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Small cysts may be treated with herbs, while larger cysts may need to be surgically removed. A woman with ovarian cysts should consult her physician before taking any herbal supplements.
Herbal treatment for ovarian cysts can include black cohosh, milk thistle, chasteberry, wild yam, and dandelion.
Ovarian cysts are generally round, firm growths that occur on the ovaries when something is wrong with the hormones. Black cohosh is an herb native to North America that enjoys the dappled shade of tall trees. Chasteberry is a sub-tropical plant that bears small, red, spicy fruits that are dried and used as part of herbal treatment for ovarian cysts. Milk thistle and dandelion both help to cleanse and tone liver function, which typically makes it easier for the body to rid itself of waste.
Wild yam has long been used both as natural birth control and to help young women regulate their menstrual cycles. The beauty of making our own medicinal salves at home is the ability we possess to control the ingredients.
Comfrey. Encourages the reproduction of cells therefore working to support the mending of sprains, bruises, swellings, burns and sores. To use: Apply directly to a clean burn, blister, or wound and bandage as you normally would.
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Can you use the Mountain Rose extracts for these herbs or is it best to use the actual leaf product?
The trick is to make sure you buy a stick blender with a removeable stainless steel blending shaft. May be a dumb question but with regard to using on a baby for diaper rash, is it ok since there’s raw honey and beeswax? It would seem that putting honey on a normal baby’s skin would be fine, but just based on this I would not use it on broken skin (eczema, for example). It is worth noting that the burn should always be cooled before putting ANY oily substance on as it can cause retention of heat and therefore longer time before pain diminishes and healing begins.
By the time I see most hotspots the dogs are in too much pain and the infection is very deep- so I do need to start them on oral antibiotics as well as antihistamines and low doses of steroids, while I clean the wound. If you are hesitant with antibiotics and steroids (and, remember, everything has a place and time to be used), I’ve treated many superficial hot-spots with Vetericyn spray, works very similarly to witch hazel, but has been formulated specifically for cats, dogs and horses. We have always just had customers use raw honey directly, but looks like we need to add in the other ingredients for the extra benefits! To clean your stick blender (or any beeswax mess) use heat, a hair dryer and paper towels will work wonders. I don’t own an emersion blender but I have a ninja pulse food processor with a blender attachment would that work?? Wonderful website that was recommended to me by the owner of our local nursery a few weeks ago while I was buying organic herbs as mine were not growing fast enough! Just thinking that MANUKA honey would be great for this and also that Comfrey is a fabulous plant, the Old English Name is knitbone, it was used as a poultice for just about every wound but excellent for bone healing , hence the name, it is sooo good to infuse the fresh leaves in a good quality oil , helps with the pain of arthritis etc.

Was just researching and found where someone in a swap found mold and fungus growing in a lotion enriched with honey. I make an herbal salve that’s great for burns and might be easier to obtain the ingredients.
It is refreshing to see products that adhere to the old reliable ways of the past, It reminds me when I was a small child at my grandmothers home. As far as I understand, using things like peroxide slows healing because it doesn’t really allow the platelets of blood to formulate.
Most of these herbs balance hormones to help the body increase the production of progesterone, a female hormone that encourages regular menstruation and helps dissolve ovarian cysts.
The tea is often taken to regulate menstruation and tone the muscles around the uterus, which may relieve menstrual tension.
Both of these weedy plants are native to North America and Europe, making them widely available to herbalists.
Combined with medicinal herbs and bursting with antibacterial and antiseptic properties, this ointment is a must-have in everyone’s first aid kit. I will share with you my recipe, but as always…feel free to let your creativity and wisdom regarding medicinal herbs guide you. It’s anti-inflammatory and astringent properties are excellent for treatment of blisters, burns, cuts and wounds.
According to Rosemary Gladstar, you may also do it this way; “Place the herbs and the oil in a double boiler and bring to a low simmer. In a saucepan, over very low heat, melt 1-2 ounces (depending on how thick you’d like your salve) of beeswax. Continue to stir with stick blender until salve is cooled to approximately 90-100 degrees fahrenheit.
You may also be interested to purchase a tin of this Raw Honey Burn and Wound Ointment — lovingly made by me — from my little Etsy shop! It’s easy to toss the shaft attachment into very hot or boiling water which melts the bees wax and oily goo off.
The concern with babies eating honey or honey products is mainly the risk of botulism, a life-threatening, frequently fatal condition arising from the ingestion of botulinum toxin (botox).
Comfrey is such an excellent herb for burns especially, but the real powerhouse here is the raw honey. I’m still using up a tin of Eden Salve from Shoshanna at Bulk Herb Store, mostly because I use fresh plantain as my first defense, along with ice for cooling.
We have dabbed pure organic honey straight onto skin wounds and it works very well to clear the skin and apparently to allow healing.
A few of these herbs help tone and cleanse the organs, which may also help balance hormones. Small cysts may be treated with herbs or chemical birth control, but big growths may need to be removed surgically.
This concentration of work in and around the uterine area also helps to balance sexual hormones, which is how it helps to regulate ovarian cysts.
As mild diuretics, they encourage the system to flush and may make the patient feel lighter after a few doses. This wild root vegetable may be taken in capsule form, or spread over the abdomen as a cream.

Likewise, it’s great for burn and wound healing as it contains large amounts of zinc and vitamin A. Raw honey can be found online through the Bulk Herb Store or use this website to search for it locally. Put a bag of fresh plantain leaves in the freezer for use when fresh is unavailable… which is a long stretch of months here in Alaska.
I recently started using a mix of raw, organic honey and ex virgin olive oil to clean my face and the results have been phenomenal!! I made this except I made it a lot thicker, and put it into a few lip balm tubes, as I am a right arm amputee. Too many toxins in the body not only causes health to become unbalanced, it can do the same thing for hormones.
Since small cysts sometimes grow into larger ones, it can be important for women with this problem to treat it quickly. When used in teas and herbal capsules, the roots are cleaned, dried, and ground into powder. Reducing toxin buildup in the system may prevent cysts by preventing waste buildup around the ovaries. Place the glass jar in a pot on the stove, or in a crock pot, filled with a few inches of water on lowest setting (Be sure to put a towel on the bottom of the pot.).
Note: To check if the mixture is the right consistency, because the salve hardens as it cools, Rosemary Gladstar again suggests placing a “tablespoon of the mixture in the freezer for just a minute or two. And the witch hazel leaf is perfect to use also…I’d say soak away Let me know how it turns out for you!!!
Those taking herbal remedies for ovarian cysts should always contact a doctor before beginning a regimen.
This herb may also be used to prevent or end pregnancy, so pregnant and nursing women should avoid it. Women thinking about using wild yam or any other herbal treatment for ovarian cysts should always speak to a doctor about allergies, dosage amounts, and herb combinations before taking anything.
Love your recipes and have been stocking up on supplies so I can make these projects in the late fall and winter! After infusing tea tree oil and helichrsum (pain-a-way oil) can be added before the beeswax. I have used it on minor burns covered with a bandaid and by the next day it’s pretty well healed. Had someone use it that burned herself fairly bad cooking on a woodstove and said by morning it didn’t hurt at all. Also for a real easy diaper rash infuse calendual flower petals in olive oil suing the same method I mentioned and add beeswax same proportions.

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