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Military combat uniforms have two purposes: to camouflage soldiers, and to hold together in rugged conditions. In fact, not only did the Army dismiss the requirements of the operating environments, but it also literally chose the poorest performing pattern of its field tests. As for durability, not long after the Army combat uniform appeared in Iraq, soldiers discovered that the uniform’s crotch seams were prone to ripping open on the battlefield.
After an outcry in the ranks, the leadership settled on a color scheme slightly more subdued. But everyone should expect and demand that the Defense Department purchase durable combat uniforms printed with the most effective camouflage pattern. Rigorous field-testing proved that it was more effective than the splotched woodland pattern in use at the time, and the Combat Utility Uniform (of which it was a part) was a striking change for such a conservative institution. Three years after the Marines made the change, four years after the invasion of Afghanistan, and two years after the invasion of Iraq, you might think the Army would have been loaded with data on how best to camouflage soldiers in known combat zones. Rather than fix the problem, however, the Army simply shipped more boxes of defective uniforms to supply sergeants. The Army began issuing MultiCam combat uniforms to deployed soldiers, but continued (and continues to this day) peddling universal pattern combat uniforms to soldiers stateside – a combat uniform that will never again be used in combat.

MARPAT was a success not only in function, but also in adding distinction to the Marines wearing it. But when the Navy decided to migrate to a digital pattern three years ago, it chose a desert scheme a few shades too close to that of the Marines, and the Corps balked. While the six-hundred-dollar hammer was a myth, such boondoggles as the F-35 joint strike fighter are very real. Only the galactic stupidity of the Pentagon would allow inferior concealment in the name of public relations and marketing, which is what this uniform arms race amounts to.
Four combat uniforms require distinct accouterments and gear, to say nothing of manufacturing times and transportation overseas. It should follow that when such a uniform is developed, the entire military should transition to it. In designing a uniform for wear in every environment, it designed a uniform that was effective in none. Stitching techniques were revisited the following year, and in 2007, uniforms already in circulation were tailored to compensate for the frustrating and distracting deficiency. Naturally the Air Force wanted in on that action, and set about to make its own mark on the camouflage world.

And while it is the world’s best jet for fighting Transformers or supporting Iron Man, it is the worst for modern, non-computer-generated battlefields. Each branch wants its members to have a distinct appearance, and there’s nothing wrong with that. And the Pentagon should leave the embarrassing copyright battles to the smartphone industry. As a matter of camouflage in hostile areas, a standard combat uniform across the branches is the only sane option. I’d like to think the United States military has more pressing things to worry about.

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