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In the early '60s a major advancement took place in contraception as the birth control pill was launched. While a broad range of birth control options is available to women, the list narrows greatly for men. Researchers at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Baylor College of Medicine have identified that a chemical originally created to aid in the fight against cancer also disrupts sperm production. While there will likely be years of testing before a drug such as this becomes a reality, this recent development may lead to a new era in birth control one day. Heart attacks in women: Protecting yourself Reasons to quit smoking now Is indulging in fast food OK? Since 60ties when birth control pills were introduced women have largely expanded their knowledge about them, but there are still some myths present.
Birth control pills were approved in the early 60ties and since then birth control pills are one of the most carefully and closely monitored medications in the history of US. It is very important to improve the knowledge about birth control pills because due to poor knowledge about birth control pills there are about 20% of unwanted pregnancies. This is not true, and there are studies that prove that fertility rates are the same among women who were on birth control pills for a longer period of time, comparing to women who were never on the pill.
This is quite unfair reputation for the pill, but the fact is that some women seem to gain weight while on the pill, and the research shows weight gain is not because of the use of pills. Doctors often suggest birth control pills as means of regulating menstrual cycle and alleviating an acne problem.
Find health and lifestyle advices & Get answers!Share real-life experiences with more than 250,000 community members! Pimple-like Bumps on Penis and Testicles Consequences Of Over-masturbation Implantation bleeding or period?
Consider the contradictions: It was the first medicine ever designed to be taken regularly by people who were not sick. Maybe it's the nature of icons to be both worshipped and stoned, laden with symbolic value beyond their proportions.
Improvising InfertilityAs long as people have been making little people, they've wanted to know how not to.
But well into the modern age, contraception met with unified opposition from across the religious spectrum, Protestants and Catholics, Western and Eastern Orthodox.
For Birth Control "I never got my period regularly, but I once I started taking this I stopped getting it altogether.
For Birth Control "I've been taking the generic version of this drug for about 4 months. For Birth Control "This is my first experience with bc given to me after many years of complaining of heavy periods and a diagnosis of anemia. For Birth Control "I starting taking this birth control because it allowed you to still have a period every month. It was my first bcp and I was too scared to switch over to another pill because I figured I rather learn to deal with the mood swings than risk a different bcp with worse side effects.
For Birth Control "I've been on Generess Fe now for over two years, and I am switching to a different birth control. For Birth Control "I'm on Mylans generic version of Generess Fe and so far its been okay. For Birth Control "Generess was hell for the first month that I took it, I was hungry hungry, broke out, gained weight, I also threw up. For Birth Control "I started this birth control about 3 years ago because I was experiencing heavy and painful periods and I love it! For Birth Control "I started taking this birth control a few months before I got married to my husband. For Birth Control "I went on this birth control a few months before I got married and have been on it for two years. The easiest way to lookup drug information, identify pills, check interactions and set up your own personal medication records. This GCSE Biology quiz is all about oral contraceptives - the method of birth control commonly known as 'The Pill'.
The hormones used are oestrogen and progesterone which suppress the production of FSH in the ovaries. Hi, we are delighted to see you - welcome to the proven way to learn and revise your curriculum subjects.
Barring abstinence, men have been limited to only two dependable methods of birth control: condoms or a vasectomy.
This compound, known as JQ1, is able to affect spermatogenesis, the process by which sperm develop and mature.

It would allow men to take greater responsibility in preventing unplanned pregnancies, whether they are single or in a monogomous relationship. Since then women have largely expanded their knowledge about birth control pills, but there are still myths present. There are also myths and misconceptions about conception and pregnancies available, but we have already talked about them.
The problem is birth control pills might hide and cover underlying problems woman might have such as irregular periods, which might be the cause of some other fertility related problem.
I think that the reason for this is that women often begin using the pill during a time of life that happens to coincide with weight changes. But everyone knows the Pill, whose FDA approval 50 years ago rearranged the furniture of human relations in ways that we've argued about ever since. Its main inventor was a conservative Catholic who was looking for a treatment for infertility and instead found a guarantee of it.
Because the Pill arrived at a moment of epochal social change, it became a handy explanation for the inexplicable. The ancient Egyptians mixed a paste out of crocodile dung and formed it into a pessary, or vaginal insert. While these reviews might be helpful, they are not a substitute for the expertise, skill, knowledge and judgement of healthcare practitioners in patient care.Learn more about Generess Fe. No joke, I gained over 50 pound in the year and change I was on this, and I can't attribute more than maybe 5 or 10 pounds to lifestyle changes. I'm actually on the generic version now since they released it, but my benefits are still there.
Previously, I had been on a BC that only allowed a period every 2 months and I don't think my body liked that. The main reason I'm switching is because my sex drive is virtually non-existent, and my Dr. Pain wise I used to have terrible cramps to the point I would throw up it was so bad I had to stay home from school.
First 3 months were pretty rough as my body adjusted but now that I'm on my 5th pack I feel 100% like myself!
I gained maybe 5 pounds, but I am also in a happy relationship so weight gain could be from that.
I am very pleased with the pill and have not experienced any nausea, weight gain, or break outs. This material is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.
Human fertility is controlled by hormones so oral contraceptives contain small amounts of female sex hormones that inhibit eggs from developing in the ovary. They can help a couple to decide the time when they start a family and also when to stop having children. Did you know that you can play every teacher-written quiz on our site for just ?7.50 per month?
In the study, laboratory mice given JQ1 became infertile; these mice had a reduced sperm count and a lower quality of sperm in comparison to the mice that didn't receive the compound. By regulating period the birth control pill might hide irregularities woman might have in her cycles and this way also hide fertility related problems woman might have.
For example, one study suggests that women who use birth control pills are 30% less likely to get the ovarian or uterine cancer than those who never used the pill.
It was blamed for unleashing the sexual revolution among suddenly swinging singles, despite the fact that throughout the 1960s, women usually had to be married to get it.
The 1950s felt so safe and smug, the '60s so raw and raucous, the revolutions stacked one on top of another, in race relations, gender roles, generational conflict, the clash of church and state — so many values and vanities tossed on the bonfire, and no one had a concordance to explain why it was all happening at once.
Aristotle proposed cedar oil and frankincense oil as spermicides; Casanova wrote of using half a lemon as a cervical cap. Fear of pregnancy was a powerful check on promiscuity — and information about contraception was treated as the equivalent of pornography.
I previously would have insane mood swings in the week leading up to my period--I'm talking sporadic crying and feelings of anxiety.
I have no history of depression or any emotional issues, and just yesterday I couldn't get myself off the floor to leave the house. While I can say the cyst pain had gone away I have now noticed that I get extremely nauseous on this pill.
My fiance and I don't use condoms or any other back up method and I have never been pregnant.
My periods happen around day 3 of the sugar pill and last for about 2-3 days and are very light.

