chugga, chugga' and 'whoo-hoo', but this still isn't the best thing. My son loved learning that putting a man in the train makes it go forward, he thinks it's hilarious to knock him out so that the train stops and then put him back in-it goes on like that forever!Happyland is what ELC describe as 'small play world' and I would agree. On the bottom of the engine are some sensors that correspond to different areas on the track and cause the engine to react in different ways.
The three figures are a train driver, a driver for the car and a woman passenger for the train.Once you have everything in place and the train is on the tracks you can make it go by placing one of the figures in the engine of the train.
At the moment my son doesn't know what shops are, what cars and trains are but I know as he grows he will understand more and appreciate the role playing element of it even more. As the engine approaches the crossing, it actually gives off an alarm just as you get at a proper railway crossing. Inside there is a button and the weight of the figure pushes it down to make the train move.
At his current stage of development he's happy to move the people around and touch everything, knock the train over and start it again and he genuinely loves this toy.
And as the engine gets to the station is stops for a short period to allow passengers to board and alight, before setting off once more. The train sets off and does make some quite realistic train noises that made my son chuckle. So because of that it gets five stars from me.At first I thought the price was a bit steep but when I thought about it I think it's not quite that bad, although I think a ?35 price tag would be more than adequate.
The only thing I'm not keen on, is that the train continues to make it's way round and round the track, even if the driver has been removed, with the only way to stop it being to lift the train.So I've covered the buildings, track and train, but there are still more pieces in this set, making it even better value.

When the train reaches the straights on the track it stops because of two bumps in the middle this activates a switch under the engine causing it to stop. I have noticed the price of Happyland steadily increasing and the amount the range is discounted by is getting smaller each sale-which is sad. Firstly there's a racing car, that is part of the Happyland retro racers range, an old-fashioned, yet stylish green car, that's a great size for little hands and fantastic for racing games. This isn't a family car though as it only has room for the driver, who fits neatly onto a little peg. The only way to stop it is by removing the figure off the button.One of the figures is a train driver. Nevertheless though I will continue to invest in Happyland, not just because I like it but because my son enjoys playing with it!The train needs 2xAA batteries which aren't included but ELC sell them at the counter's in their stores so you can get them there if your rushed. The car driver is one of three characters that are supplied in the set, along with the train driver and a passenger.
The packaging is easy, the stickers all come in place and you don't need to do any assembly other than putting the six pieces of track together-and it's ready to play.As a mum, my take on this toy is 5 stars! All three characters are made of chunky plastic, and while not posable do have a remarkable amount of detail. Secondly the car driver is an man in a blue coat and red cap with a set of goggles on his head. It's so easy to get out and play with straight away, provides entertainment and holds my sons attention, it's already taught him something he didn't know and it will continue to give him something to play with as he gets older. I am a little disappointed that the characters are rather stereotypical though, it would have been nice to see either a female train driver or racing driver, but as all the characters from the different Happyland sets fit in the engine and cars, so far a variety of different people have given the train a drive (including the elderly postmistress).As a parent I think this is a wonderful train set, that delivers far more than I would have imagined from either the product description or indeed the box. As I would expect from a Happyland toy, all the pieces are well made and easy to wipe clean. The woman passenger wears red shoes, orange pants and a yellow and blue jumper and has black hair. Another reason I love it is because it taught my son to say 'choo choo' which is the most adorable thing I've seen! And while it does make a noise, it's not really that loud, I would say that it can only really be heard in the same room, and it sort of melds into the background after the first ten minutes. As for how often the batteries need changing, well this has been played with for at least half an hour at a time, many, many times and the ELC batteries we bought for it are still going strong. As for gripes, well the sheer number of pieces means that storing this between plays can be a bit of a pain.
Personally, we've bought a plastic storage box, which is working pretty well, but I wouldn't really recommend using the original box as it quickly gets tatty.==All Aboard==We first set this train set up for Freddy while he was having a nap and then sat him in front of it once he woke up.
I have seen him driving the car over the ramps and use the opportunity to show him to wait at the level crossing until the train goes past.
As soon as he saw the set, Freddy's eyes lit up as he recognised that it was a 'dain', as we do live in a small town where trains are the only option for travelling (if you don't have a car), Freddy is very familiar with trains. After allowing him a few minutes to just stare at the set, I showed how to make it work by putting the driver in the engine, and the look on Freddy's face was just a picture. It's not a word of a lie, to say the Freddy will now put the driver in and then sit and watch the train go round and round the track for about half an hour at a time.
He learnt the phrase from a book called all aboard and has linked the two things together, this is something I found quite clever. He gets really excited as it stops at the station and he puts one of his people into the carriage. Freddy does, however, get a little confused that the train still works once he's taken the driver out, but he's starting to work out he needs to lift the engine to make it stop.As well as playing with the train on the track, Freddy will also spend time playing with just the different parts of the train, pushing them along the floor and in the engine's case setting it off by putting one of his many people in it.
Freddy also loves to play with the car, which he finds easy to push, in fact a little too easy as it moves faster than he can crawl. Pieces of it were literally all over the living room.Another one is that sometimes you have to put the train driver in just the right spot for the train to go around the tracks.
As with some of his other sets, Freddy does find it rather difficult to fit the people onto the little peg in the sports car, he just can't press quite hard enough.As well as allowing Freddy lots of time to explore this set on his own, both Mummy and Daddy love to spend time playing with him, both with this set on it's own and in conjunction with the other sets. My son sometimes gets frustrated when he puts him on the button and the train doesn't go.I also think that this toy is a little younger than the recommended age. There are so many pieces in this set, that's it's all too easy to forget that we're all grown-up, as we race the car against the train, stand at the platform waiting in the cold or run for the train to just miss it.
It maybe OK for a child of eighteen months but anything past that it might not be exciting enough.I have also checked the Early Learning Website for how much this set would cost today. Oh and we're not the only ones who think this train set is brilliant, so do visitors, from 9 months to 90 years.
As for Freddy, well he knows where this train set is kept and right now he's trying to tip the box up, so something tells me it's time to set it up again.==The School Train==Although the recommended age range for this set is 18 months to four years, there are absolutely no small pieces that would cause a hazard for younger children. Freddy is only eleven months and loves playing with this (as he does all his Happyland toys), and although he probably doesn't get the most from the set, he is still learning from it. Of course, Freddy's imagination is only just starting to emerge in it's most basic form, but by us playing with this train set with him, we are encouraging that imagination to develop. It isn't a really big toy but it if you already have other toys that are out on the floor then you don't want to fill your whole floor up and spend the day tripping over everything, everywhere you go. This set will also encourage communication skills, as we talk about what we are doing and allow Freddy to make sounds and say words. The beauty of it is however that with it being so easy to assemble and disassemble then you can put it back in the box as soon as your child has finished with it.At Christmas my son was aged sixteen months and was quite fond of this toy but now aged twenty months he very rarely touches it apart from taking it to pieces. Freddy does already say a few words when playing with this, the most noticeable being his version of train (dain) and I'm sure that as he gets older then this will increase. The actual engine is also a lovely way of encouraging hand-eye coordination and helping your child learn cause and effect, as they put the driver into the cab to start the train moving. Freddy is already pretty good at this, but I have noticed his movements become more precise as he tries to get people into the carriage before it starts moving again.Along with these aspects there's something even more important that this train set can teach your child, especially if like us you live in an area where there are lots of level crossings. I don't think it is value for money and would value it around ?15, if I could get it for that price then I wouldn't complain.

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