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Bacterial lung infection in cats medication,home remedies for finger blisters,natural cure viral fever - Review

There are several different types of lung infections, including bacterial infections, viral infections, and fungal infections. A viral lung infection does not respond to antibiotics and typically just needs to run its course. A pseudomonas lung infection is technically a bacterial infection, but tends to occur only in patients who are very ill. Symptoms of this type of condition frequently include an increased production of mucus, often leading to chest congestion.
There are some antiviral medications that may help to reduce the length of the infection, but there is no actual cure. Pseudomonas aeruginosa, the bacteria that causes this condition, is known as an opportunistic pathogen, meaning that the bacteria normally does not cause illness unless the patient's immune system is already compromised by severe illness.

To answer your questions, I'm confident that a doctor would know which tests to order to confirm the correct lung infection diagnosis.In my experience many doctors want to know if the infection is viral or bacterial to avoid giving you unnecessary antibiotics, which would be essentially useless if you had a fungal lung infection, since you would need an antifungal.
Treatment will depend on the exact cause of the infection, but some of the more typical treatment options include the use of antibiotics, antiviral medications, or steroid medications. Some potential symptoms are fatigue and cough, with or without the production of excess mucus. Patients who are hospitalized or are suffering with diseases such as AIDS are the most susceptible to this type of infection. Antibiotics or surgical intervention are typically used to treat this condition, with successful treatment depending on the overall health of the patient.
I imagine it is harder to diagnose because it is less common, and the symptoms seem to be more unusual.

In severe cases, the affected person may have difficulty breathing and require emergency medical assistance. Anti-fungal medications may be prescribed, although care should be taken, as this type of medication may interact negatively with other medications. In some cases, when the fungus creates a large enough mass to potentially cause a blockage, surgery will be performed to remove this ball of fungus.

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