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The protein deposited on the contact lenses, especially soft contact lenses, causes giant papillary conjunctivitis (GPC).
Any disturbance between the ways of light from the cornea to the retina causes blurred vision. If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. The information provided in YourHealth is for educational and informational purposes only and should not be construed as personal medical advice or recommendation. Pink eye (commonly known as red eye in Singapore), medically termed as conjunctivitis, refers to an inflammation of the conjunctiva - the mucous membrane that covers the whites (sclera) of the eye and the underside of the eyelids.
This tissue is vulnerable to infection by bacteria and viruses just as our ears and throats may be infected.When infected, the blood vessels in the conjunctiva becomes inflamed also. That is why your eyes appear reddish or pink because the blood vessels become more visible.Conjunctivitis is a very common type of eye infection.
This includes those related to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).This type of pink eye often develops quickly and can be recognized by yellow to green discharge that contains pus and sticky. Children And Bacterial ConjunctivitisThis type of pink eye is especially common in children probably due to the less than adequate hand-washing and other hygienic practices. Bacterial conjunctivitis is usually not serious and will go away within 10 days even without treatment.If you are diagnosed with bacterial conjunctivitis, your doctor will typically give you topical antibiotic eye drops or eye ointments. These eye drops can be useful as it can reduce the time it takes to full recovery.Hot compress (very warm water on washcloth) will be helpful also specifically if your eyelids are sticking together in the morning.
These diseases are both bacterial in nature and can infect the newborna€™s eye if the treatment of the mother isn't complete prior to giving birth.In such cases, antibiotic ointment is administered to the infantsa€™ eyes just after birth to negate any bacteria that may have passed to the newborn. Viral ConjunctivitisViral conjunctivitis is the leading cause of conjunctivitis among adults and is associated with upper respiratory infections such as flu, measles or the common cold. Viral conjunctivitis looks a little different from the bacterial type as the discharge from eyes is usually more watery and less sticky.The infected eye also looks more pink than red and your vision is usually normal or close to normal.
Papillary conjunctivitis is more commonly caused by the constant presence of a soft contact lens. A corneal infection is an infection of the cornea, the clear section in front of the eyeball that allows light into the eye (find out more about how the eye works). Corneal infections usually occur because of exposure to bacterial, viral or microbiological agents that cause the eyes to become red and swollen. Apart from contact lens related infections, infections can also occur due to existing abnormalities or disturbances of the eye surface or cornea or in cases of eye injury. Corneal infections after eye trauma can also be prevented in work site-related injuries with the appropriate use of safety googles.
Surgery for corneal infections may be indicated in very severe infections or when the infection is not responding to medical treatment i.e. Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation is internationally recognized as a premier credential for hospitals and other medical institutions. The Excellence for Singapore Award was set up by the Singapore Totalisator Board in 1996 to recognise and honour individuals, groups of individuals or organisations that bring credit to Singapore by being among the best in their areas of activity in Asia or in the world.
ISO 9001 is the globally implemented standard for providing assurance about the ability to satisfy quality requirements and to enhance customer satisfaction in supplier-customer relationships. The Excellent Service Award (EXSA) is a national award managed by SPRING Singapore and nine industry lead associations. Servi-CertTM is a service certification adapted from France and introduced into Singapore by the SGS International Certification Services Singapore Pte Ltd.

