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Plants And Animals Related To Health DescriptionThis section is from the book "The Human Body And Health", by Alvin Davison. There are hundreds of kinds of bacteria and all are so small that a million together would not make a mass so large as the head of a pin. A bit of dirt as large as a pea may contain a million bacteria, and a hundred thousand of them are commonly present in a cup of water. When meat broth is put away in the cupboard for a day or two, the microscope shows it to be full of tiny forms of life.
They are constantly floating through the air and can be kept out of food by placing it in airtight jars.
Harmless bacteria so numerous in drinking water that a person often takes a half-million into his stomach daily.
Much enlarged.Need Of BacteriaExperiment shows that higher life depends upon the help of bacteria. The dead leaves, grass, fallen trees and the waste matter of the barnyard cannot rot or decay without the aid of bacteria. If these little plants were destroyed, the surface of the earth would soon become covered with dead matter.These ever-present bacteria change the dead plants and animals and all other waste products of life into a food which the new plants can use the next season. It is these that cause disease.Bacteria Of DiseaseFifty million persons are every year forced to the sick bed in this country and Europe by bacteria. Each disease is caused by a certain kind of germs and if these are kept out of the body, the sickness cannot occur.Fig. Much enlarged.Some of the common diseases resulting from bacteria are pneumonia, measles, typhoid fever, diphtheria, sore throat, grippe and tuberculosis. When the germs of these diseases get into the body, they devour the tissues and give off poisons.Fig.

Much enlarged.How Bacteria Get Into The BodyBacteria nearly always enter the body through the mouth.
The germs of typhoid fever generally reach the system with water which has received the waste matter from a typhoid patient. The bacteria of pneumonia, sore throat, diphtheria and grippe are frequently received from the drinking cup, pencils other objects used by persons recently recovered from these diseases. The bacteria of tuberculosis reach the body with air or food or are scraped from the drinking cup or other objects used by the sick.Fig. This can occur every fifteen minutes so that one germ can produce millions in a single day.In some bacteria deprived of food and moisture, the contents of the plant collect in one part and become surrounded by a tough coat.
Our common disease bacteria do not have spores and therefore they are killed by being boiled one minute.MoldMold belongs to the group of plants known as fungi.
They have no light green coloring matter in them and cannot feed on the air as plants with green leaves do.Mold often forms white or greenish patches on bread or fruit in a damp cellar.
These branches bear on their ends little knobs containing dozens of tiny balls called spores. The spores are hard to kill but eight minutes in boiling water will usually cause their death. Note the bud at the end in several plants about to form a new plant.Barber's itch and ring-worm are caused by molds growing in the skin. Other diseases are sometimes caught by using soiled towels in public places.YeastThis is a tiny round plant too small to be seen without the microscope. The gas pushes apart the particles of dough and makes it light.Yeast is also used in making beer, wine, whisky and other alcoholic drinks which often cause much ill health and unhappiness. A flea which carries the germs of plague from the sick to the well.Animal ParasitesAny plant or animal which feeds upon another living plant or animal without at once destroying it, is a parasite.

Yellow fever, sleeping sickness and malaria are caused by tiny animals which get into the body by the bite of a fly or mosquito.
The plague which has killed millions of people in Asia and some in our own country is caused by bacteria, but the germs are usually put beneath the skin by the bite of bugs or fleas which have been sucking blood from sick persons or from rats.The Itch Mite And Head LiceThe itch was once a very common disease. When it was discovered that a little spider living in the skin was the cause of the continuous itching, a way of killing it was soon found (Fig. The disease is now easily cured by an ointment which any physician can supply.Tiny six-legged insects called head lice sometimes live among the hair. They are easily killed by thoroughly rubbing the scalp with equal parts of olive oil and coal oil before going to bed. In the morning the head should be washed with soap and equal parts of vinegar and hot water to remove the tiny white eggs clinging to the hair.
Much enlarged.Overcoming The ParasitesOwing to the fact that many sick persons through carelessness let disease germs escape from their bodies, everybody is likely to get some of these enemies into his body. The studies of physiology and hygiene have shown that persons may prevent many of them from entering the body or even from growing after they are in the body.
Prevention of the sickness which they cause, as well as of other kinds of sickness, depends much upon understanding the plan of the body, the care and use of food, and the care and use of the organs as explained in the following chapters.Practical Questions1. How can we prevent sickness from parasites?Suggestions For The TeacherThe presence of mold germs in dust may easily be shown in the following manner: Rub a piece of bread across one board of a dusty floor and then lay it soiled-side up in a saucer containing two table-spoonfuls of water.

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