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N: Yes, my child, for this is how you cement your confirmation, how you can best convey my thoughts to others, and how you can reflect upon them in the future. To those parts of the universe which lack awareness of my presence, I send my emmisaries to redress the balance and to increase awareness. Your experience of OUR LOVE and BEING ONE with us will allow you to POUR MORE LOVE ONTO YOUR FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS. Our invitation is that you start to do this more consciously and with greater intent, as this will serve you personally and us all. By a€?positiona€? I mean their viewpoint, their state of mind, their perspectives or their position within a relationship or a society. Beloved Children of mine, for my children you are, and precious in my eyes, though my eyes extend far beyond the surface of your small planet and the happenings thereupon.
You perceive of your lives and structures, your waking and your sleeping, as separate boxes, with orderly progression from one to another.
There are those of you who continually triumph, dear ones, who perceive themselves as warriors, leaders or champions, followed by foot-soldiers or minions. When you have the intent to a€?cuta€?, TO MOVE FORWARD WITH FORCE, NO MATTER WHAT THE CONSEQUENCES, DUE TO RIDGID CONVICTIONS SELECTED AND STRENGTHENED OVER DECADES, YOU ARE NOT WALKING MY PATH. When you walk with me, you do not forge blindly ahead with your sword, in great public shows of bravery. Imagine this world of light, dear ones, and put your hand in mine, for this is the path we travel together on our holy journey. N: The spirit of the Great Mother greets you most tenderly, including all those and ESPECIALLY those who sink into depression and acute disappointment at this time.
At the same time, REMEMBER YOUR POSITION AS RESPONSIBLE ADULTS, WITH THE INTENTION TO IMPROVE THIS WORLD FOR THE BETTER THROUGH YOUR ACTIONS. For those of you who do not understand the meaning of these words immediately, sit in stillness and contemplate where you are going in life and what is your ultimate aim. It is not a question a€“ as so many people have discussed during the END OF THE WORLD ILLUSION a€“ of where or when the darkness will come.
As I have stated before, and as I state again with love in my heart: put your hand in mine and we will travel this road together. Do you remember, Beloved Children, the feeling of utter calm and relaxation which soaks into every pore of your body when you float in warm water? Do you remember watching the effortless flight and listening to the birdsong of larks as they dive through the air, while you are weighted to the ground?
Do you remember the warmth and nurturing love which you received at your mothera€™s breast, or the comfort you received from a dear one?
THIS COMFORT, THIS LOVE DO I EMBODY AND PLEDGE TO YOU ETERNALLY, SO THAT YOU MAY FORWARD THIS GENTLENESS AND BOUNDLESS LOVE TO OTHERS AND TO YOURSELF, FOR YOU ARE YOUR OWN CHILD, TO LOVE WITH EVERY BREATH. Whenever you stand in the half-light, on the cusp of leaving familiar comfort behind, when the cold wind blows on your naked shoulders, when no-one else but I, your spiritual mother, can see the troubles in your mind, then I will appear and bless this, your new start towards paradise.
I will renew you, I will rebirth you, for I AM THE GREAT MOTHER WHO KNOWS HOW TO INSPIRE HER CHILDREN.
Dear Children on Earth; your mother Nebadonia speaks gently to you, yet clearly and firmly to you, because her heart is full in anticipation of her fledglings LEAVING THE NEST and approaching spiritual adulthood. Now is a time when the words FREQUENCY, VIBRATION and HARMONY will be in the mouths of many. It is also the great and glorious new part of your eartha€™s history where BALANCE and the resulting HARMONY shall flourish. Meanwhile, regard, children of mine incarnated in female forms, the way you may step in at just the right time, intuitively finding the right chords to enhance, deepen and complement the brilliant right hand tune, enabling radical changes of mood from major to minor (though the tune remain unchanged), providing a rich tapestry of sound against which the leading voice can perform, on which it can rely for support, without which it would lose balance, in the same way which the left hand accompanies the right hand of a piano piece. Let it be known that the COMPLETE BALANCE OF MALE AND FEMALE ENERGY, WHETHER BETWEEN MEN AND WOMEN OR WHETHER BETWEEN THE MALE AND FEMALE POLES WITHIN OURSELVES, IS ESSENTIAL FOR EFFECTING HARMONY IN YOUR WOLRD. Come bathe in my still blue light where the tensions of your mind can be released into the flow, when pin-pricks of intense pain can spread and dissipate, diluted by my love. If you touch one single particle in this blue light of ONENESS, you will touch EVERYTHING SIMULTANEOULSY. Close your eyes and imagine yourselves as part of this, dearest children; a priceless, unique and eternal part of ALL THAT IS, imbued with the same DEGREE OF DIVINTY AS ALL THE REST. If you move, when you are in my still blue waters, you are pulling the STRINGS OF THE UNIVERSE with you. So enter the light and experience YOURSELF AS OTHERS, AND OTHERS AS YOURSELF, UNTIL YOU REALISE THAT THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN YOU, and until you realise that together YOU CAN CHOOSE TO CREATE PARADISE. I have come to tell you that all goodbyes and separations are merely temporary, beloved children, as you are all on the same upward journey. And so I repeat: all farewells are temporary, all contacts are binding, all progress eternal. Your loving Mother, Nebadonia, supporting you together with your loving Father, Christ Michael of Nebadon.
