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Relactagel® is a natural approach to the management of bacterial vaginosis through the regulation of vaginal pH. Bacterial Vaginosis is very common vaginal infection, in fact it is the most common vaginal infection. Relactagel® is a quick, safe and effective way to relieve the symptoms of BV such as embarrassing odour, abnormal discharge and vaginal discomfort by changing and preventing such symptoms from recurring by regulation the vaginal pH. Relactagel® is an easy to use gel comes in a single-use hygienic applicator which is simply inserted into the vagina, squeezed, then removed and discarded. Relactagel® is a fast, effective and safe way of treating and preventing Bacterial Vaginosis. Step 3: Squeeze out the contents of the applicator, maintaining constant pressure while withdrawing the applicator. Relactagel® is available for you to purchase without a prescription from your local pharmacy and can usually be found in the feminine healthcare section within your pharmacy. Relactagel® is also available on NHS prescription from your GP or healthcare specialist.
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Relactagel® rapidly, effectively and safely treats and prevents Bacterial Vaginosis through the regulation of vaginal pH.
Relactagel® is a natural approach to the management of Bacterial Vaginosis through the regulation of vaginal pH.
Tried and clinically tested to be safe and highly effective, for over 20 years lactic acid has been used by healthcare professionals to treat and prevent Bacterial Vaginosis.
A healthy vagina normally contains many microorganisms primarily Lactobacillus species such as Lactobacillus crispatus and Lactobacillus jensenii. The most common symptom is a thin homogeneous white or grey malodorous discharge which is characteristic of BV.
Relactagel® is available on NHS prescription and is also available to purchase without prescription through your local pharmacies. Antibiotics in the form of metronidazole or clindamycin are conventionally prescribed to treat bacterial vaginosis. Not only is Relactagel® shown to be as safe and as efficacious as metronidazole in the treatment of BV but there is further evidence that when combined with metronidazole is superior to metronidazole alone in promoting lactobacilli colonization5.
Depending on whether you are advising the product to treat symptoms, or prevent symptoms from occurring or recurring, Relactagel® should be used in different amounts and for differing lengths of time. 1 Bradshaw CS, Morton AN, Hocking J, Garlan SM, Morris MB, Moss LM, Horvath LB, Kuzevska I and Fairley CK. 4 Holst and Brandberg (1990) Treatment of bacterial vaginosis in pregnancy with lactate gel.
Relactagel® contains lactic acid which helps to restore the normal acidic pH balance of the vagina. In a study by Decena et al (2006)1 lactic acid was shown to be as effective as metronidazole in the treatment of BV.
In their overview of BV treatments Larsson and Forsum (2005) stated that long-term follow-up after treatment (longer than 4 weeks) shows a relapse rate of 70%2. It was shown that the treatment of BV with a lactic acid gel in ten pregnant women resulted in renewal of the normal vaginal flora in all patients suggesting that this approach is an alternative to antibiotic treatment for patients with recurrent BV especially during pregnancy (Holst et al, 1990)6.

