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Characteristics of middle ear inflammation (otitis media): Common cold, runny nose and other uncomplicated upper respiratory tract diseases (URTD) are the main cause of infectious morbidity among people around the world. Blockage of the Eustachian tube due to viral disease impairs the drainage of mucous from the middle ear and induces an inflammatory process in the middle ear, allowing the development of bacterial complications. In middle ear inflammation, treatment programs are applied topically at a frequency range of 2-25 Hz to the sinuses and neck, preferably using a solenoid or local applicator.
Do you want to learn more about magnetic therapy applications for treating middle ear inflammation?

I agree that my personal data used and registered on this form may be used to receive news, special offers and other marketing events company Biomag. Rhinitis, conjunctivitis and other catarrhal diseases, especially those which are caused by human rhinoviruses, repeatedly predispose affected individuals to severe secondary complications. In addition, rhinovirus infection is a negative factor during the antibiotic treatment of otitis media (Nouza).
We will answer your queries regarding magnetic therapy applications for middle ear inflammation.

Infections caused by rhinoviruses are particularly severe in the elderly, residents of homes for senior citizens, transplant recipients, infants and young children.

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