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Along with the trend of diet food, CLA TG has been widely used as material in softgel, beverage, yoghourt and other food supplements. The new edition of Vitafoods, the global nutraceutical event, will take place in Geneva from May 10th to 12th.
It’s never too late for sports: Even if you start exercising at an advanced age, you can still triple your chances for healthy ageing.
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BV is characterised by an overgrowth of predominantly anaerobic, and pathogenic, organisms (such as Gardnerella vaginalis, the Prevotella species, Mycoplasma hominis and the Mobiluncus species) in the vagina, leading to a reduction in healthy lactobacilli populations.
Women are often unaware that they have BV as in 50% of cases it is asymptomatic, however if left untreated it can lead to other complications such as reduced fertility, and reduced birth-weights (when pregnancy does occur).
Doctors are not always sure what causes BV, but certain lifestyle factors increase its likelihood. However for the large majority of sufferers there is no obvious, external ‘cause’ for the dysbiosis, and in these cases we need to consider the link between the gut flora and the vaginal flora.
Due to the close anatomical proximity of the vagina to the anus, it is easy for bacteria from the GI tract to ‘trans-locate’ (ie migrate) from one area to the other. In order to reintroduce beneficial strains of bacteria into the vagina, it is not so simple as to just use any strain of probiotic however. There have been many different clinical trials over the years, looking at the efficacy of probiotics in the treatment of BV.

Incidentally, Joanna has just written a piece about a new 'probiotic' to make women's intimate areas smell like peach! In a rather small but well-designed double-blinded randomized, controlled trial1 34 women with BV received either a vaginal probiotic tablet (containing at least 109 viable lactobacilli, in particular Lactobacillus brevis CD2, Lactobacillus salivarius FV2, and Lactobacillus plantarum FV9) or a placebo for 7 days. In another randomised, double-blind, placebo controlled study2 125 women were divided in to two groups.
Following a low sugar diet can be helpful, to reduce the likelihood of glucose being excreted in the urine (which can promote the overgrowth of pathogenic species of bacteria in the genito-urinary tract). I haven’t tried ‘For women’ yet but as I have tried their other products and they are fantastic I thought my readers might be interested in what is new. A new, clinically trialled supplement from OptiBac Probiotics hopes to put an end to thrush, cystitis and bacterial vaginosis (BV) for women. Whilst vaginal health is not often talked about due to its taboo nature, the average woman will experience symptoms such as itching, redness, pain during urination, even lumpy or smelly discharge; all key signs of these conditions.
OptiBac Probiotics ‘For women’ addresses all three conditions and has been clinically trialled by over 2,500 women who have experienced alleviation in their symptoms by taking 1-2 capsules daily.
For each pack of OptiBac Probiotics For women sold, the company will also give 20p-30p (depending on packsize) to Womankind Worldwide.
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In the same way that the flora of the GI tract can lose its healthy balance, so too can the flora in this ‘intimate’ area.

Women that have more than one sexual partner expose themselves to greater numbers of potential pathogens, and increase their chances of developing BV in that way. The strains need to be able to survive transit through the entire length of the digestive tract, and they also need to be able to successfully migrate to, and then colonise the vagina. One group received a 7 day course of antibiotics, and the second group received both the antibiotics coupled with a probiotic formulation, containing the strains Lactobacillus rhamnosus GR-1® and Lactobacillus reuteri RC-14®. The symptoms are both uncomfortable and slightly embarrassing for them, and often they have suffered in silence for quite some time. OptiBac Probiotics ‘For women’ works to relieve symptoms by addressing the root cause and restoring a healthy balance of bacteria ‘down there’. Brenda from The Green Familia discusses parenting triumphs and travel challenges with expert Chireal.
The probiotic supplementation was continued for a further 3 weeks after the end of the antibiotic therapy.
If they have been to their GP, most likely they will have been prescribed a course of antibiotics. Treatment success rates increased from just 40% (as seen with antibiotic therapy alone) to 88% (on the combination therapy)!

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