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Nasal Congestion: Commonly known as a A“blocked nose,A” nasal congestion is a common symptom of many of the conditions that cause a sore throat.
Nasal Discharge: Rhinorrhea or a runny nose is another symptom that often accompanies a sore throat. Coughing: Coughing is a common symptom of many upper respiratory tract infections, and excessive coughing can also lead to inflammation of the throat and pharynx.
Sneezing: Many of these infections cause irritation of the nasal lining, leading to sneezing.
Fever: More severe respiratory tract infections can affect the whole body, leading to a fever. Headache: A headache often accompanies a sore throat, even in the case of minor infections such as the common cold.
Fatigue: Fatigue is a common sign of an infection, and is the result of the body using all its resources to fight the infection.
Muscle and Joint Pain: Muscle and joint pain is not very commonly associated with a sore throat, but some of the more serious infections can cause joint pain, along with fever and weakness.
Swollen Lymph Nodes: Many infections are accompanied by swollen lymph nodes, and this includes some of the conditions that cause a sore throat. The three main causes for sore throat are infections, irritants, and acid reflux, of which infections are probably the most common cause. Irritants and Allergens: Sometimes it is not an infection that causes a sore throat, but a reaction to substances in the environment. Since a sore throat is a symptom of some underlying condition, and rarely a condition in itself, sore throat home remedies are only symptomatic treatment. A water salt water gargle is one of the oldest A– and possibly the best - cure for a sore throat. When it comes to age-old home remedies for an irritated throat, the honey and ginger mixture is another great one. Another recipe for a sore throat remedy is a mixture of honey, apple cider vinegar, and warm water. Chamomile tea is also one of the best swollen throat remedies, and is another treatment that you can repeat several times a day. Alcohol does dehydrate the body, but in small amounts it might actually work as an effective sore throat treatment. Garlic may not be great for your breath, but it may compensate by helping cure a sore throat. Although a sore throat and the other accompanying symptoms might ruin your appetite, it is important to keep eating healthy. In most cases, a sore throat is a minor problem, and home remedies, along with a little rest for both your throat and your body, will help you recover quite quickly. Home remedies for sore throat, ear ache and recurrent chills: i have gone to the doctor twice regarding my sore throat and severe ear aches. Natural cures for stuffy nose, light headedness and sore throat: what are some natural cures for stuffy nose, light-headedness, and sore throats???? Advice on stuffy nose and sore throat: why dont ANY medicines seem to do the job when i get a stuffy nose and sore throat???
Health advice on swollen glands: what other infections or diseases of any sort could include sore throat symptoms or swollen glands?
The best way to get rid of a sore throat is to drink fresh carrot juice (as much as possible) and within a day or two, it should be gone.
Try to run a humidifier in your room that adds moisture to the surroundings and does not allow the air to get dried. Noodles are a favorite among many but it is associated with a lot of oil and fat content too! Tangerine essential oil is derived from citrus fruits and gets extracted through cold compression method. ThereA’s no one who hasnA’t had to endure a sore throat at some point in their life A– more likely several times. This is usually an infection of the upper respiratory tract, such as the common cold, laryngitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis, and more serious conditions such as diphtheria and influenza. This happens when the membranes that line the nasal passages become inflamed, thus narrowing the passages and making it difficult to breathe through the nose.
Some of the irritants that cause a sore throat can also irritate the nasal lining, causing a bout of sneezing.
Mild swelling of the lymph nodes is nothing to worry about A– lymph nodes are part of the immune system and the swelling simply means that your body is fighting off the infection. Pollution is a common cause of sore throats A– vehicular and industrial pollution are two examples.

This is why, if you seem to have a serious infection, you should consult a doctor, who will treat the infection itself. Simply take a small piece of ginger, crush the juice out of it, mix it with a teaspoon of honey, and swallow.
Whiskey on the rocks is of course ruled out, but you can have a peg of whiskey straight up, or else add it to a glass of warm water and sip it slowly.
However, if you get recurrent sore throats or if a sore throat lasts for more than a week, you should get yourself checked by a doctor.
An evaluation of the efficacy of licorice gargle for attenuating postoperative sore throat: a prospective, randomized, single-blind study. It may be a viral infection such as common cold or flu or a bacterial infection like mycoplasma or strep. Bacterial infections may be cured by antibiotics but viral infections cannot be cured by medicines.
Take supplements of zinc, magnesium, vitamins and herbs like Astragalus, Echinacea and Goldenseal that boost your immune system. It speeds up the healing process and cures swelling because it is an excellent osmotic, hypertonic in nature.
Tonsils protect our various body parts, especially the respiratory system by locking the microbes such as bacteria and other injurious elements. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. In most cases, a sore throat is simply the symptom of a common cold, where the soreness is the result of irritation of the throat and pharynx from the nasal fluids. What happens is that the excess of mucus in the nose exits into the throat in a process known as postnasal drip. Household irritants such as paint and certain cleaning solutions can also cause a sore throat when their fumes are inhaled. Normally, this acid is kept from rising out of the stomach, but in some cases, due to a variety of reasons, this mechanism may malfunction. Steam inhalation will also clear your nasal passages, thus reducing the postnasal drip that is causing or aggravating the sore throat.
The chewing should be very light A– just enough to release the chemicals inside the garlic, not to crush it completely. You can keep sipping hot drinks and soups through the day A– these will nourish you while simultaneously soothing your throat and clearing your nasal passages. A visit to the doctor is also advisable if the sore throat is accompanied by more serious symptoms, such as fever and body aches. There are many home remedies to treat viral strep throats. However, if there is no noticeable improvement then it is advised to see a doctor immediately. Three major varieties of tonsillitis are acute tonsillitis, sub-acute tonsillitis and chronic tonsillitis. Other symptoms of tonsillitis are difficulty in swallowing, fever, chills, headache, and crouch coughing.
Depending on its underlying causes, a sore throat may be accompanied by many other symptoms. If you can squeeze in a couple of gargles through the course of the day, so much the better.
If you can control it, avoid sleeping with your mouth open A– this is a common cause of a dry, and therefore sore, throat. In case, you don’t have a vaporizer, you may use a pan of water to maintain moisture in the room through evaporation. If you experience the problem of a strep throat every now and then, try changing your toothbrush every month. Garlic possesses antiseptic and antibacterial characteristics and fights against bacterial germs. Put two tea spoons of dried herb in water, boil the mixture for a few minutes, and then stain the extra water and drink.
But when the shape of tonsils increases, it results in obstruction in our respiratory system. This in turn may be due to an infection, or it may be due to some irritant, such as paint fumes. Excessive straining of the vocal cords through talking, shouting, screaming, or singing, can also lead to a sore throat.
However, frequent irritation of the throat caused by acid reflux can also lead to a sore throat. Bacterial vaginitis is known medically as bacterial vaginosis and it is the most common type of vaginal infection.

