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Reiki is an extremely soft, graceful and non invasive method that restores balance in the subtle energy field of any living beings promoting healing, wellness and growth.
In this view health care is much more then curing just a body single part but it becomes a lifestyle with great attention to nutrition, emotional, mental attitudes and spiritual growth in order to re-gain, maintain or increase health and wellness recognizing that physical illnesses can result from mental or emotional unbalances.
Alternative studies, within the subtle energy system (chakras) where the vital energy flows, have shown for example that bacterial infections are indicators of the need to change emotionally how we feel, while viral infections are the expression of the need to change state of consciousness how we think. Among the variety of methods effective in operating a positive shift in the subtle energy biofield related to the whole body, mind and spirit for healing and wellness is found Reiki with its unique simplicity as a soft, gentle and extremely comfortable non invasive method available to anyone without any contraindications. Reiki, an holistic method of healing, is listed in the Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) as a putative energy-therapy. In the holistic system where body, mind and spirit are interconnected every organ has a physiological function linked to a symbolic one. These correlations are also found in the ancient indian chakra system which describes 7 major wheels (in sanskrit chakras) as points of vortex, located from the perineum area of human beings up the spine to the crown of the head, of the subtle energy currents of the vital force (the indian prana, chinese chi, japanese ki, hawaiian mana, the spirit) also called the biofield existing around all living things.
Although it is becoming acceptable by the most recent science developments with the quantum theory discovering that at the subatomic level the entire universe, including us, is but interconnected energy or more precisely waves like patterns of probabilities of interconnections, thus solid matter and empty space are ultimately dismissed concepts, taking science to the same conclusions of mysticism, to Oneness. On another end the contemporary aura photography and videos are clearly showing the biofield in a visible, unequivocal, acceptable and fascinating way.
The Reiki training is about tuning to the Reiki energy frequency and, functioning like an antenna, channelling it to a recipient during a Reiki treatment. Receiving Reiki energy during a treatment is a very subtle but amazingly harmonizing experience improving the state of the biofield or consciousness as visibly shown by the aura photography examples. The biofield can also be easily detected, around all living things, with a suspended frame or pendulum, as a clockwise spin rotational force around the body. Interestingly during new or full moon days the biofield spin changes to a counterclockwise direction (accordingly in the yogis tradition it has been intuitively suggested not to practice yoga during new and full moon days), thus showing again how deeply we are connected to the invisible planetary forces.
The ancient hidden powers of yogis and shamanis are becoming an acceptable everyday open reality available to us all in the fast developing contemporary world of internet, ethernet and energy medicine.
A fascinating experiment showing how to grasp the Oneness concept (7th chakra) without denying one another beliefs and opinions (3rd chakra) has been done by putting one fish in a big rectangular water tank with 4 video cameras positioned on each corner zooming that particular area of the tank.
Ultimately the energy healerE»s goal is transformation at the cellular level restoring a correct, balanced, harmonious, healthy vibration. Reiki is an Energy Therapy that enhances spirituality but that does not have any belief system and it can therefore be applied to anyone in complete freedom and respect of oneE»s own belief or religion.
The difference between fin loss and fin rot are not always obvious but there is, indeed, a difference.
Fin loss is caused by physical damage incurred by sharp tank decorations, snagged fins, or nipping from other fish.
Fin rot is the result of a bacterial infection, which leaves the fins tattered, bloody or blackened. The most common signs of fin rot are a rapid loss of fin tissue, bloody fin tips or blackened fin edges. If you suspect the fin rot is severe the betta may need your help to recover through use of medication and clean water. Betta fin tissue can heal quickly and most mild to moderate spits or holes can heal themselves without use of any medications or tank additives. Christie F is a Betta splendens hobbyist that enjoys spending time caring for her fish and helping new betta keepers learn the ropes. The first step is curing the pork belly with a dry cure of salt, sugar, and pink salt (sodium nitrite). Over at MAKE, Shane Walton explains a neat technique for turning coins into beautiful rings.
Your old fashioned spud gun has got nothing on NightHawkinLight’s cheese ball automatic assault blower.

