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All natural waters, whether from surface or shallow ground sources, are contaminated to some degree with bacteria. Many violations of the total coliform bacteria standards have resulted from inadequate disinfection after construction or maintenance work. Since dirt and accompanying bacteria almost always enter the well during maintenance activities, the entire system should be flushed out, disinfected and sampled for coliforms prior to being put back into service.
This basically means the organisms are difficult to stain using normal staining techniques.
Generally, these bacteria are harmless to humans and essential to the breakdown of natural organic materials found in the water; however, when a water source is polluted by human or animal wastes, the water may contain microbiological organisms that can cause illness.
After replacing or repairing a pump in an existing well, for example, the well water will often be temporarily contaminated with coliform bacteria, which are present in soil, vegetation and the tools and hands of the maintenance crew.
The human body is home to trillions of life forms, ranging from stem Escherichia coli E.coli, who use their three tail to move vigorously in us inside, and ending with Salmonella bacteria that cause food poisoning, but can happily live on our skin, without exerting any influence on us.
The name refers to the fact they can’t be stained by normal acid (ethanol) staining techniques.

If the infection is glandular fever, then the amoxicillin can cause a reaction, and the patient can come out in a rash. These bacteria are difficult and time consuming to isolate and identify, so microbiologists have developed the "total coliform test" to simplify the task.
Many types of bacteria found on human skin, particularly those associated with the secretions of the sweat glands and hair follicles. They multiply, reaching the number of 100 trillion cells - about ten times more than human cells that make up one body. Slitordal understand that bacteria act for the benefit of us - and without them we would not have survived. Coliform bacteria are widely distributed in nature and are also found in the large intestine of humans and animals.
Computer image of Helicobacter Pylori bacteria in the stomach, associated with the occurrence of gastric ulcers and cancer.
Their presence in a water supply is used as an "indicator" of possible pollution which may contain disease-causing organisms.

Bacteria can usually become a problem only if they penetrate the skin, for example, through a wound or cut. In exchange for food and nutrition, bacteria help us with digestion, the formation of vitamins and help to strengthen our immune system In addition, they protect us from opportunistic infections - the so-called "bad bacteria", he says. The total coliform group can survive longer in water than most disease-causing organisms and are easier to identify. The absence of total coliform is, therefore, considered evidence of bacteriologically safe water.

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