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Diatomaceous Earth:  Diatomaceous Earth is actually a food-grade product that some people take as a supplement…so it is obviously entirely safe to use in your home! Peppermint Oil Spray:  I have not used this method myself, but have read that spiders in general do not like peppermint oil. Essentria Spray:   This product is made of plant oil extracts and contains no man made chemicals. In addition to all these measures, I also bought a Brown Recluse First Aid Kit to keep on hand in case anyone in our family gets bit. After finding myself stark awake in the night I lay, eyes open and accustomizing to the low light from the moon outside. Subscribe below for regular updates and a FREE copy of Seasonal Kids Activities and more great freebies! Seeing a cute little mouse stuck on one of those suffering a horrible death has made me believe these things should be banned.

I live in a cabin in the woods and have been looking for practical tips to reduce the possibility of a brown-recluse spider bite.
Glue traps also remove the risk of the damage a snap-trap can have on small children’s little fingers and toes, not to mention pets in the house. There, not but a few inches before my nose was the largest brown recluse I’ve been unfortunate enough to come across.
Needless to say the spiders, ants and these little centipede things we in the middle of an invasion when we moved into the house in May.
I lept out of bed and proceeded to vacuum the room and move the furniture about and vacuum beneath it.
I thought by taking away their webs and cleaning really well that this would deter the spiders. When termites were found, the pest control tech stated that the brown recluse loves to eat termites.

We caught him, I picked up the house and walked it about 100 feet from the my house and opened it up and let it go. I did not want to use chemicals because of my other pets so at the end of the summer I bought those really heavily scented cinnamon brooms that they sell at the dollar store for $3-4. That little mouse scurried as fast as it could back to the house and got underneath the kitchen door threshold and low and behold my daughter started to yell the mouse was back in the basement and we found it with 5 little babies in the back in the basement.

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