The Singapore HEALTH (Helping Employees Achieve Life-Time Health) Award is presented by the Health Promotion Board to give national recognition to organisations with commendable Workplace Health Promotion (WHP) programmes. As Singapore’s largest integrated healthcare provider and leading international medical group, SingHealth’s hospitals and Specialty Centres are recognised as tertiary centres. The Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences ACP (EYE-ACP), launched jointly by SingHealth and Duke-NUS, is a cluster-wide framework for all ophthalmologists to advance in Academic Medicine with resources and funding support. Overwear of the lenses causes the same, as well as it reduces the amount of oxygen required for the cornea, causing edema and cornea swelling.
We run network of high quality 50+ high niche websites with millions of regular visitors, Please connect with us. It is an inflammation of the conjunctiva and the inner surface of the eyelids, usually due to a viral or bacterial infection. YourHealth disclaims all responsibility for any losses, damage or personal injury suffered directly or indirectly from reliance on such information.
They just like to touch their eyes so much.Infants can also be affected by this form of conjunctivitis due to an incompletely opened tear duct.
And yes, you will feel pain.In this case, antibiotics will not be effective but applying a warm washcloth to the eyes several times a day can relieve symptoms. This conjunctivitis causes itchiness, heavy discharge, excessive tearing and red bumps (called papillae) forming underside of the eyelid. The yearly incidence of infections related to contact lens wear varies between 1 in 10,000 hard contact lens users, 4 in 10,000 soft contact lens users to 22 in 10,000 extended wear contact lens wearers.
In severe cases, it can cause changes to the corneal shape leading to astigmatism, opacification of the cornea from scarring or a combination of both. Avoiding contact lens wear completely in patients who have predisposing diseases of the cornea or surface of the eye may be necessary. It is an international mark and endorsement for quality patient care and safety, and organisation management. It is an important way of honouring organisations that strive to help their employees lead healthy and vibrant lives.
SingHealth institutions are equipped with highly advanced medical technology and offers pioneering treatments in a wide range of medical procedures, with outcomes comparable with the best institutions worldwide. Key appointment holders appointed include chair, and vice chairs for education and research. First, you should know that wearing contact lenses is safe, but it is not meant to be worn for 24 hours.
Most of the corneal ulcers happen because of viral, fungal, and microbial infections that happen when you wear the lenses overnight. It is identified by the swelling and inflammation of conjunctiva, the thin membrane that covers the inner side of eyelid and the white part of the eye. Rest from wearing lenses and changing the lenses at required intervals minimize the chances of having this problem. Sometimes, it can also be due to underlying allergic condition.A stye (pictured above) is another common infection that occurs when an infection occurs in the hair follicle of your eyelashes. The yearly incidence of vision loss from contact lens related infections has been estimated to be approximately 0.6 in 10,000 users in studies carried out in Australia and India.
In most cases, patients with severe corneal infections are admitted into hospital and samples from the infection are taken to identify the likely organism before the start of the treatment.
Surgery may also be indicated later on if vision is reduced due to corneal scarring from the infection.

The JCI accreditation program initiated in 1999 was designed to evaluate all the functions of acute care hospitals and medical centres. SNEC has progressed from the Bronze Award in 2002 to Silver then to the Gold Award in 2005, 2006, 2008,2010 and 2012. To ensure the healthcare outcomes are world-class, the Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences ACP will be focusing on developing a comprehensive framework of existing well-established research capabilities in SERI and the training capabilities in SNEC.
Therefore, if you are wearing contact lenses, then you have to be cautious when you experience symptoms like redness around the eyes, discomfort in the eyes, and blurred vision because these are the main symptoms of keratitis.
The ulcers are extremely painful with symptoms like redness of eye, small pupil, tearing, etc.
If you wear lenses on a regular basis and feel any symptom of eye irritation or inflammation, remove your lenses and do not put them back in eyes. As soon as you feel a change in vision or blurry vision, go for a complete examination of your eyes. If you have overused your lenses and feel any type of irritation, tearing, or pain, then remove the lenses and give your eyes some rest. There are different extend of this problem, some are only sensitive to sunlight, some cannot even tolerate bright and fluorescent lights.
It may also clear up quickly as a result of the treatments already being used for systemic viral condition. Treatment with intensive eye drops is administered and adjusted until the infection improves. Surgery carried out in these situations aims to remove the diseased cornea (where scarring or severe infections is present) and replace the removed cornea with a corneal graft or transplant. However, persistent redness, blurred vision, and sensitivity to the light are the main symptoms of serious eye problems.
If you experience any of these symptoms, then consult a doctor immediately to stay away from further eye damage. Other remarkable symptoms include blurry or hazy vision, itching in the eyes, and sensitivity to the light. If the pain does not go away, then consult an eye professional because it can improve within 24 hours.
Call your doctor if the light sensitivity becomes severe and painful along with headaches, blurred vision, and red eye.
If the infection of your eyelid is more severe, the condition is known as blepharitis, or an eyelid infection.Keratitis is a serious eye infection of the cornea that can lead to scarring and vision loss. If you overwear it then even the lenses made from best oxygen permeable materials can plague you.
Therefore, as soon as you feel a change in vision, there is something in your eye, severe pain, and water discharge from eyes, visit your doctor because proper diagnosis is essential for the proper treatment of ulcer. Apart from over wearing, if you wear the lenses while sleeping and do not replace them at regular intervals, they create problems.
Treatment usually includes antibiotic eyedrops or ointment treatment.This article was contributed by Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC). The reason is very simple, even the best fitted contact lenses compromise with the oxygen supply to the cornea.

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