Dollar Beard Club Review

Dollar Beard Club Review - The Good And The Bad

So let me paint a little picture…

You’re a man who has an awesome beard. But one day, while looking in the mirror, you realized that it could be more awesome.

This one thought, sent you on a journey of discovery to find out how to make your beard even more awesome.

The list of things your beard must have stretched long and wide. It had to be healthy looking. Shiny. Free of grey. Soft to touch. And, well, it had to look simply fabulous.

And that journey to find these things. Has led you right here. To this Dollar Beard Club review. And in this article, I will be going through the good and the bad. This will hopefully help you find what you are looking for and if not, it’s all just another part of your journey to awesome…

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Okay, without further explanation. Let’s get straight into the pros of Dollar Beard Club:


Vast Range Of Products

When you first sign up to the Dollar Beard Club, you begin by choosing your monthly kit. Now this “monthly kit” is your personal selection of products that will be shipped to you on a monthly basis.

The idea behind this is that to achieve the best looking, most healthiest beard, you will need to be consistent with the actions you take.

The monthly kit ensures that you are providing your beard with the best care, while staying totally consistent.

Dollar Beard Club has a wide range of products for you to choose from that can become part of your kit (as a side note: you can just purchase products without it being part of the monthly kit).

dollar beard club

Let’s take a quick look at what you can choose:

Oils: If you didn’t know by now, beards absolutely love oil. You get to choose from high quality oils that are designed to keep your beard healthy, strong and shiny.

Accelerators: To increase the thickness and growth of your beard as well as the overall health, growth oils, vitamin sprays and vitamin supplements will help get this done.

Shower items: Keeping your beard clean and smooth can be done with various shampoos.

Essentials: For shape and style as well as extra nourishment throughout the day, balms, waxes and creams will do the trick.

Quality Ingredients

If you have ever researched other beard products on the market, just a quick scan down the ingredient list and you would have been presented with all types of chemical and science sounding names. This is not what you want from beard products!

There are all types of crap that companies put into their products that can dry out your beard, pull vitamins from it instead of the opposite, and can cause you all types of health issues. So stay away from these products that are full of chemicals.

Instead, you should choose formulas that are designed with quality ingredients that are as close to nature as possible.

Dollar Beard Club shines in this regard. They use only the most premium of ingredients. For instance, the oils they use are incredible. We are talking oils like Argan, coconut, jojoba, almond, castor and sandalwood. All the ingredients they use are well though out and chosen with the upmost care.

Fuss Free

Having your beard care and maintenance taken care of on monthly basis makes it dead easy to get your beard looking and feeling great at all times. Every month you get a delivery and it ensures that you are doing all the things necessary to get (and keep) the beard that you truly want.

Again, you don’t have to get the monthly kit. You can just purchase individual items whenever you want. But the monthly option is highly recommended.

Great Price

With a company that has the name “Dollar Beard Club” I’m sure that this gives away the fact that it’s cheap. But that does not take away from the high quality of the product range. Just the opposite. I’m surprised at how incredible their formulations are and for the price they are able to sell them.

Who said being an awesome bearded warrior was expensive? Now, it definitely doesn’t have to be that way.


Missing Amounts

There is only one thing that annoys me a little about one of the products in the range that Dollar Beard Club offers and that is with their Growth Vitamins. They list the ingredients on the panel but they don’t list the exact quantities.

Now, I take a lot of different supplements and formulas on a daily basis. So for me it’s vital to know how much of what is in everything I take. So personally for me, I’m not the biggest fan of the Growth Vitamins. But apart from this, all their products are top of the board.

End Thoughts

I’m a big fan of this company and what they have to offer. The monthly kit is very inexpensive, just like their entire product range. It’s clear that the brains behind this company are smart and know and love beards. I have no problem recommending this brand and personally love using their products.

I hope you enjoyed this Dollar Beard Club review and if you want to get any of the range of products at the best price just Click Here.

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Dollar Beard Club Review