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I came across BV Cures more than a year ago when I was researching for resources and articles for this website.
BV Cures is a book written by Kristina Tomlin (herself a chronic bacterial vaginosis sufferer) to treat bacterial vaginosis using natural remedies. From my experience and conversation with other BV sufferers, you can’t cure bacterial vaginosis in just 3 days.
There are cases where the mother was having bacterial vaginosis while she was pregnant and it resulted in either premature birth or low birth weight for the baby and possibly urinary tract infection (UTI) after delivery.
Yeast infections are very common and will likely be experienced by the majority of women at least once in their lifetime, and they are usually very treatable with over-the-counter the medications. There are literally millions of women who suffer silently with these very common, yet embarrassing infections, making it difficult for them to live as they would like and enjoy all the things they want to do. If you’re wondering if BV Cures is the product you should get to cure bacterial vaginosis, hopefully this review of BV Cures will help you make your decision as I share my thoughts and experience about the said product.
BV Cures is a system which teaches you how to treat bacterial vaginosis the natural way which is why I bought the system book in the first place. This guide teaches you how you can get rid of bacterial vaginosis permanently by using various natural methods that are quite accessible by everyone and to avoid everyday habits that could lead to BV. The thing about using other prescription drugs such as sprays, douches and powders are that they kill off the bad and good bacteria which upsets the natural balance of bacteria that is needed by your body. Another thing I would like to mention is their superior 3 step system which targets the root of bacterial vaginosis.

To sum up my review of BV Cures, I highly recommend BV Cures (3 days to permanent bacterial vaginosis relief) to every women in need of a permanent cure due to it’s simplicity and unique methods thought in this book.
However, if you are looking to cure bacterial vaginosis permanently, then you are at the right place. You can do so with medications but that’s just a quick fix, not a permanent solution. There are also some inconclusive studies that showed a link between bacterial vaginosis with second trimester miscarriage. Non-health professionals can think of bacterial vaginosis as an infection; however, bacterial vaginosis is really just an imbalance of the vaginal flora. The first thing you notice about this system is that they claim of being able to cure bacterial vaginosis permanently in 3 days. That leaves your body with no defense when BV returns and that is why most women with bacterial vaginosis get an even worse occurrence of the infection within 3 months.
This unique method which I have not heard anywhere else is highly commendable because not only does it eliminate BV permanently, it also increases your overall health in general.
It has been quite some time since my BV has not come back to haunt me and my love life with my husband is now improving due to no more embarrassing smell down there. Kristina argued that the answer to curing bacterial vaginosis permanently lies in natural remedies. Now after using it, I can say that the 3 days to permanent bacterial vaginosis relief claim is slightly overrated.

In fact, you might already have some of the ingredients that are incorporated by BV Cures right in your home already.
I notice that I have a higher body immunity after some time of using the 3 step system as well. She gives you a list of natural remedies and ingredients that you can easily find at home, it not, at your local grocery store. My BV was cured in about a week of applying the methods but the main thing is that the product does work in the end. I was impressed by the uniqueness of this system and I have never heard of some of the methods mentioned. BV Cures combats this by using only all natural methods which do not upset your bodily balance and helps getting rid of only the bad bacteria.
There are however other people that I know of cured their BV much faster than my experience but I am basing this on my personal experience.

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