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Researchers from Roche-Genentech have found an antibiotic-antibody conjugate that could effectively combat MRSA infections. Scientists from Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche recently developed a combination of antibodies and antibiotics for a drug therapy that could fight against Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infections.
The new drug therapy would arm an antibody with antibiotic to penetrate and kill microbes hidden inside cells.
Researchers said that to test their drug therapy, they infected mice with MRSA, and treated them with either vancomycin or the experimental combination drug, the antibody-antibiotic conjugate (AAC). The team reported the AAC was a thousand times more effective in destroying MRSA found in mouse cells, which standard antibiotics were unable to kill. At Genentech, a similar technique is used for a chemotherapy drug, which led to the creation of Kadcyla, a breast cancer drug.

Meanwhile, microbiologist Wolf-Dietrich Hardt, who provided commentary for the study, said the technique could reduce antibiotic resistance because only the targeted bacteria are exposed to the therapy. Most experimental treatments are not successful because they are toxic at the required doses needed for a therapeutic effect, researchers say.
The technique raises hopes for treating chronic infections that can occur after heart surgery and relapses in tuberculosis patients. The technique could also diminish the harmful effects of antibiotics on healthy microorganisms which live in the gut. Other antibiotics also do not work when they are used through pills, injections or intravenous lines in which they fail to deliver the drug directly into the targeted cell. The furor died down fairly quickly, replaced by concerns about a spouse's potential to cheat and hearing loss in teenagers.

But bacteria are finding ways to evade, one by one, the drugs in our arsenal, and that arsenal is not being replenished with new antibiotics.
Bradley, a pediatric infectious disease specialist at the UC San Diego School of Medicine as saying, "People are going all the way back to the original antibiotics that were shelved because of toxicity.

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