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There is nothing more frustrating than trying to get sweat stains and smell out from clothing. Since no commercial detergent was working, I decided to look for answers and see if there was some natural way to get rid of the smell.A Vinegar and baking soda are the ultimate all-purpose cleaner when combined, so I decided to give the power combo a try on my clothing. While baking soda helps combat grease and body oils while neutralizing sweaty odors, the vinegar kills off any bacteria lingering in your clothes. There are several ways of using this power duo on your clothing, here are my threeA fool-proof ways.
Soak Clothes in Baking Soda Before Washing – Before doing your laundry, I recommend soaking your clothing in baking soda before actually washing them.
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If you are looking for an easy, effective way to remove stubborn mattress odors, then you don't have to look any further. All you need to do is remove the sheets from the bed and sprinkle the baking soda (about 1 cup) directly on the mattress. If you like, you can add several drops of lavender oil to the baking soda before you sprinkle it on the mattress. Cleaning the mattress in this way not only eliminates bad odors, but will help to keep dust mites under control.

DIY Orange and Clove Sink Tabs get rid of all those nasty sink smells with this easy and beautiful fresh smelling diy tab. I knew I couldn’t paint it if it was wet, so I set it aside to let it dry in my sewing room and it smelled up the ENTIRE room, to the point that it gave me a headache when I was sewing the tulle bedskirt! July 6, 2013 By Annette Phillips Baking soda is a common household item used for baking and for cleaning, but can it get rid of body odor too?
Subscribe to Untrained Housewife's Newsletter for your free copy of The Seven Principles of Intentional and Self-Sufficient Living book. After realizing that no matter how many timesA I put certain shirts or gym clothing in the wash, the smell of perspiration still lingered.
Leave the paste on the spot for 30 mins (if you plan on doing laundry the same day) or for 24 hrs.
Now, for the actual washing part, I throw in one or two of those Tide Pods.A Note, that your clothing will not smell like vinegar, when you put your clothing in the dryer, the smell evaporates.
Baking soda is very inexpensive and a very effective way to treat most mattress odors, from urine odors to stale cigarette smells.
Research done in an England study shows that approximately 98% of people have underarm odor, leaving a mere 2% without any at all.
Baking soda helps get rid of external body odor by killing the bacteria that grows in areas like underarms, breast creases, and the inner thighs. While in the shower or bath, massage a baking soda paste onto desired areas (paste recipe below).

Untrained Housewife grants non-exclusive use of one photo and up to 50 words quote from any post with attribution and link back to the original post on this site. Now, if your shirt has old perspiration stains on it, I cannot promise it will get them out completely, however I recommend if you have a newer shirt that you have only worn a few times, try this spot treatment before washing. Then, you can set your washing machine for desired wash cycle (you can use regular detergent for this part). Vacuum up the baking soda with the hose on your vacuum cleaner, and enjoy a fresh smelling mattress! The baking soda paste will help kill the bacteria that causes the body odor, leaving the area smelling fresher longer.
If you discover body odor creeping back up during the day, try adding some extra baking soda. Then, add a small amount of dry baking soda to the area, like you would a baby powder, for added freshness during the day.
There are so many uses that, the next time you’re at the store, you should pick up a big box.

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