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This is by far one of the best products I've ever used, I have a bad foul odour down there which got me REEAAALLLYY embarrassed and I tried everything, garlic, tea tree oil, just rinsing with warm water, yeah none of that worked, I found summers eve delicate and fell in love, my ph balance in right back where it should be and everything smells AMAZING so I don't have to worry about any fishy smells down there!! Why isn’t there a tamper-resistant seal on my Summer’s Eve Cleansing Wash bottle? Lactacyd provides a delicate cleansing action with natural deodorizing effect so gentle it can be safely used daily. Lactacyd maintains the natural acidic pH and protects you from harmful organisms that may cause inflamation, itching, and unpleasant odor. For cleansing, refreshing and for an all day feeling of protection and confidence, use Lactacyd everyday.

Simply wet the area, pour a small amount of cleansing wash onto your hand or washcloth, apply and rinse. Summer’s Eve does not use harsh soaps, alcohols or other ingredients that can cause irritation. We have taken significant internal procedural steps to produce and check our products to ensure the highest quality standards. Just think about it, the skin on your elbow is different from the skin around your vagina, and if you had the option of using a wash that caters to your most sensitive areas, you probably would. All are gentle, hypoallergenic, gynecologist-tested and specifically formulated for your vaginal area.

Now I can ditch the body soaps and use an "non-soap" feminine washing gel to cleanse my V area. It contains Red 33 (a lot of them have Red 33), and if I were to use that, my lady parts would break out in hives from my red dye allergies.
It even gives you a light fresh scent in that area, making smell like a flower (kinda lol) Plus I feel so dope using this product.

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