If you want to add some real firepower to your programming repertoire, learn Java–one of the most adaptable, widely-used programming platforms around.
Every company wants to harness the power of social media, but few understand how to make that happen. Anyway, and I had to say is I’ve made bacon from pork bellies so thick (Nieman Ranch) it took two or more applications of salt and pink salt to penetrate all the way through.
Ditto what everyone else said about the Rhulman book, it’s a superb resource and home cured meats are fun and delicious. The pancetta from the book is even easier, as it forgos the smoking process, and while not bacon does ensure a steady supply of pasta carbonnara in you dining life. If you have a Chinese populace, a Chinese butcher will sell pork belly at the same rate Burger King sells Whoppers.
You, Sir or Ma’am, are a bacon heretic and shall be the first against the wall when the bacolution comes.
I’ve used the Charcuterie instructions for making bacon, too (I use a Bradley smoker instead of the homemade dealie). I INVENTED SMOKING AND YOU SHALL BOW BEFORE ME or else I shall kick thee asses and weenies. Boing Boing uses cookies and analytics trackers, and is supported by advertising, merchandise sales and affiliate links. Any physical minor and major illness is the last visible stage of unbalanced energy originating in the subtle non visible vital, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Each treatment is an extremely subtle, gentle, pleasant experience with positive lasting repercussions on body, mind and spirit. Although its energy has yet to be measured, statistic studies on its efficacy has shown positive results and Reiki treatments are often offered by volunteer practitioners in Clinics and Hospitals as a Complementary Therapy for minor and major illnesses. It is related to a positive light emotion while its negative shadow emotion causes malfunction. After all, the visible light is only an extremely small part of the entire electromagnetic spectrum : power and telephone, radio waves (AM-TV-FM), radar, light waves (infra-red -visible light -ultraviolet), X rays, gamma rays, cosmic rays, existing constantly yet invisible to our physical eyes. From the videos the aura or biofield is shown to be constantly changing with our thoughts and emotions.
As humanity opens up to higher states of consciousness towards bliss, union, the whole, the One spirit in respect of every polarities and all truthful beliefs. Each video was simultaneously showing totally different truths of what was happening as its zoomed area was limited.
It is probably the number one most common betta ailment and chances are if you own bettas you will eventually deal with fin rot. It’s crucial that the betta not be exposed to any toxins while healing from the disease. It is prudent to keep your tank water clean when these minor injuries occur so as not to allow infections to develop. Clicking our referral button above means a portion of your purchase will go toward our site. The main purpose of the cure is to prevent any bacterial growth on the meat and draw out some water. In the past, a big life problem was finding ways to preserve meat for use long after it was killed. Instead of hammering the edge with a hammer, he suggests tapping it with a spoon… for hours. Michael Ruhlman’s excellent book Charcuterie which came out a couple years ago now played a big part in raising awareness that many delicious cured, pickled and otherwise preserved foods can be made safely and easily at home with fantastic results. It’s another surprisingly straightforward process, just sugar, salt, pepper and dill and a few days of flipping.

It is also correlated to other organs, elements, senses, colors, notes, mantras, sounds, nutrients, herbs, scents, essential oils, gems, planets, stars and states of consciousness.
Accessible to sensitives since ancient times but invisible to most of us, it is still considered a mystery. The reason we distinguish between the two is because the treatment for each can be quite different. Upon speculation of fin rot you should immediately check your water parameters to determine the origin.
New fin growth is very fragile and it’s not uncommon to have several relapses after healing begins. I recommend Mardel’s Maracyn-Two [Minocycline] or if quite severe you may want to use Kanacyn [Kanamiacyn] or an equivalent wide spectrum antibiotic. These medications are mostly antiseptics and may help fin regeneration after the bacterial infection has cleared but will do little to help initially. Because betta fins are so fragile, they easily snag on plastic plants or sharp rocks or driftwood. Anderson has written more than 125 books, including 52 national or international bestsellers.
With only this tool, Florida man Ryan Hein was able to reel in a 400-pound Goliath grouper while fishing in the St. My greatest bacon triumph was inventing truffle bacon by slathering a pork belly in white truffle oil during the curing process. Bacon or the duck proscuitto is literally easier than the simplest pie crust or baked good you can make. Oh, and about five days of freezing or the parasites will give you various stomach illnesses. It can be caused by elevated nitrate levels in cycled tanks and may be caused by fluctuating temperatures and pH levels as well. As mentioned before, all the antibiotics in the world won’t cure your betta if the cause is not corrected. If you notice a fish nipping your betta you should remove the fish or the bettas as soon as possible because nipped fins can become infected and treatment could become more complicated. Essentially, these toxins or fluctuations stress the betta, weakening his immune system, leaving him susceptible to bacterial infections. Pork belly was also the main ingredient of salt pork, a mainstay of the military diet for centuries. The ammonia and nitrite levels should be at 0 ppm [parts per million] and nitrate should be under 20 ppm, maximum.
He is a research director at Institute for the Future and editor-in-chief of Cool Tools and co-founder of Wink Books. There is only One simple truth but there are many truthful visions of it depending on oneE»s perspective or state of consciousness, that is energy waves, colors : the biofield, which is expressed in the physical body through its good function or malfunction.
The pH levels and water temperature should be stable with little or no fluctuation from the days before. Remember, toxins like ammonia and nitrite become exponentially more significant in alkaline water [pH above 7.0] and thus much more dangerous and likely to stress your betta.
Often plastic plants will cause fin loss so you may find better luck with silk or most live plants instead.

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