Cherished Children on Earth: it is with alternating wonder and concern that we in the celestial realms regard you as you toil up mountains and surmount barriers of your own creating. We will not stipulate your decisions, but we will put up signs along the way which you may regard or disregard at your leisure, and which may spring out at you in moments of uncertainty. The positive side of being uncertain, even for one split second, is that you may return to an increased state of confidence. And when this has been achieved, you will have attained the certainty of knowing that you are under our continual observance and in our ETERNAL EMBRACE AND PRESENCE. This reward of perfect poise, as you stand on the very pinnacle of the holy mountain, can be observed by all those who are lost in fear in the valleys of no horizon. I AM your shield when you stand alone, when arrows of noise pierce the silence that you crave. Let your life be ruled by good intent, manifested for all to see, and serve continuously in my name. As your mother in all things, know that YOU MY CHILDREN are fed continuously and without exception with the pure and steady flow of eternal love.
For love is a superlative which defies description, and your language does not have the ability to fully capture it. Your gaze wanders over your inner landscape, which nothing outside of you can penetrate, searching for the source of all this wonder. Retain this beautiful natural garden in your mind as you progress through your day, as you move through the clouds of darkness, the density of corruption, the noise and destruction, for the POWER OF YOU will shine through, dissolving the darkness. And thus I will continue to pour water on your meadows, as constant sustenance, so that your water will never run dry, so that your service may be constant, so that you may be fulfilled and whole, so that you may illuminate EVERYTHING. For this we pray, in you we place our hope, in this we place our support until ALL IS PEACE. Mother Nebadonia through Rosie, 1st July 2013a€?a€?The adventure of your earthly journey lies in the fact that you are a self-steering ship, sailing under your own steam through uncharted waters. We send a tide or two, a storm or two, a wind or two lest you stray from the divine path, to guide you on your journey. If you stretch out your hand to take mine, you will be surrounded by my unconditional LOVE FOR YOU. But even if you have caught but a fleeting glimpse of this, just a crack of light in the darkness, then HOLD ONTO THIS AS TIGHTLY AS YOU CAN, FOR THIS IS OUR PLEDGE OF LOVE TO YOU. Those who have brushed with the light, who have caught a glimpse of paradise, who have exchanged just one glance of unconditional love, are changed forever. May the sparks of ecstasy you have experienced light the inner fires of those whose access to a more spiritual way of living has so far been limited. When you learn to walk with care and to observe minutely, a shrivelled leaf which falls into your hands will open up vistas of enormous proportions; you will instantly envisage the leaf as once green and luscious, uncurling in tiny tendrills, stretching its delicate fingers towards the sun. Those who have not learnt to see with spiritual eyes, however, will simply see a shrivelled leaf. We place many such signs and mirrors in front of you, especially in times such as this where chaos, frustration and lack of transparency is at its peak. If you are alert and discover these mirrors and their messages, you will be greatly blessed, as your clear picture of your world will help to guide others who sit, perplexed, on the garden bench, twisting the dead leaf in their fingers and brooding on the cold of winter. You find yourselves in astonishing times, Beloveds, if you keep your eyes open for the small signs we bestow upon you, as tokens and representatives of the enormous transformations to come. Mother Nebadonia through Rosie, 22nd September 2013a€?a€?Dearest children of mine who live on earth, an outpost in our universe in both the physical and spiritual sense. Today I wish to draw your attention to the HARD CIRCUITS upon which you find yourselves, circling endlessly in the same direction, without deviation to right or left, without questioning your route, not realising that you have covered this part of the track before, continuing to follow the course set by one impulse which was determined by one THOUGHT OR DECISION OF FINALITY, which you have followed blindly ever since.
