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Hello everyone,Some of you may know me and my previous layout, Lodge Valley (link in signature).
I like the sound of this project - and it's great the way your ideas and inspiration have grown as you've looked more deeply into the history Seeing as you're going for something prototypical with your trackplan - do you think you'll get bitten by the same bug when it comes to the buildings (ie, scratch building and kit bashing) ? Hi, Bombadillic,Even though I don't live in Scarborough, I pass by Seamer on the road between Morrisons and Scarborough, and you are absolutely right, in saying that there is literally nothing to model, I'm not even sure what they use those sidings for anymore!
Cjones_LNER wrote:lol this has inspired me to go check out google images for some pics of scarborough station, so i can knock a track plan together, perhaps back when the whole station was used, theres that bit down the furthest end of the platform, that seems to be unused, the only time I've seen it used was when scotsman on the scarborough flyer visited, and even then it was only like a gift shop kinda thing, i bought a painting of Mallard . Website of the Telegraph Media Group with breaking news, sport, business, latest UK and world news. Maybe we are missing something.From Seamer it's next stop the terminus at Scarborough, so the design of the fiddle yard could be to replicate a terminus, or an oval for continuous running if feeling like watching the trains run? Content from the Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph newspapers and video from Telegraph TV. Anyway back to Seamer, It looks set to be a great layout, are you planning to run LNER or BR (Ex LNER) on it?

Also, it is from a different time period, but I think it would be funny (to me, at least) if Morrisons made it on, haha. From where I sit at work I can see the York to Scarborough line, seeing trains arrive at Seamer on a daily basis.
It initally served as a stop on the York to Scarborough line, and eventually took on traffic from the Hull branch when a junction was created south of the station.
In 1882 another branch line passed through the station from Pickering (known as the Forge Valley Line). A new signal box was built by the station (known as Seamer East) to deal with the new pointwork, the old 1845 signal box was no longer used but survived until the 1990s. The Forge Valley line was closed in the 1950's, the track was lifted and platform demolished. A BATA goods shed dealing general goods deliveries and coal staithes, just north of the station, has now been replaced by a car pack and the railway crossing has been replaced by a fly over bridge.
An old livestock platform is now overgrown and has not been used since the Seamer Auction Market was closed and replaced by the idustrial estate.

There was also a platform ramp for loading lime wagons from the local quarry, but again, has now been demolished as there is no working quarry. As you can probably tell, Seamer today is very much a shadow of it's former self.With the brief history, I could forsee a lot more operating and modelling potential as well as a chance to preserve a slice of history in model form.
I've met several people who used to work on the railway at Seamer who have been of great help building up the day to day life at Seamer. The main condition of the layout is that it has to built in sections to allow me to remove it from the loft should we ever move (I've opted for 4 x 2 sections as this is the maximum that will fit through the hatch). I'm working towards DCC operation and the period I've opted for is between 1940-1950 so I can include the Forge Valley line. The red lines indicate the start and end of the layout and hopefully everything else should make sense.

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