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Here lies a precious, unspoiled, natural legacy to be enjoyed now and to be preserved for the future.
Hike the trails, learn from the interpretive displays, let the kids enjoy the freedom of the Little Wings nature play area and interactive room, join a class or set your own pace to learn about the natural world around you. Pig Roast & Live Music!Grab your friends and have a fun summer night at our Pig Roast!
We are so excited to congratulate all of the members of Team Revati who participated in the Woodland 5k, the Fairport Triathlon, and all of our fitness activities all summer long!

We had a wonderful range of participants, including one family that participated with four generations!
Unfortunately, FitBit has turned around their activity reports, so now I can’t get a speed graph, just pace. Stay tuned to see pictures of the Fairport Triathlon – our other fabulous summer fitness event!
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But if you use the opposite logic (so here, a shorter bar represents a faster speed), you can see that I ran – thanks to the encouragement of Elyse – nearly the entire race!

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