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Indication: Seasonal & perennial allergic rhinitis including hay fever & non-allergic (vasomotor) rhinitis.
According to the National Kidney Foundation, more than half million people tend to visit the emergency rooms of their local hospitals due to kidney stones each year. Although these stones can be as small as grain of sand, they can trigger unbearable pain and discomfort. According to Michael Castleman who has written the book named ‘Herbal Medicine’, dandelion root can play a big role in dissolving kidney stones. Also known as Queen Anne’s lace, wild carrot is a biennial herb that is being used since ancient days to heal a variety of bladder and kidney disorders.
Other experts suggest steeping the fried herb in a cup of hot tea and sipping it three to four times in a day. According to the certified nutritionist Phyllis Balch, the leaves of this small shrub acts as a diuretic that helps alleviating uric acid. Interestingly, the gel of this herb was widely used by the ancient healers for treating constipation. Warning: This herb is not meant for people who are allergic to the plants belonging to the Asteraceae family. This is one of the well known medicinal plants, which has shown its effectiveness in discarding kidney stones.
Rhinocort Aqua Aqueous Nasal Spray (Budesonide) is a corticosteroid prescribed to manage nasal symptoms of seasonal or perennial allergic rhinitis. Kidney stones are made from chemicals found in urine but most of them are produced from calcium. Therefore, it becomes necessary to either dissolve these stones or discard them by forcing them to pass through urine by consuming lots of liquids.

Since times immemorial, dandelion has shown its effectiveness in cleansing the internal organs and keeping kidney free of stones.The herb works like a diuretic due to which it helps in discarding the stones by boosting urination.
The best part of this herb is that it does not only aid in dissolving kidney stones, but also avert formation of stones. Several herbalists utilize its aerial parts for treating bladder issues, kidney stones, and other infections.
But today, even more interesting fact is that it is now recommended for treating kidney stones. Popularly, it is known as kidney root, which confirms its historical use as a medicine for kidney stones.
It acts as a diuretic due to which it enables flushing the stones from the kidney.Even the University of Maryland Medical Center suggests using goldenrod. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Inappropriate diet, family history, obesity, and lack of water in the body are some reasons behind the formation of kidney stones. If the condition is not critical, the patient can try a variety of herbal remedies that have shown their effectiveness in dissolving kidney stones. This herb contains several organic acids and tannins, and that it triggers a demulcent action for calming and safeguarding the irritated tissues. Further, this herb also contains high amounts of arbutin that boosts urine flow as well as alkalinizes urine for dissolving the stone. Balch, aloe juice can be very useful in preventing kidney stones as well as in alleviating the size of the stones at the time of an attack. It advises people to use this herb in its tea form so that the stone can easily pass from the kidney.

You can even try mixing dandelion and gravel root tea to reduce pain and soften the stone for its easier removal through urination.
According to Charles Kane who is the author of ‘Herbal Medicine: Trends and Traditions,’ burdock helps dissolve kidney stones when taken as a capsule, tincture, or as an infusion. Even herbalist David Hoffmann claims that pellitory helps in alleviating inflammation and is much useful in discarding kidney stones. Further, it contains anti-inflammatory as well as immunostimulant properties due to which it can help dissolve stones in the kidney. The amount of this herb needed for treating kidney stones is less than that required for constipation. However, you can use this herb as a fluid extract or as a tincture for treating the condition.
According to David Hoffmann, roots and rhizomes are the effective parts of this herb in eliminating kidney stones.
Herbalist David Hoffmann recommends using a wild carrot tincture or tea to treat kidney stones. Further, the book named ‘Medicinal Plants and Herbs’ suggests having a tea made with the herb’s leaf or root for eliminating stones from the kidney. Some more experts have agreed that the herb can eliminate kidney stones and avert their reformation by triggering irritant and diuretic actions.

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