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The list was longer previously, but as my house burned down sept.09 I had to move the cars, and I sold those I didn't have room for. This is built on the same base plate as the Cortina MKIII, and it shares almost all drivetrain parts except for body parts, doors and so on.
This was the first day with the new wheels, Borbet BS Design 9x16" and 225X45ZR16 tires.
Then I was hit on the left side where the towbar on the other car pushed in my door and quarterpanel (?) in some cm, so I had to fix it. I haven't got any pictures of the panel beating I did, but you can see some of it in this winter drift video.
I also attended trackdays twice a year on Arctic Circle Raceway just a bit south of the polar circle. It wasn't permanent because of the rotbug that had gotten a hold of it, so I decided to roll it black. The colour really made the shapes of the body show, and at the same time gave the car a totally new look. Bend the tabs holding the swirl pot, lift pot off from the tank after I cut off the feed pipe. No other mods was made to the car other than drilling a hole in the boot floor for the fuel line to go to the fuel pump, and through to the front of the car.

But that would require a v6, or a v8, so that idea was put on the shelf for the time being. Then in 2008 as the crustiness of the sills, and the overall appearance made me want to start removing rot.
The fendermounts were rotten, the bracket for the bonnet hinge was rotten, the bottom of the a-pillar was rotten and so on. Then I went to my 1982 Taunus parts donor to drill out all the spot welds to get the bracket free. I already replaced the edge where it was to be spot welded to the inner fender because it was rotted as well. It didn't look too good, this is where I had to order the inner sills as well, so on with the waiting game. For some reason the repair panel from wasnt full length, so I had to make up a plate to complete the inner sill. I am NEVER using metal from that bonnet again, it was impossible to get a proper weld without blowing holes. Since these pictures were taken I got the outer sill spot welded on, and some work still remained. So the last year and a half have been spent trying to restore the remains of our life, and concentrating on getting back on track.

It needs some small amount of welding to the fender mounts, a small patch to the left hand side sill, and a good paint job. They are trying to stall the longest to try to get us to accept whatever offer they are giving us. You got some nice cars in the US in the 60's and 70's also dude, all we got was crap like citroen, saab, volvo and some russian cars. I had to weld the bottom of the a-pillar and the b-pillar before I could move it, so that's what I did today. Setting up the welder proved to be more of a challenge than I had thought from the beginning. I'm going to try to keep a track of the time spent from now on, because it would be fun to see how long it takes.

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