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Chalazia or chalazion is a painless, slow-growing, inflammatory cyst that develops in a small tear gland of the eyelid.
Chalazions are often a result of an unhealed stye, or an inflammatory disease called blepharitis. For best results, apply a warm, moist compress to the chalazion for 15 minutes before lancing. The ones who have a gastric problem will read the post heading and say ‘At last!’ whereas the ones who do not have such problem may quote ‘Eww!’ When we said that having gas is normal we meant, it is not abnormal. Gas forms inside our stomach when we accidentally take in a gulp of air in between meal or liquid intake.
Apart from over the counter medicines some (listed) herbs help in easing the gas condition and helps in stabilizing your body and stomach. Parsley is known to most individuals, as an aromatic herb, used to add flavor and aroma to dishes. Cinnamon and basil, both are used as a potent herbal aid in case of different health emergencies.

These herbs contain certain properties which help the individual relieve the flatulence, nausea and other stomach disorders.
The herb ginger contains digestive properties which make the one taking it, relieve the gas and also treat other such stomach disorders. There is a yellowish blister on my inner eyelid similar to your picture and I've had it for 3 months. Mostly, however, it has been seen that the condition occurs due to an irregularity in the order of meals or having foods with high saturated fat, oil, etc. Ginger also helps in stimulating the taste buds to produce saliva, which in turn helps in digestion. Once the surface of the chalazion is numb, use a lancet to puncture the center of the white head.Once the chalazion has been pierced, use two fingers to squeeze the confined pocket of pus out. Can you believe an herb like this is sometimes chopped of by gardeners who feel these are weeds?
The chalazion can be pierced from the outer or inner part of the eyelid depending on which side the chalazion comes to a head.

Btw, I did have a stye 3 months ago, it never seemed to go away but my eye is no longer swollen red and painful, just this large cyst that seems to be growing larger. For the ones who don’t follow the thread, here are a few herbal cures that will treat your condition.
Normally, it doesn’t pose much as an embarrassment but when the gas comes out via flatulence and with a bad odor, it breaks all hell loose. Never lance a chalazion unless an anesthetic numbing agent is topically applied or injected. Squeeze out the excess water and allow the cloth to cool to a comfortably high temperature.
It is best to take a 1 to 3 day course of antibiotics as this can prevent a new cyst to from, it can also help prevent a more serious eye infection.

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