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Blog Archives - For Long, Healthy Natural Kinky and Curly Hair - Your Dry Hair Days Are Over! This is obviously a very large topic but I will try to give my top tips on managing children's hair. I'm black (obviously) my husband is white; my brother is also married to a white woman so I am all for mixing of the races. Although it was lighter it was quite cumbersome to carry and the only place it felt comfortable was on my head.
Now that I'm natural and only apply products that won't hurt my hair some pre-planning comes in useful. It allowed a wash and goThe main benefits is that it allowed me to wash and go without twisting or plaiting my hair. Normally I don't do this because my hair shrinks to much make it much harder to handle on day two.Importantly keep in mind that KCCC does NOT change your curl pattern.
Some people twist their hair into four sections at night and put a plastic bag over the hair ends to help condition them.

Because of this I have noted that my white family shampoo their hair and they frequently don't add anything to their hair after nor do they even use conditioner.
My hair at the back is wavy not curly that's why you may have noticed the hair flopping into my neck whilst the hair at the front stands upright.I get A LOT of email from people complaining that their hair is not developing a good curl pattern. Dries fast and doesn't leave residueI like that it dried reasonably fast without leaving white residues.2.
Will you be swimming and therefore immersing your hair in salty or chlorinated water regularly? Add a moisturiser to the hair regularlyI have noticed that my sister-in-law actually uses some kind of non-greasy "hair oil" at times. Our hair doesn't have the same silky feel that white hair does; it feels like an exquisite cotton or wool. If there is too much oil on your hands then you should probably use a little less product.4. How to style the hairI know some people still look upon the afro as messy but it's okay to have afro hair.

I have type 4C hair on most of my head and it doesn't take to curling very well so I prefer to wear it in an afro with scarves, hairbands and flowers to make it look nice. I accept and love my hair as it is but even some of my black friends will call it messy. It's so hard to comb though?!When I started taking of natural hair I realised that the combing thing wasn't so necessary!
Moisturise with water and a leave in conditioner before combing.Tired of combing and hair management? If you like the afro look then leave it like that! However, you can buy yourself a break from hair management by getting your child in cornrows or other plaits.

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