Remember the softness of a mothera€™s arms when I a€“ your spiritual mother a€“ say BE SOFT, BE PLIABLE AND RID YOURSELVES OF THE HARD CASINGS, THE CONVICTION THAT YOU ARE RIGHT, THAT THIS OR THAT IS INDISPUTABLE, THAT THIS OR THAT IS TO BE AVOIDED OR TO BE CLUNG TO AT ALL COSTS. This we do not wish on you, our creations, so REMEMBER THE SOFTNESS AND EMULATE IT, releasing the hard scales from your eyes so that you will have enough strength left to EMBRACE THOSE WHO FALL, flooding them with love, as we do also in this attempt to waken you before the bell tolls. All products manufactured by V MOSA are very focused on the functional and healthcare issues, from its softness and level of comfort, liquid absorption and liquid retention function, permeability and dryness, even to the extend to make the sanitary napkin and diaper product an all round functional from protection to health excellence. On sanitary napkin, the negative ion can increase the oxygen volume in the air and oxygen is also able to kill the harmful anaerobic bacteria and helps to activate cells, nano-silver is able to kill bacteria, antibacterial, reduce odor and reduce vaginal discharge. On diapers, it can help to kill bacteria, antibacterial, odor reduction, increase oxygen absorption on the skin surface, prevent eczema, promote blood circulation. Ladies, buying tampons might be a little less expensive soon, which will make getting your period just a little more tolerable. Illinois lawmaker Melinda Bush wants to eliminate the state sales tax on feminine hygiene products which include pads, tampons and incontinence products.
Hopefully, they make a better decision that the ALL-MALE (how is that fair) committee in Utah that reviewed and denied it earlier this year!

If the law passes, Illinois will join states Pennsylvania and Minnesota who have already eliminated the taxes.
Lizzy’s passions have always included music, pop culture and Britney Spears… not necessarily in that order.
In your world it is so normal to bend to the authority of a male voice, and to bow before your vision of a male creator. That there are realms far and beyond this, involving a rich tapestry of experience, is presently considered ridiculous by the majority of present inhabitants. And so we invite you to search us out, ask for help and for pointers so that your lives are fulfilled on many levels. You a€“ different parts of you - are in different cars on many levels, all searching for the space which is perfect for you and your physical vehicle. Remember that there are always inner connections of which you are not entirely aware and which await your discovery.
Those who are on my frequency and who are aligned with THE DIVINE FEMININE are spread throughout as anchors, like bright stars in a dark sky, to provide ORIENTATION, in the same way that the stars have often served you. A NEW VIEW on all issues can be gained from looking from a point of INFINITE GENTLENESS, COMPASSION, INTUITION AND FLEXIBILITY.
They extend to all my creations a€“ my co-creations with my partner representing the father spirit, the one many of you call GOD.
My awareness encompasses also the creations of others, knowing that these are a€“ by devise of ONENESS a€“ also mine. I would encourage you to think of these of circles within circles which often overlap or complement each other. You can walk down a path through the meadow at a rapid pace, because the day is hot and because you wish to throw yourself into the lake at the end of the path for relief.
Instead, you very gently take my hand, and put your other hand on your heart, sensing what is captive there, sensing what emotion of feeling must still come out if you are to express yourself freely, so that we can communicate easily, so that we can align on the same wave-length, so that we can atune to each other, so that there is no reason for separation, so that we can walk simultaneously and in synchronicity IN STEP WITH EACH OTHER TO AN AGREED DESTINATION.
It is a world where acute sensitivity to the needs of others and self rules, where each emotion is given room, where all hesitate and reflect inwardly before voicing criticism, where everyone is included and no-one overlooked. So many people have used their mental capacities to determine END OF THE WORLD scenarios of all descriptions, which have turned out to be hollow and futile, and now there is the possibility of a shift towards using other tools to access knowledge, like following intuition and answers received during periods of stillness or meditation.
