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You would be surprised to know that in America alone, nearly 30 million people suffer from this infection. The easiest solution is to stir a teaspoon of common salt in a pint of water that is lukewarm, or get a salt solution from the drugstore and use it in a nasal spray. In Ayurvedic practices the slightly saline and lukewarm solution is made to wet the inner lining of the nostril. When you have a stuffy nose and an aching head, it is just heavenly to even just think of a warm compress. Herbs like mint, rosemary or eucalyptus are known to relieve congestion, especially eucalyptus which is the main component of many ointments for cold.

There is a more fancy and sophisticated system for removing mucous from the nasal passages. There are times when we need immediate relief due to reasons related to work or special occasions when we need to be as fit as possible and other remedies are too long drawn. As side-effects and reactions to drugs run high, more and more doctors recommend alternate therapies for common ailments, especially infections like cold, viral and allergies. It is not known how exactly it works, but it does give relief by giving a feeling of a widening of the air passage to ease breathing. Sold as a Nasal Irrigation System, It functions in the same way as a Neti pot (a little more thorough maybe).

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But, doctors suggest using some humidifier to counteract the dryness caused by these medications. As most allergies and colds are caused by dust, pollen, molds, etc., getting the air cleared of these allergens help immensely in not aggravating the infection.

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