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July 1 episode of 'The Dr Oz Show', Dr Oz praised Hyaluronic Acid saying it was an effective, yet affordable way to improve the look of your skin and prevent visible signs of aging. Clinical tests have shown that HA can hold up to 1000 times it weight in water, making it one of the most effective Moisturizing Boosters currently on the Market.
POTENT HYDRATING INGREDIENT for ALL SKIN TYPES - Hyaluronic Acid works for dry, oily and combination skin.
The Lutronic MOSAIC is an advanced aesthetic solution incorporating the latest in fractional technology. MOSAIC delivers cutting edge technology in a flexible user friendly package enabling precise control of treatment parameters for each individual, minimizing side effects and improving clinical outcomes.

Voted “Best Plastic Surgeon” by Monday Thursday Newspaper and one of South Florida's “TOP DOC's” by South Florida Magazine. Web Design Miami - The photos in this Web site feature models for illustrative purposes unless otherwise noted. Unlike traditional lasers and light-based technologies that achieve homogenous thermal damage at a particular depth, MOSAIC’s exclusive patented technology delivers multiple arrays of randomized scopic laser beams to the skin.These beams selectively coagulate a small proportion of the, collimated Necrotic Columns (MNCs) that reach as far down as the reticular dermis while sparing the surrounding tissue. Man, one of the top plastic surgeons in the nation, has received numerous awards for providing services to the community of Boca. Feel the difference.REDUCES LINES AND WRINKLES - softens laugh lines around your mouth and cheeks and lessens forehead creases with repeated daily use.

This unique technology results in better outcomes in the form of minimal downtime, a more uniform appearance and most importantly, dramatic clinical improvements.
Please call for a private consultation at 1 ( 888 ) 822 7543 or schedule an appointment online.

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