Let me take you in my arms and rock you tenderly as if you have returned to the state of childhood, where nothing matters but the warmth of your mothera€™s breast and love, a place where THINKING IS SUPERFLUOUS, where you INSTINCTIVELY TURN TO THE SOURCE OF LOVE SO THAT YOU CAN BE NURTURED BY THIS SOURCE.
May you drop onto your knees in gratitude at the beauteous sight of a glorious meadow of flowers, where the beauty of one tiny flower is multiplied a thousand fold.
Imagine how it is to look through the eyes of a child, to instinctively move towards that which is attractive and interesting, to explore uncovered ground, to experience the exhilaration of movement on a swing or roundabout, to taste new fruits and to SMILE instinctively at all who offer you love. Observe them well, and note how their reactions and enthusiasm delight you, humble you, and REMIND YOU OF HOW YOU ONCE WERE. You will come to realise that it will not benefit you to visualise a linear progression of yourself as a particle moving along a road through time, with a specific goal in mind which your REASONING has determined. When you hear the word a€?mothera€?, it conjures up an image of your mortal parent who cared for you when you were a small child. I am not your mortal mother a€“ a soul you chose to share a certain part of your life with, in mutual agreement.
Regard, oh children of mine incarnated in male bodies, the way you may tend to take the lead, to initiate the beginnings and determine the ends, while acting brilliantly and speedily inbetween, as in a piano piece where the right hand plays the leading tune.
If you look hard enough, you will always find something to divide you, and if you look hard enough, you will always find something to reunite you. AS you achieve increasing balance and stability as individuals, armed conflicts involving great loss of life will diminish to smaller fights, which will diminish into verbal disagreements, which will diminish into internal disagreements contained within oneself, and worked out within oneself, which will eventually dissolve in the sea of universal understanding.
On these tortuous paths and windings, reversing with each hurried and uncommunicated decision, we survey you walking separately and in disharmony.
We advise you to continue walking, dear children, observing your progress carefully so that you may ever serve as a leader for those behind you. May you be open to my love so that you may open the hearts of others, so that you may push away the clouds, so that all may bask in the warmth of my arms, encircled in my embrace. Anything less than this, which fails to be of the highest possible quality and concentration, IS BUT A SHADOW OF LOVE.
It acts unabated in every cell in existence, exhibiting as life-force energising in accordance with the divine blue-print in every living being.
Receive this overflow with open hearts, and know of the great love I send to you for your benefit and empowerment and progression. When your gaze passes through your skin, you realise that a verdant landscape fills your body cavity. And here you will find me in the guise of water, flowing in gentle rivulets through emerald hills. The closer you carry this vision in your hearts, the more intensely will you radiate LOVE, dispelling fear and sadness. Pink petals may lie on the water, indicating land, and feathers may float, signifying life, but the horizon seems empty.
You are clearly seen from above, little ones, as you bob and balance on the waves, as you struggle against the winds or attempt to assess the tides. Do not observe with prolonged regret the white surf in your wake which disappears behind you.
But know that we are there to help you on your travels and to guide you safely into our arms. This means that you are treasured, respected, protected and utterly cherished, irrespective of your fears, uncertainties, erroneous ways, inflexible thought patterns, or any other a€?negative traitsa€? perceived by yourself or others. Perhaps you may catch a breath of it when you are mesmerised by the effortless flight of the butterfly, or when you are in ecstasy over the fragility of its wing. May it ever shine as you move, slowly but surely, onto a greater stage where you are required to light the path for others a€“ until all bathe in this high level frequency.
Consider a mirror: it is capable of reflecting truth or reality to you, even if you cannot see the object it is reflecting. A new cycle starts, Beloveds, and the peak of pain is reaching culmination, paving the way for the swift downhill ride to the opposite and composite side of the picture a€“ the view of eternal abundance as opposed to the supposed finality of death, the completion of a circle as opposed to the abrupt cessation of linear progression.
The backwaters of a history unknown to yourselves wash over you, preventing you from recognising your true roots and your true potential. It is time to question the physical and thought paths you are taking, dear children, for you have been treading them diligently and obediently and innocently (yet with devastating results if you survey your world today) for so very long.
Your mode of thinking a€“ and especially your repetitive and enclosed thinking patterns are BRITTLE TO BREAKING POINT and require increasing effort to uphold.
