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Information on Onycholysis treatment, Onycholysis causes, and other information about this nail disease. The tea tree is said to have some magical effects on the nail fungus owing to its oil which have a chemical composition that fights fungus;  the essential anti-fungal properties. Lemon is natural disinfectant and has citric acid in it.  It kills the fungus and bacteria quickly. Vinegar is a very mild acid and its acidic properties  interrupt the inhabitants of fungus.
Thyme is another anti-fungal and is useful for treating a variety of infections because it also contains antiseptic properties making it a great treatment option. Excessive consumption of anti-biotics, poor hygiene, humid conditions can lead to fungal infection of nails.
Apply yogurt on your nails and leave it for about half an hour, repeat this process 3-4 times in a day for speedy results. Neem is an anti-microbial herb and there are many ways in which neem can be used for combating the fungal infection. Neem oil is also easily available and equally effective, in fact it has an advantage that you can apply it on your nails and step out easily. Aloe Vera gel can very easily replace your hand moisturizer and if you want it to smell nice then add 2-3 drops of any essential aromatic oil.
Though the combination will have an unpleasant odour but mixing tea tree oil with mustard oil is the best combination as mustard oil itself is a great anti-fungal oil. Dry them thoroughly ones they have been washed and do not apply any moisturizer until they are reasonably dry. It is also highly recommended that you do not use over the counter commercial nail and hand moisturizers, instead use undiluted and pure Aloe Vera Gel. There are specific groups of plants known as fungicides; known to be very useful for treating nail infection because they stop the fungi from spreading by destroying the fungi spores. Adaptogens is a kind of herb which is very much useful in the treatments of integumentary (skin and nail problems). Applying lemongrass oil on your nails will stop the fungus from progressing and kill it.  When  nails turn black, it denotes that they are becoming free from fungus. It increases the natural immunity.  The same way that it fights other microbes, garlic is actually  a great herb for fighting nail fungus.

It is actually an old process to treat the nails with herbal means and vinegar is the cheapest herbal treatment for nail fungus. Common symptoms of nail fungus are discoloration, detachment of nail and mild to severe pain. You may also add lemon juice in yogurt which has brightening properties, as the yogurt destroys fungus, lemon juice will help in restoring the natural colour of nails. Take a bunch of neem leaves and grind them with some yogurt to obtain paste like consistency. Aloe Vera sprig has load of gel in it which can be extracted by cutting it across and shaving the gel along. However, because of its strength it is not recommended to be used in a pure form and must be diluted with other oils like coconut, lavender or mustard. The reason is simple that this remedy will leave yellow tinge on your nails which is very undesirable for most of the people. Applying creams and oils while your nails are wet can make a great breeding ground for infectious fungus. Also make sure that your beauty parlour used sterilised and clean tools for giving you a manicure. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. The infected nail can be treated with garlic oil, or  use  garlic directly on the affected area.
Some studies have shown that vinegar inhibits bacterial growth, thus it is said that a vinegar soak can do the same for nail fungus.
And according to their observations, cinnamon oil appears to be as effective as several antiseptics and has found use in many hospitals a a disinfectant. However, they are also one of the most neglected parts of our body and most of us do not look at our nails beyond clipping them regularly. They are also responsible for keeping natural fungal growth on our skin and inside our body in control by feeding on it. You can use honey with lemon in order to make it a comprehensive treatment for alleviating infection, moisturizing the nail and brightening it. Let it rest for about half an hour and you can repeat this process 2-3 times in a day depending on your requirement and time.

Take a spoon of raw turmeric powder, try to obtain a turmeric root for this purpose as processed and readymade turmeric carries the risk of adulteration. Wash with normal water and follow this remedy up with rubbing some lemon juice on your nails.
This makes the nail grow against the finger skin and make it prone to fungal infection as dust and foreign particles lodge themselves easily in that part of the nail. It is recommended that you carry your own manicure kit which is easily available in stores.
It usually takes a number of medicines and meticulous continuous care to get rid of this fungus.
Mix 1 part vinegar to 2 parts warm water and soak your nails for about 15 to 20 minutes, then pat your nails dry after that.  Vinegar can also help to soften your skin and remove dead skin cells. The fact that Cinnamon has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties has given it huge prominence among its fellow herbs.
But regular care is important for your nail if you find them getting discoloured or brittle.
Therefore, introducing bacteria on fungal infection is one of the best ways to eliminate the infection.
You may also prepare neem after wash by boiling a big bunch of neem leaves in water for about 15 minutes.
Lemon juice is a natural bleach and will remove the yellow tinge from your nails to some extent. Many a times dirty tools used on multiple people during manicure can cause fungal infection. Its bark as well as its oil is both used to satisfy many anti-bacterial and anti-fungal requirements.

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