It is advised because bacteria accumulate over the bristles of toothbrush and may cause infection. These herbs contain mucilage that cures the hoarseness and removes the extra lining of your swollen throat.
There are few people who choose to remove tonsils to avoid situation like enlargement of tonsils. There are many bacterial and viral infections that can cause inflammation of the throat, sometimes as the primary symptom, and sometimes as just one among many different symptoms. All the above mentioned remedies and solutions when followed sincerely help in relieving the issue of strep throat.
Many of these infections are upper respiratory tract infections, such as laryngitis and tonsillitis.
These bacteria are normally present in the vagina but the sudden increase in their numbers is the cause of the infection. In addition, there are many harmless substances that can cause a sore throat if a person is allergic to them.
Yeast infection and bacterial vaginosis symptoms are sometimes very similar and this may result in an incorrect diagnosis.
Usually however, a sore throat is merely one of the more unpleasant complications of the common cold. Identifying an allergen can be quite difficult A– people can develop allergies to all sorts of things, and it is often difficult to find a clear link between a substance and an allergic reaction. Yeast infection symptoms in men are very different from those in children and women and pictures and images can sometimes help to determine whether the symptoms you are experiencing are caused by a bacterial or a yeast infection.
Furthermore, a yeast infection invariably causes itching while bacterial vaginosis may even go unnoticed due to the absence of itching or discomfort. Bacterial vaginosis symptoms are often very mild at the onset of the condition and if the infection is treated right away, the symptoms will disappear. However, the longer one ignores the problem for the higher the risk of suffering from severe and long lasting symptoms. It was earlier believed that a douche would help to flush out the vagina and help to get rid of the infection; but recent research proves that using a douche may in fact aggravate the situation. A douche flushes out both the good and bad bacteria from the vagina and this causes an imbalance which will allow the unhealthy bacteria to thrive once more.
Any abdominal pain or bleeding must be brought to the attention of the doctor as these may be symptoms of a severe infection that has affected not just the vagina but also the other urinary organs in the body. This does not happen very often and is most commonly seen in cases where the initial symptoms of unusual bacterial vaginosis discharge or odor were ignored. Those who suffer from recurring bacterial vaginosis may also be at a higher risk of suffering from this problem. An infection that has spread to the other urinary organs can pose a serious health risk and needs immediate medical attention. Pelvic inflammatory disease or PID is another possible complication that can result from a severe case of bacterial vaginosis. The symptoms of pelvic inflammatory diseases are severe and painful and immediate treatment is a must. Generally in a vagina there are more Lactobacillus bacteria than bad bacteria like Gardnerella Vaginalis and Mobiluncus.
Bacterial vaginosis or the gardnerella infection as it is sometimes called is the result of significant change in the microflora of the vagina.
This type of an imbalance can be caused by the prolonged use of antibiotic medication and so it is advisable to drink plenty of water and include generous amounts of yogurt in your diet if you are on antibiotic medication.
The additional intake of water helps to flush out the urinary tract while yogurt contain several types of healthy bacteria and this helps to maintain the right balance of bacteria within the vagina. It is also important to avoid self-medication as this could result in a number of negative reactions.This Imbalance Could be Caused Due to Various Reasons Such As• Repeated sexual intercourse in a short duration which leads to a rise in the vaginal pH and results in growth of bacteria and infectionlike symptoms. Urinating after sexual intercourse has been proven to have several positive effects, including the prevention of bacterial vaginosis as it helps to flush out the bacteria within the urethra and this will help to prevent a bacterial vaginosis infection. In addition to this, it is also advisable to use a water based lubricant as this will help to reduce friction. This will help to reduce the risk of vaginal infections as damaged skin tissue is more susceptible to infectious pathogens.

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