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I read that before too, i remember it being mentioned that amniotic fluid smells very very sweet.
Stop freaking out, it could be something simple like urine leak from pressure on your bladder when you sit.
I have much bigger spots than that in my underwear on a daily basis and had low fluid with DD, and I personally wouldn't worry if I were you (easier said than done).With DD, the week before I had to be induced due to low fluid, I told my doc that it felt like I had a constant leak -- very slow and not a lot. You would know if you were leaking amniotic fluid because it feels like you're peeing but you cant control it. Originally Posted by dustmalik If you are waiting for the OP to prove to you with a screenshot that he really has the OS, then no need.

Posted via CB10 using my Gorgeous Z30 Not seeking a screenshot of proof to be honest, as they already updated.
I spoke with BB support last week and they indicated to me that there would be an update this week to replace the pulled 3175 due to an issue that occurs on some devices when the battery is allowed to completely discharge. I called my Ob's office and they brought me in right away and did a quick amnio fluid test.
It's better to have gone and get sent home with a clean bill of health than wish you had gone later. The trick I learned in my birthing class and what I used to determine if my water broke with DS was to lay down flat and then stand up, if more comes out go to L&D.
Turned out to be nothing but when in doubt, call and describe your symptoms, if they're concerned they'll have you come in.

It doesn't sound like amniotic fluid, but check to be sure so you won't be on edge all weekend.
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