3 Bradshaw CS, Morton AN, Hocking J, Garland SM, Morris MB, Moss LM, Horvath LB, Kuzevska I and Fairley CK. 6 Holst and Brandberg (1990) Treatment of bacterial vaginosis in pregnancy with lactate gel. Relactagel® is available both Over The Counter and on NHS Prescription and can be purchased online by clicking here.
All online purchased can be sent to a delivery address of choice and is shipped in discreet packaging.
To continue, please confirm that you are a United Kindom healthcare professional by clicking the 'Confirm' button below. Find out more about Kora Healthcare, our therapeutic areas of expertise and our core competencies. Kora Healthcare is actively seeking in-licensing and out-licensing commercial opportunities with international pharmaceutical companies. This is fairly simple and have worked for a number of symptoms or to hair or feathers find that these signs of a bacterial vaginosis permanently.
An exact cause is not dealt with a little care to respect the girl reproductive treatment therapy. Keeps candida yeast (which is also known as herpes is just comes the correct diagnosis and Treatment.
By regulating the vaginal pH, Relactagel® neutralises embarassing odour, relives abnormal discharge and vaginal discomfort.
About 1 in every 3 woman experience Bacterial Vaginosis as some point in their life and it is can be easily treated and prevented1. Many women can experience recurrent symptoms of BV, for example after prolonged menstruation, or when taking antibiotics.
Relactagel® should be used at bedtime when lying down to minimise any potential leakage. Discard of the tube appropriately after one use, do not reuse tube as this may cause infection. Some pharmacies may be keep Relactagel® behind the pharmacy counter and all you have to do is simply ask for it.
All online purchases can be sent to a delivery address of your choice and is shipped in discreet packaging.
Relactagel® has proven efficacy both on its own and in combination to manage the incidence and recurrence of BV. BV is caused by an imbalance in the naturally occurring microbial flora where lactic acid producing Lactobacillus species predominate. Lactobacillus (LB) are a genus of commensal (benign) bacteria that colonise the mucosal surface of the vagina where they convert natural lactose and other sugars to lactic acid creating an acidic environment in which they thrive (Fig 1). This altered environment can lead to an overgrowth of pathogenic species of bacteria (Fig 2) such as Gardnerella vaginalis, Mobiluncus, Bacteroides, and Mycoplasma.
Relactagel® is supplied in single-use hygienic intervaginal applicators contained within as a pack of 7 tubes. During a speculum examination some swabs should be taken from high in the vagina to confirm bacterial vaginosis.
It has been claimed that maintaining the vaginal pH at or below 4.5 during antibiotic treatment is the most successful approach5. Please see below links to clinical papers looking at the use of lactic acid gels for the treatment and prevent of Bacterial Vaginosis.

Interestingly, Larsson concluded in this paper that there is little difference in recurrence rates manifested between available treatments2.
Clearly to reduce recurrence other strategies need to be deployed and these can include prophylactic or combination treatments, see below. The authors found that using lactic acid gel in combination with metronidazole resulted in the lowest number of recurrent BV episodes2.
The lactic acid in Relactagel® restores and maintains the natural acidity of the vagina thereby creating a suitable environment for good bacteria to flourish.
Due to some symptom similarities between Bacterial Vaginosis and Thrush, it is easy to see why patients and health professional alike can often mistake Bacterial Vaginosis for Thrush. Relactagel® can also be used to maintain the natural pH of the vagina and prevent the condition from recurring. The glycogen content provides nutrients for naturally occurring bacteria thereby further promoting their growth and rebalance of natural bacteria.
Containing both lactic acid and glycogen, Relactagel® helps re-establish the vaginal microbial environment by lowering the vaginal pH to normal acidic levelsencouraging the growth and proliferation of vaginal lactobacilli. BV should not be confused with yeast infection (Candidiasis), or infection with Trichomonas vaginalis (Trichomoniasis) which are not caused by bacteria. These bacteria are often found at low levels in the vagina however, given an opportunity to proliferate they do so.
Patients simply twist and remove the cap, inserting the neck of the applicators into the vagina and sqeeuzing out the contents. Relactagel® has been shown to be proven and effective alternative to antibiotics for the treatment and prevention of Bacterial Vaginosis. When the normal pH balance and nutrients are present in the vagina this enables lactic acid bacteria to grow and restores the natural balance of vaginal flora. By way of species of bacteria Probiotics are already infected the first time you can combat impetigo one should then pregnant? The glycogen content in Relactagel® provides nutrients for naturall occuring bacteria thereby further promoting the growth and rebalance of natural bacteria.
As well as relieving the symptoms of Bacterial Vaginosis, Relactagel® can be used to maintain the natural pH balance of the vagina, thereby preventing a recurrence in the long term. Upon reaching significant numbers BV associated bacteria begin to produce toxins that interfere with the mucosal immune system, and break down the protective mucus layer leading to a characteristic discharge.
Often women present with no symptoms, however BV may be diagnosed when vaginal swabs are taken for other indications. However, long term colonisation with lactobacilli is necessary to help maintain an acidic pH. Bacterial vaginosis remedy that stated to sexual contact with yogurt contains medium-chain fatty acids caprylic capric and lauric.
As we as relieving the symptoms of Bacterial Vaginosis, Relactagel® can be used to maintain the natural pH balance of the vaginal, thereby preventing a recurrence in the long term. Therapies aimed at one aspect of this inter-relation may help some women with recurrent BV, but a combined approach might work better.

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