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Advertisers waged war on everything from feminine odor, bad breath, sweating, unmanicured fingernails, obesity, etc, positioning their products as the cures for these problems. The rise of Hollywood in the 1920s gave advertisers the perfect medium to market their products to an unsuspecting consumer. The 1920s economy became reliant on these advertisements, articles and movies to promote the theme of the day. They did this by preying upon peoples' emotions, mainly the dichotomy between fear and happiness.
These 1920s advertisements were not only focused on women, bald men, overweight men, hairy men couldn't escape the focus of the advertisers. To do this, Hollywood had to create the impression of "the perfect woman" and "the perfect man." They had to convince the public that their "possessions" mattered, and the illusion was, the more stuff the modern consumer possessed the closer they could perceive themselves to their ideal image of beauty or happiness. Bigger breasts, smaller waists, bigger boobs, more beautiful face, yep, there's a product for that.
But this fundamentally shifted the way people defined what it meant to be a woman, or man in society.

Modern ad companies realized, that everyone has insecurities that can be sold to, you just have to find the right angle to focus your lens. The 1920s economy was dependent on the public's needs and wants, as one advertiser said, "Without imagination, no wants. As you know, the 1920s economy was about "more." Women wanted to be "more" beautiful, like the leading ladies they saw prancing about on the Silver Screen. Fashion, cosmetics, diet pills (some people even went as far as to do the infamous 1920s tapeworm diet). No longer was it okay to be yourself, you had to buy your way into being a "better version" of you. The 1920s economy was all about prying the right emotional lever to elicit the right response.
Without wants, no demand to have them supplied." The movies provided the perfect canvas to make people want beauty. Slender bodies became the new standard of appearance, this was reinforced by the fashions of the day.

Of course this is still true today, although advertisers have perfected the psychology of selling to the point that everything we think has a sales message attached to it. Beauty in looks, body, fashion; people wanted what the stars drank, smoked, chemicals they put on their face, how they cut their hair.
No longer were women cramming their large butts and boobs into corsets and cinching their waists. But they were buying products they could use discreetly at home, rubber garments like "Chin Reducers," "Frown Eradicators," "Neck Reducers," designed to make people perspire at the "problem area." Everything from food, to creams, to soaps, gum, and vibrators were marketed as solutions to America's new weight problem.

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