Our product is made of imported high quality raw materials and with mixing a variety of functions for core stripe, such as: negative ions, far infrared ray, charcoal, chitin, magnetic, germanium stone, nano-silver and etc. Should there be a feminine hygiene tax or do women go through enough every month without paying extra for things they actually need? I say SEEMINGLY as my words are words of LOVE IMPRINTED ON YOUR SOUL, PERVADING ALL YOUR BODIES SEEN AND UNSEEN, PHYSICAL AND ETHEREAL. I am the a€?femalea€? counterpart of that Creator, permeating a€?hima€? also, being an intricate and indispensable part of a€?hima€? also, to produce the perfect balance and blend. For this will bring you gifts and experiences which embellish and heighten your experiences on the physical plane. Turn your humdrum lives into lives of adventure, and your journeys through different realms and the fusions and relationships which you form with other beings will strengthen you, teach you the GREAT JOY, GREAT LOVE AND GREAT COMPASSION WHICH YOUR EARTH TODAY SO DESPERATELY REQUIRES.
If you are lost, you can NAVIGATE by the stars and REFIND YOUR POSITION, and in this case, those who carry the divine feminine light are beacons and way showers, allowing those who stray in the dark to REALIGN OR REASSESS THEIR POSITION. It is my design to extend YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS, growing in multi-layered and multi-dimensional directions, as opposed to growing in one linear direction, which is what you generally perceive as the time-line, starting at birth and finishing at death.
I am here to assist you with the PUSHING AWAY OF THESE SEEMINGLY SOLID WALLS TO REVEAL NEW REALITIES. In the literal sense, it means responding from a heart level, even if the mind interferes and discusses and argues and revolts.
Or you can tread slowly, pausing here and there, open for the message of each flower, aware of the perfect curve of each petal and of the process which birthed it into being, aware of the primeval forest this once used to be, where the same flowers grew, aware of the people who left their energy imprint on this very same ground centuries ago, placing your foot into their footprints.
Take an idea, or a situation, or another person, or a relationship, or YOURSELF, which appears to be limited or causing you concern. All breathe in, drawing in light from the other spheres in the infinite space, and all breathe out, spreading their own accumulated light, in constant pulsation.
It is a world of absolute gentleness and tenderness, where it is normal and natural to embrace a stranger through the intrinsic knowledge that this is NOT A STRANGER BUT YOUR BROTHER.
It is as if the tools of intellect have failed, and that the tools of the heart are taking overa€¦. May you all return to this state of natural innocence and friendliness which has been TRAINED OUT OF YOU over the years through structures, concepts and fears of your own making, and let us now MOVE FOWARD TOGETHER TO HERALD THE NEW ERA OF THE DIVINE MOTHER, REINSTATED IN HER CORRECT POSITION AT THE SIDE OF THE DIVINE FATHER, RECOGNISED AS ONE COMPOSITE DIVINE ENTITY. Leave your reason out of the equation and see your journey as a network, with yourself sometimes at the centre, sometimes at the edge, or somewhere inbetween, but always putting your hand on your heart before taking your next step sideways, upwards or downwards, and always stepping to THE PLACE WHERE YOUR LOVE AND LIGHT CAN LIGHT THE DARKNESS MOST. Later on, you grew independent of her and moved independently of her, although she may still have influenced your moves and supported you with her love. I am your MOTHER IN SPIRIT, A SPIRITUAL PARENT WHO NEVER DEPARTS, WHO ALWAYS SURVEYS HER CHILDREN THROUGHOUT THE VAST EXPANSES OF TIME AND SPACE.
It will not be a case of grouping into different social classes or income groups or religions, as is presently the case, but of grouping into the same WAVELENGTH OF HEART CAPACITY. Your spiritual mother a€“ I, Nebadonia a€“ am here to support you when you find yourself tipping too close to the edge. All a€?solidsa€? will join to form indefinite amounts of liquids and gases whose particles are constantly on the move and interweaving with each other.

If you send out a signal of distress or fear, or distrust, or love, everything in the UNIVERSE will receive YOUR MESSAGE, as you will receive theirs. Thus the sadness of departure, followed by the joy of reunion will be a continuous part of your experience along your journey to PARADISE, until there is learning on your part which makes this movement of drawing away and moving closer together again SUPERFLUOUS, THEN YOU WILL BE LIVING IN A CONSTANT AND CONTINUOUS STREAM OF BLISS AND UNITY. This is the state of a€?light and lifea€?, the inevitable outcome of a long history of conflict on your planet. Know that wherever you walk, and whatever choices you make at the crossroads, you are in our eternal embrace.
