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For my first topic, I have a bone to pick with the advertisements for Zipcar plastered all over the subway. This option is great in certain circumstances: you want to drive to a park outside the city, and there is no other way to get there. But this campaign attempts to persuade the viewer that driving in the city is the optimal way to get around. Before we dig deeper, let’s take a moment to appreciate how crappy the graphic design is here.
I buy rolls in this quantity, and I’ve never had a problem carrying them from Duane Reade. This entry was posted in Curmudgeonly Keith and tagged Avis, booty calls, carshare, economic principles, graphic design, nerds, New York City subways, rants, subway ads, toilet paper, Zipcar. From treehouses to castles, camper vans to boats, here are eight of the coolest Airbnbs in the U.S. Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Portland, Providence, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington DC.
Featured CompaniesAbout Travel-IntelWeekly news and reviews on cruise travel, air travel, hotels, resorts, destinations and vacation trends. Crowded New York City has edged out easy Anchorage as the most expensive place to rent a car in the USA these days, even as car rental rates drop in this strange deflationary economy. However, visitors to New York City who decide to eschew the Taxi and subway systems and brave the traffic on their own, have some choices when it comes to car rental rates. Zipcar is currently offering four vehicles at Newark Liberty Airport, four vehicles at LaGuardia Airport and five Zipcar vehicles at JFK Airport. Detailed instructions on how to locate theZipcars are included in the reservation confirmations with drop off spots throughout the city noted. For those who need to keep their rented car with them rather than dropping off and picking up cars for an hour here or three hours there, they may want to know that Milwaukee is the least expensive city for renting a car by the day.

Surprisingly, San Diego, Seattle and Los Angeles were also bargains in comparison with other U.S. Posted in Business, car rental Tags: avis car rental, avis rent a car, car rental, car rental rates, john f. There are over 50 types of vehicles available through Zipcar in the New York and New Jersey Areas. You need to get between one podunk and another (Middlebury, my alma mater, has a few on hand). The only downsides are you’re not immune to traffic, and you might have to stop texting for a while. In just eleven words they’ve managed to use two different fonts and three different sizes. I can get a lunch without paying for it, but somewhere down the line, someone has to pick up the tab. Once approved, you’ll get a magical Zipcard that unlocks thousands of cars across the globe. From monthly to annual, pay-as-you-go to discounted prepaid plans, we have something for every driver.
A 2012 car rental rate survey showed Anchorage, Alaska as the top charger with rates of $96 a day but now comes in 12 ticks lower on the survey poll with rates of only $46 a day.
The Zipcars in these locations include Honda Civic and Nissan Sentra models, with pricing starting from $12 per hour and $89 per day – ok, by day it can even top out the country’s top car rental rates – but you do not need to keep the car for a day. TheZipcars atJFK and Newark Libertyairports are accessible via the airports’ monorail systems, and all threeairports can be reached using public transportation. To date, the company has some 10,000 vehicles in urban areas and college campuses throughout the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Spain and Austria. You can sign up for their base plan which is $6 per month plus a base hourly rate of $9.25 or $84 per day.

You are moving your life to your new apartment and don’t have enough stuff to fill a U-Haul. Gas, insurance and 180 miles per day are included in the reservation price for these vehicles. The vehicles contain E-ZPass readers, and drivers will be billed separately for the toll charges. All three cities rank among the least expensive car rental destinations, averaging only about $30 daily. You can upgrade to the $50 plan which comes with about 6 hours of pre-paid, discounted hours per month. In New Jersey, you’ll find Zipcar rental locations in Hoboken, Newark, and Jersey city. From Brooklyn to the Bronx, Morningside Heights to Midtown, or Forest Hills to the Financial District. The cars are conveniently located inZipcar branded parking spaces at theAvis Car Rental pick-up facility at each airport. You can also find them at all of the airports in New York including La Guardia Zipcar pickups and Zipcars at JFK Airport.
Zipcar rates for NYC are subject to change based on market rates for fuel and other factors. The NYC Zipcar has the best selection of premium cars in the country, with the Audi A3 and A4 and various BMW models. The integration of the iPhone app into ZipCar’s network of rental cars was so well executed that we half expected the app to launch with some sort of ignition control feature.
It is also important to remember that the price per hour or day of the cars varies depending on which tier the car is in.

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