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Inexpensive: Bowling is a frugal family fun option, especially because you can choose how many games to play to keep costs down. Indiana Association of Chinese Americans and Families with Children from China, and IFACE are having the Annual Dragon Boat Festival Picnic June 13th.
Families With Children From China -  Indiana is a 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit organization. June 15, 2014 by Michelle McNally The Woodland Bowl has recently been renovated, and one look tells you this this not your father’s bowling alley. Bowling is bowling, and the young party participants were thrilled that the lanes not only had bumpers, but a ramp as well. Outside, Pirate’s Cove miniature golf offers several 18 hole courses, with a variety of obstacles and hazards. As much as Woodland Bowl offers for families, there are plenty of adults-only leagues as well.
Woodland Bowl offers something for everyone, whether it’s a child in need of a party venue or adults looking to socialize and have fun. We went bowling a few weeks ago with another couple, and there was plenty of downtime with my own husband, chatting with my friend, and a chance for our husbands to get to know one another.

The on-screen video coach will provide tips and foot placement to help you close the frame. The bright decor at Woodland Bowl coupled with the high energy music, colorful bowling balls, and pulsing lights makes for an exciting evening for all ages. Please be sure to include the name, location, date, and time of the event as well as a description and link for further information, if applicable. There are many classic games to play, including a couple of versions of skee ball, as well as whack-a-mole. Birthday party attendees receive a coupon for a free game, so we will be returning in the near future.
Birthday party guests also received a coupon for a round of miniature golf, so we’ll be trying that out too.
Beer lovers will want to sign up for the Thirsty Thursday league, which includes a different pitcher of beer each week. There’s plenty for non-bowlers to do, and it’s  easy to enjoy an afternoon or evening there.
It makes for a fun date, especially if one of you is better than the other and can snuggle in close for lessons.

There are also some new favorites, like a touch screen version of everyone’s favorite app, Fruit Ninja. The Pirate’s Quest Laser Tag area is equipped to accommodate up to 36 players at a time, and groups are welcome. As an added bonus, there’s a large seating area on the deck to enjoy the offerings from the snack bar.
Gone are the molded plastic seats, and in their place are comfortable couches for each lane. This high-tech arcade not only uses swipe cards to activate the games, the number of tickets earned on each game is also kept on the card.
The lounge area (featuring a full bar and thirty different beers) was ready and waiting though, with the World Cup being broadcast on several televisions.

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