To fall and to continue, to fall apart and then reunite, to break and then to join, to despair and then to understand are all steps on the journey upwards to perfect poise, confidence, ability to judge and the emotional balance which is the prize of ascent. You will lift your face towards ours, and this light will illuminate your path, throwing all shadows behind you.
I sit behind you when you are vulnerable, when you look forward but cannot move forward in accordance with your hearta€™s desire.
Whenever and wherever these manifest in your thoughts or bodies, seek to dissolve and eliminate them so that the golden energy of love can flow and restore you. May you be initiated by me to CARRY ON THIS STATE OF DIVINE BEING in order to guide others on their way to becoming the same LIGHT. The narrow paths through meadows are bordered by plants of such brilliance and variety a€“ each one unique a€“ that you hardly know where to look first. Still, you KNOW that something lies beyond, something as yet inconceivable, something to steer for, something which inspires the imagination and stirs the heart. You can orientate yourselves by regarding the sky above a€“ on a physical level by the stars and on a spiritual level by the divine beings who compass your travels and send obstacles to divert you from disaster. For to linger too long on the decks of the past prevents sightings on the horizon before you. Perhaps you sense it as the wind passes gently through your hair or as the sun falls upon your shoulders.
May your intrinsic knowledge of the existence of our unconditional love for you inspire you to fly your banner and move forward with the greatest sensitivity to those who will require your help, who will cry in desperation, who will not know where to turn, who will not a€“ initially a€“ be equipped to deal with this new level of emotional pain, whose lives are literally falling apart.
You will see not only one leaf, but a thousand such leaves on the same tree, and you will see not just one tree but millions of trees, not just on this planet but on millions of planets. Perhaps they will grudgingly sweep the leaves up, considering them a burden to be disposed of. This residue has clouded your vision of the present and has limited the perspective of what you name THE FUTURE, and which we would prefer to call THE EVENTS AND CIRCUMSTANCES WHICH YOU INTEND TO CREATE.
Like mice running in circles, you trace and retrace known ground, not venturing into new realms, afraid of the new and of all that which is presently beyond your experience and comprehension and imagination.
As more and more is revealed which is CONTRARY to your belief systems, you will need more and more strength to defend your views, causing complete exhaustion so that in the end, you will fall to the ground. It cannot be documented for the incredulous ones among you, except in the way you now write, to preserve and show our thoughts and inclinations, and except our interactions with you who are prepared to enter into new realms without blocking off possibilities which seem impossible or dangerous or threatening to you. And when you are tired of driving and searching, you park your physical vehicle a€“ your body, usually at night.
On another level, this means opening up to INTUITION, opening up from POSSIBILITIES to BOUNDLESSNESS, opening up to the SYCHRONICITY DEVISED BY DIVINE HAND, opening up to the existence of other unseen realms and stages where helpers are only too eager to come out from behind the curtains and interact with you.
And when you raise your foot again, be aware of the grass which has been pressed down and which, just seconds after you pass, starts to move back upwards into a vertical position, stretching towards the light again. It is a world where you look at the stars and greet all those brothers and sisters far away, knowing you will be reunited with them one day.
May you wonder at the huge variety of creatures of all shapes and sizes which are to be found in this world and which I and my consort HAVE CREATED, AS WE CREATED YOU, OUR MUCH LOVED CHILDREN. Eventually, like every soul sojourning in a physical body, she will move on into a new realm through the door of what you term a€?deatha€?, and which we term a€?lifea€?. If your consideration for others is scarce, then you will find yourself EXPERIENCING this lower level of consideration at the hands of others.
Call upon me, and whatever the pain, know that the balance can be redressed THROUGH YOUR OWN LEARNING PROCESS, AND THAT THE DESCENT INTO DESPAIR REVEALS THE OPPORTUNITY TO SOAR TOWARDS GREAT JOY. I AM the endless bird-song which delights your ears and which continues through all stress and conflict. If the issuing of it is dependent on response or condition or certain behaviour in the one on whom it is to be bestowed, THEN IT IS NOT LOVE. And when you are WHOLE, with all circuits completely freed, then you may act as a a€?love transmittera€? for others, assisting them to reduce their blockages. In this, you will be fulfilling your true purpose a€“ to uplift others through your brilliance and example.