I had hormonal issues that lead to irregular periods and this birth control helped level them out. Not only that, but according to Time Healthland, the induced infertility appears to be without the side effect of loss of sex drive and is reversible.
However, the fact is that the estrogen in pills can make women feel bloated; the progestin that is found in the pill may increase appetite, which of course results in weight gain.
According to this study, the protection can last up to 30 years after ending the pills; additionally protection against these cancers increases with each year of use. Its supporters hoped it would strengthen marriage by easing the strain of unwanted children; its critics still charge that the Pill gave rise to promiscuity, adultery and the breakdown of the family. Thus did Woodstock, caked in muddy legend, become much more than a concert, and leaders become martyrs, and the pill become the Pill, the means by which women untied their aprons, scooped up their ambitions and marched eagerly into the new age. I've also gained weight, have an increase in body hair, and my sex drive is completely gone. In the beginning I took the brown placebos but I stopped and just go from one pack to the next without taking them so I haven't had a period for awhile. Control of a woman's fertility has been a significant factor in the improvement of millions of people's quality of life worldwide. This caused many side effects including weight gain, high blood pressure, mood changes and heart disease.
After the mice stopped getting the drug, their sperm production returned to normal, and they became fertile again. Consequently experts believe that all women should use the pill for at least 5 years, solely for ovarian cancer protection. Condom in the mid-1700s, who was said to have invented a sheath made out of sheep intestines for England's King Charles II to help limit the number of bastards he sired, though such devices had actually been around for centuries. So women seeking ways to limit the number of children they bore had to know how to read the papers.
My sex drive was always very high even before birth control, and that certainly hasn't changed. And I feel like it gives me uncontrollable breakouts -- I also looked into this and a lack of estrogen causes your skin to produce more oil, which causes breakouts.
I take the pill at 9 every night so I think I have to make sure that I don't have an empty stomach when I take it. These pills are easy to take, pleasant tasting, and the light, 2-3 day periods are an awesome bonus!
It was a great, low-dose birth control and successfully prevented us from having kids for two years. The Week suggests a non-hormonal birth control method such as this may be a preferred treatment over one that modifies testosterone levels, as it would cause no possible side effects such as weight gain and blood clots.
It found that women who take the Pill are less likely to die prematurely from any cause, including cancer and heart disease, yet many women still question whether the health risks outweigh the benefits. After the first three months it was like somebody flipped a switch and I felt like my normal self again. The only good thing about the pill is my period are extremely light, sometimes it doesn't even come at all.
At the time I didn't realize it but once I stopped I realized that I had been acting different on it. I am so happy to have found a birth control pill that works for me and doesn't have nasty side effects.
I get migraines if I take placebos so I skip those every other month and go to a new packet.
I'm a little freaked out because my period is a lot lighter this month than it has been in the past but from the reviews that I read other people on this pill experience extremely light periods too, or no periods at all.
Some oral contraceptives now only contain progesterone which puts a lot less stress on the woman's body.
The fact is that most experts think that the pill doesn't cause any type of cancer, and there are studies available that prove that estrogen contained in birth control pills is not in correlation with breast cancer which leads to conclusion that taking estrogen before menopause doesn't predispose women to breast cancer.
I am switching immediately to a lower hormone pill because the depression is now interfering with my life and relationships and I know it's not normal.
As soon as I switched to a different forumla I lost the 10 pounds I gained in just 2 weeks, and I wasn't eating any different.

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