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The Norton Community site has very limited support for IE8 and no support for versions older than IE8. Whenever I browse the internet, on IE, Chrome or Firefox, I have a chance of being redirected to a fake Adobe Flash Installer page, letting me know it's out of date and that I need to update.
I'm at the point of where I'm considering a Factory Restore (not a system restore) and getting rid of the virus (or whatever it is) that way. I've done some research, and I had assumed it was the "Moon Trojan," as the characteristics it has is that of something that hacks the wireless router and changes the DNS server.

I haven't downloaded anything for this to happen, but I have downloaded programs to attempt to fix the issue.
It won't allow me to click off the browser so I'm left with two options : Close the box that pops up, OR accept the download. Do not try to do anything on your own as it could make things harder for the Malware Removal expert at that site to help you. Once I exit the pop-up from the site, it redirects me again, to various sites, some just promoting game sites, others get blocked by Norton as a malicious website (thankfully blocked).

I also thought this to possibly be a browser hijacker but nothing's been installed on my PC under "Programs," nor is there anything in my addons on IE or extensions in Chrome (as those are the two browsers I mainly use).

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