And when you see a thin green line, as an oasis in the desert, you cannot be sure what it is. Do not storm ahead, standing proudly at the prow of your ship, neglecting to turn around and consider your crew members. Include ALL in your thoughts and considerations, and know that your thoughts travel much further than this perimeter. Or perhaps these moments of almost breathless stillness and reverence and wonder are so very rare in your own lives. You will be aware of the WHOLE UNIVERSE OF RISING SAP, OF LIFE STRETCHING FORTH TO FULFIL ITS DIVINE CODE, WHICH IS TO LIVE AND REBIRTH IN ENDLESS CYCLES. They are unaware that a single dry leaf can present them with a symbol or microcosm of the universe.
We place signs at blind corners also, dearest children, for it is our greatest wish that you begin to see what serves you and what serves your communities.
Most of you who do actually venture beyond soon pull back out of fright or due to threats issued or due to the inability to move as a sovereign entity through constant flux and constant change. You may fear that you may become someone who is not a€?groundeda€? and who can longer be taken seriously.
If you can WALK LIKE THIS, CARRYING CONSCIOUSNESS OF ALL CAUSES AND CONSEQUENCES OF EVERY STEP YOU TAKE, THEN YOU WILL a€?ENTER THE KINGDOMa€? a€“ the place of deep and holy serenity, of joy and responsibility, your spiritual centre which radiates love and which cannot do harm.
They become almost transparent and porous in the sense that they can move through each othera€™s skins. It is time to resume responsibility and walk in adult shoes, realising that you have in fact been partaking in the a€?adulta€? game all along, while adopting a child-like stance. And if you offer a warm and joyful and open heart to all who cross your path, you will receive similar welcomes along your journey.
ASK ALWAYS HOW RELATIONSHIPS CAN BE IMPROVED AND HOW THE QUALITY OF YOUR EXCHANGES a€“ ON WHATEVER LEVEL a€“ CAN BE IMPROVED. If it is dispensed in small quantities here and there, if it is regulated or a€?shared outa€? in a discriminatory way, IT IS NOT LOVE. Each bloom has extended according to intricate design, just as each plan executed to perfection will bring glory and beauty if sprouting from a seed in accordance with Divine Law.
If you see flowers drooping their heads in weakness or resignation, call upon me to answer their thirst.
You may take on their fear or not, but from this point you take your life into your own hands. Instead, take turns periodically to survey, assess, retrieve, repossess, discard or disregard, always RETURNING TO THE STEERING WHEEL TO ADJUST YOUR COURSE. I watch your footsteps as a child, when you stop to investigate every stone and flower, and I watch your footsteps as an adult, travelling the road from dependence to independence, always holding the keys to your own destiny. They may be distraught also, for one taste of this elixir may enhance their distaste for all else. Thus can a smaller sphere rest in the middle of a large one, inspiring each other, lighting each othera€™s way, and creating new light jointly.
BE LOVE TO EACH OTHER, ALWAYS BALANCING AND RE-BALANCING AFTER EACH NEW EXPEREINCE AND DEVELOPMENT. Hold this my promise in your hearts, even as the walls crumble around you, for you will witness the SHINING NEW DAY.
I AM the source of replenishment which never ends, so DRINK OF MY WATERS and hear my constant words of love. Does the sun ask for recognition or admiration or ability to receive or feedback before he decides to cause warmth on the surface of the earth? Here you can see the full fruition of your hopes and joys, your strivings for harmony and peace, your yearnings for communion with like souls, your return to the state of complete silence, perfect poise and stainless purity. You will see not only one cycle of rebirth but MYRIAD CYCLES THROUGH ETERNITY, all within each other, all relating to each other, all revolving and involving all.
Thus YOU rest in my sphere always, and thus we ALL rest within the greater light chambers of the ULTIMATE DIVINE CREATOR SOURCE.
You are all included in our eternal celestial love, and you will all meet at the same destination. If it is given with the feeling that something in yourselves has been lost, IT IS NOT LOVE. And if the soil is overworked, exhausted or infertile, call upon me to replenish and rain upon your mental landscape, and I will sooth your troubled mind.
And still you approach it with hope, envisaging an island of roses populated by beautiful birds. Every corner, angle, aspect or vestige of the situation or person is NOW ON THE OUTSIDE, IN CONTACT WITH SPACE, IN CONTACT WITH INFINITY AND INFINITE EXPANSION.

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