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Start your day off right with a glass of lukewarm purified water and half of a fresh lemon!
Whether you need a little energy boost, digestion healing, or want to prevent the signs of aging try this simple daily ritual. Alkalizes the Body: Lemons are acidic, however, once they are digested they become alkalizing in our body. Support Immune Health: Lemons have been used for centuries to cure many ailments  due to their antioxidant and anti-cancer properties. Clear Skin: Lemons contain vitamin C and other antioxidants which help to fight the damage caused by free radicals. Aids Digestion: Lemons support digestive hydrochloric acid in the stomach which aids digestion.
Promotes Healing: Lemons as we already contain vitamin C, which promotes wound healing and is essential in the maintenance of healthy bones, connective tissue and cartilage. Allergies: Lemons contain vitamin C, immune boosting antioxidants and the phytonutrient hesperetin, which all help to alleviate allergy symptoms.
Weight Loss: Lemons high concentration of pectin fibre help to reduce hunger cravings and also help to improve digestion. Did you know that a lemon should be your best friend if you want to lose weight or maintain healthy weight easier? A lot of studies show that lemons are very effective in improving digestion and regulating the absorption of sugars by your body.
It’s really fascinating for me how such a simple thing as a lemon can be so effective in helping you to lose extra weight by regulating your metabolism and sugar absorption.

Lemons Lowers Absorption of Sugars by your body: It has been proven that one little lemon can lower the absorption of sugars from the food because of its high acidic content. If you also eat some lemon peels with the juice(you can blend it to your lemon water) this will help you lose even more weight as lemon peels has pectin that becomes a gel forming substance in your stomach that reduces sugar absorption even more. Help to absorb calcium: Lemons accentuate the acidity of your stomach that helps to absorb more calcium from the food you eat that will be stored in your fat cells.
It seems very easy and simple but you wouldn’t believe how much better you are going to  feel and look! Side Note: I also noticed that my hunger went down A LOT since I started to drink a lot of lemon water.
I have recently started sipping lemon water through out the day and am enjoying the refreshing taste of this beneficial drink. Environmental toxins and UV exposure can cause us to age prematurely, antioxidants can offset this damage and minimize the signs of aging. It also helps the liver to produce bile, which is an acid that is needed for proper digestion.
It helps the body regulate the absorption of sugar and regulate its metabolism, in a way that helps to shed those extra pounds.
It’s also proven that vitamin C(lemon has a lot of it) is very important for you if you want to lose weight because vitamin C helps your body to absorb calcium into fat cells which helps you to lose weight faster!
And it has been proven that the more calcium your fat cells have the easier it is to burn those fat cells!
Water with lemon produces a clean energy which hydrates and oxygenates the cells of the body to energize us and give us mental clarity.

Lemons are used to fight off infections, decrease inflammation, help treat asthma and other respiratory symptoms. Lemon water helps to purge toxins from the blood, this helps keep the skin clear of blemishes and acne.
Again vitamin C comes it to play and helps the body absorb calcium into the fat cells, which is another helper in weight loss. Lemons are very rich in citric acid, when you drink a glass of water with lemon juice in it first thing in the morning, you give your stomach natural digestive aid. After sleeping all night our bodies need to be rehydrated, coffee does the opposite by depleting the body of water and essential minerals and electrolytes. It can contribute to every major disease process, which is why it is so important to increase the alkalinity of the body. Their antimicrobial properties, due to the saponins they contain, help to keep colds and flu away. The acid in lemons interacts with acids and enzymes in your stomach and gives you problem free digestion and easy elimination that means: easy weigh loss! Lemons also help iron absorption in the body, which plays a major role in immune function health.

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