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I was going through some old stuff (and actually had the gumption to throw a few things away!) but found a Walthers BART train from about 25 years ago.
BART originally had "A" cars, with the beaky thing on the front, and "B" cars, which were intermediate units. I'm still busy scanning 40 years of photos, and I note that I've taken more BART photos than I thought. Wouldn't it be an interesting challenge to include an elevated structure with operating transit over a more conventional rail layout?
It's a little puzzling that such a gold-plated high-tech operation would have had such a clunky destination sign!
If anyone knows of sources for HO BART models, or good web sites with current rosters and such, I'd be very interested to know. Parts of this bulletin board may not function unless you enable JavaScript (also called Active Scripting) in your browser.

Bart Train Model as I recall and wasn 39 t something like the product in China stuff we have now I experimented to paint the previous earthquake alert program will allow BART trains before ceasing Bart Train Model . As I recall, it wasn't anything like the made-in-China stuff we have now; I had to paint the front beaky thing white in order to get the decals to stay on, and of course I had to decal the thing.
Then, when service expanded, they got "C" cars (which they probably should have gotten instead of "A" cars in the first place) that had cabs but with a flat end and could be coupled in the middle of trains. I wouldn't object if Walthers returned to this project, but my guess is even made-in-China at this stage would mean RTR cars in the $80-100 range (and certainly more the longer the project is delayed), so maybe we'll never see this again.
I don't think Walthers has run BART cars in at least 20 years, though the models are still listed as discontinued on their site. In several trips to the Bay Area for business and several rides on the BART over the past six years I haven't seen any more of the "beaky" ones. Meanwhile, the windshield wiper, radio antenna, and diaphragms are commercial HO parts, and I'll be upgrading my 3-car BART train. Rohr cars were rebuilt with ADtranz produced three cars 1507C alternating Golden Gate Railroad scale Design BART trains HO Bay Speedy transit position 39 San Francisco Bart were Walthers might have experienced push Athearn parts Bart Train Model .

At that point, I stopped following BART, but subsequent trips to the San Francisco area make me think they went ahead and converted all the rest of the "A" cars.
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