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Her often conceptual and surreal work should easily fetch the same attention of contemporary photographers like Cindy Sherman, though Leen found her subjects in real people rather than by creating fictional set-ups in a studio.
Her photographs graced the pages of fashion magazines the world over, notably Life Magazine between 1940 and 1972, and which included over 50 covers. Another well remembered series was City Dogs featuring noted models, actors, musicians out and about in New York with their beloved canines. In recent years, and following the publication of the Life Archive online, the work of Nina Leen has garnered a whole new audience.
One set of images have gone viral of one of Nina Leen’s very first photo shoots of a group from the Young Women’s Republican Club of Milford, Conn, who got together in 1941 for an old-fashioned “smoker”, ( normally a men only event ) for one long, memorable night in southern New England. Glamourdaze was drawn some time ago to Nina Leens images of the femininity of women from the viewpoint of a female photographer, of which there were very few prominent names. Her work will live on and in fact some of her photographs are currently traveling beyond our solar system in the Voyager spacecraft – a photo portrait of four generations of an Ozark family, chosen by Carl Sagan of Cosmos and Pale Blue Dot fame.
Something like rain lurked for a while and then went away, leaving sharp light and dull air.
Leen herself being a big animal lover, was always drawn to people and their pets and over the course of her life published books on the subject.

A barista and a customer discussed the reasoning behind sticking, for the moment, with hot coffee over iced.
Through the windows by the couch, the brightness arrived at last, till for a while clouds were thin and white, spread out against the blue.
The four-year-old was gratified to be free to wear his hoodie, and then at his heels through the school door came another boy in shorts and sandals.
Clouds slowly thickened, and warmth floated over cool currents, the temperature as richly layered as the light was flat and thin.
Downtown, the breeze came up Lafayette almost gusting, as if cheerfully pleading helplessness. Gray moved in from the harbor, with the scent of the harbor pushing ahead of it, the wind now swirling cool and warm. The afternoon wind had not changed its essential character from the morning, but in the light—and before the vicinity of the river—it could be taken as invigorating. The yielding and turning and holding of the prop-weight vestibule door outside the cafe was choreographic. A hot dog cart seemed the reincarnation of the first hot dog cart ever seen on the streets of the big city.

On the back side of Lincoln Center the sidewalk was full of branches and the smell of cut green wood, as a worker trimmed the shrubbery back within its bounds.
Now the clouds were purple, edged with rose gold, and then plain purple, against a lemon sky. Fresh air floated over the couch where the children were staring into a pixelated artificial world.
A child on a tiny bicycle rounded the sidewalk corner onto Fifth, bell ringing all the way.
The persistent bleakness of the light made it look from the office as if conditions must have turned, but they had not; walking out was the same surprise all over again.

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