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This video shows Petros recording a video of his friend riding his Xootr MG on the streets of New York.
It appears it’s his first time as he is astonished at how fast and smooth the Manual Kick Scooter is to use on the pavements. He asks him what his first impressions were of the Xootr and he exclaims: “This is transportation! He likes it so much, he takes it for another spin after the handle bar was adjusted higher by Petros. To increase our "on foot" travel distance and stay relaxed and energetic throughout long days of poking about, we bought two adult-type scooters.
The ability to roll the scooter when folded so it doesn't require excessive lifting and carrying.
Of all our criteria, my husband most needed a foot deck long enough for his shoes (see above). The most important criteria for me was to be able to roll the Micro Sidewalker when folded because I cannot carry any load over 5 pounds for a long distance.
To fold the Micro Sidewalker, you release a hing between the handlebar and the scooter body. Once the handlebar is folded and locked, it can be grabbed and carried by its tube (arrow 1). All scooters are relatively heavy, with a weight-range of between 8 and 15 pounds, depending on model.
The idea of riding a scooter (like skiing or riding a skateboard) is to enjoy long periods of uninterrupted, downhill motion. The distance between the foot platform and the ground is greater on the Micro Sidewalker, which has 12" diameter wheels, than it is on scooters with 7+" diameter wheels.
The recommended way to ride a Micro Sidewalker on a flat surface is to push with one leg, then the other, alternating at each stroke. While all scooters have similar characteristics, the step-down required to kick a 7+" diameter wheel scooter is much less than on a 12" diameter wheel scooter and almost no training is required to get used to it. Of the next three scooters discussed in this article, only the Xootr has a front handbrake. No matter what scooter you buy, the goal is to spend most of your time gliding, not propelling yourself forward.
In New York, the conveniently located Paragon Sporting Goods Store near Union Square carries a wide variety of scooters, but you might have a problem finding its scooter display because it is housed deep in its basement.
The Kickboard Black Scooter, above, has 7+" diameter wheels, weighs 11-13 pounds, has a 13" deck with a kickstand, is rated for riders at or under 220 pounds, and costs $200+.
I liked this scooter very much, however, its deck was too short for my husband's shoe, it had weight restrictions, and, once folded, it could not be rolled.

The Razor A5 Lux (above) has 7+" diameter, urethane wheels, weighs 8 pounds, 2.25 ounces (although is reported by the manufacturer to be 13 pounds), is exceptionally easy to fold, is rated for riders at or under 220 pounds, and uses a back fender brake. The Xootr scooter (above) appears to be the most popular adult scooter in New York City for use as a commuter vehicle and is seen frequently sharing streets with weaving taxi cabs. While I admire the Xootr line, its very thin, hard tires do not provide as much riding comfort as do scooters with thicker tires and I'm not sure that I'd want to ride a Xootr over rough patches, gravel, or anywhere near sidewalk cracks. Dorlene Kaplan (second from the right, above), founded the NYCKickScooter's Group (a member of Yahoo!
Dorlene typically drives her Razor A5 Lux on a daily basis through Central Park with her husband (second from left, above), finding the Razor easy-to-handle. As a scooting leader, Dorlene is a stickler for detail and is well aware that posted specifications aren't always accurate.
Dorlene stresses that before buying any scooter, you need to know what you want to accomplish.
Of course, it takes more effort to travel over level terrain than it does to roll down hill. No matter what scooter you buy, if you feel pressure in your knees or hips when you are riding it, you are probably pushing yourself uphill; a signal to hop off and walk. Note: This line of scooters has been on the market for over 12 years and includes the 12" Micro (discussed in this article), the 20" Willy, and the 26" City Sidewalkers. Unfortunately, walks are limited by the rubber band effect (you can walk only so many miles out before having to return). Only two scooters, both in the mid-$200 price range, met his baseboard length and weight capacity requirements. We, however, prefer to roll the scooter, so we wrapped a bungee-cord from the tire nearest the handlebar to the handle bar itself (arrow 2). While a man might be able to walk for a distance carrying a folded scooter (such as required when traveling by subway, or when dragging it upstairs), most women would find it difficult. On the flat, the idea is to kick as infrequently as possible to generate the most possible coasting distance.
Happily, pushing a scooter while walking actually boosts walking speed and comfort in a way similar to that of using trekking poles or a walking stick. I ride mine with one or two fingers over each brake lever, instead of wrapping all my fingers around the handle bar. If you live in a flat area, forward propulsion should be easy with as few kicks as possible.
This means that in a rectangular city block such as mine, I can start at one corner and walk upwards over half of its perimeter, then glide down the remaining half with almost no kicking.
Its thick, cast urethane tires provide a smooth, well-balanced ride, and with its deck close to the ground, it is easy to ride, too.

At under $100, it is a "best buy," ideal for people (especially women) on vacation who want to browse a wide area of a city center. A further disappointment was that the deck was too short for my husband's shoe, it had weight restrictions, and, of course, it cannot be rolled when folded. Three big plusses for this brand include the Xootr's approximate 24" deck length, its provision for up to a 250 to 300 pound rider, and its front brake (although I'd prefer a back brake). Because of their popularity, however, I would more favorably consider Xootrs for adult riders if, when folded, they could be rolled.
A big plus to shoping at this very small, somewhat out-of-the-way, but well-stocked store is that you can test drive their scooters on a typical (cracked) NYC sidewalk in front of their store. Sports Groups) provided the above photo to show the wheel-size difference between Xootrs and a Micro Sidewalker (far right). To correct inaccurate Razor A5 Lux weight reports, she balanced her Razor scooter on a Cuisinart digital kitchen scale (see above photo) to identify its exact weight at 8 pounds, 2.25 ounces, making it the lightest scooter on the market (and possibly, good for dinner, too). Your weight and foot size, for example, might eliminate some scooter styles and elevate your purchase price. When traveling on the level, do not "scoot scoot scoot" like a wildly happy, speed-crazed child.
Four to five miles of sightseeing, plus standing for long periods in select locations, is our max. I've found that walking a scooter up hill (even on the slightest slope) balances my body and relieves back pressure.
Although the scooter can travel quite fast, I hold its speed to what might be considered a slow jog. To control scooter speed on smaller wheeled scooters, you drag a foot, plus use whatever braking device is available. Concern for braking might also be an issue, especially if you scoot on a hilly area (more hills; better brakes).
The benefit of larger wheels, however, is that you travel a longer distance and need less pushing. It takes a bit of practice to execute the alternate-step method, but mastery is worthwhile.

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