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This is my favorite remedy because it works quicker than any other remedy and takes care of pain, infection  and speeds up overall healing process.
Belladonna( buy here) : Belladonna can be used if the infected side looks red and feels hot.
Hydrastis 200c is a natural antibiotic  which can be used for all kids of ear infections including ruptured eardrums. You Might Also LikeThe ONLY Natural Antibiotic That You Might Need During This Flu Season!Flu-Proof Your Body & Home With This Powerful Natural Ingredient! Filed Under: Holistic Health Tips, Holistic Living, Natural Child Care About Citrine JoyousCitrine Joyous is an Aromatherapist and Herbalist and she is passionate about sharing DIY Beauty Recipes, Health and Wellness Tips on this Blog.
Have you ever reached for a fruit or vegetable only to find that it’s rotted, or molded, or way past its prime?
By April McCarthy There are many foods that may be hurting your mood, making you sick, and even pushing you toward depression! Disclaimer: This post is intended for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat or diagnosis. When ear infections strike, they usually mean intense pain, fever and discomfort for children. I wanted to write this article to help families who are seeking an alternative treatment for their children.
Antibiotics are prescribed for ear infections more than for any other childhood ailment, even though the majority of ear infections will clear up on their own without medication.
When your child is suffering from an ear infection, you want to feed them in a manner that lowers inflammation and supports immune function.
Probiotics: It is supremely important to increase your child’s probiotic intake during an ear infection. Echinacea and Goldenseal: These herbs support the immune system and are part of our preventative routine during cold and flu season. If your child has recurring ear infections, they have likely tried several rounds of antibiotics and they may even have ear tubes in place. 3) Consider doing an elimination diet with children to lower overall inflammation and also identify problem foods.
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If you haven't, you can join right away and get all your holistic health and beauty related queries answered there :) Click here to Join! Heat the coconut oil and cover the crushed Garlic with warm Coconut and Calendula Oil .Let it sit for 2-3 hours (you can keep it overnight for a more potent blend). My 3 and 1 year old are yet to have their first ear infection but I have successfully used it on others. Do not forget to subscribe to the Newsletter to receive new health and beauty tips as soon as they are posted!
Antibiotics are completely ineffective against a virus, even though they are often prescribed. Worried parents may take their child to the doctor and leave with a prescription for antibiotics.
I hear about so many children suffering from ear infections and I want to help these families. In this article I will focus on the most common type of ear infection for children: the middle ear infection, or otitis media (OM). Often the ears become infected after a cold virus, when a child has a lot of congestion in the sinuses.
Antibiotics come with their own set of risks including lowered immune function (antibiotics wipe out the good flora in the digestive tract along with the bad) and side effects like diarrhea, cramping, indigestion, yeast infections and allergies. The warmth of the onion soothes the pain almost immediately and the vapors from the onion help to fight the infection. When you bring a fever down with drugs the body’s natural healing system is impaired and it is harder for your body to heal. If your child is sick, and scared of his symptoms, his body is more likely to experience a stress response and lowered immune function. You do not want your child eating inflammatory, mucus-forming foods because these foods will contribute to mucus production in the body—the worst thing for a child with clogged ears!

It is considered an “anti-nutrient” because in order for your body to process sugar, it needs to use up nutrients in your body. Below is an extensive list of supplements we have used in the past, however, I highly suggest working with a holistic health practitioner to develop the correct protocol for your child. According to Elizabeth Lipski, PhD CNC, author of Digestive Wellness for Children, deficiencies in the vitamins A, C, E, zinc and essential fatty acids can increase the chance of ear infections. You may also work with a holistic nutritionist to help repair the digestive tract with a gut-healing protocol. If your child does take antibiotics, make sure you compliment the prescription with a round of probiotics to replenish the good bacteria in the gut and to increase immune function for the future. She is passionate about the health of all children and believes raising happy, healthy kids starts with getting back to basics and cooking with REAL food.
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With increasing number of Vaccines and Antibiotics its no surprise that Ear Infection is becoming more and more common. During a middle ear infection, the Eustachian tubes (they connect the middle ear to the nose and allow fluid to drain) become clogged and infected, either by a virus or bacteria. Children’s Eustachian tubes are smaller than adults, which can make them more susceptible to clogging.
The herbs help to fight the infection and if you heat the oil it will also soothe the pain. Use Hepa air filters, non-toxic cleaner and personal care products, non-toxic cookware, etc. For kids with recurring ear infections–you might consider removing dairy permanently. Also focus on anti-inflammatory, nutrient dense foods and consider immune boosting supplementation when appropriate. Antibiotics do not work for Ear Infection, they only disturb your Baby’s Gut Flora and make the problem worse. Out of 240 confirmed ear infections, only 7 (that’s just 3%) didn’t clear up on their own in four days or less.
Please discuss with your own, qualified health care provider before adding in supplements or making any changes in your diet. For children who have repeated ear infections, chronic inflammation caused by food sensitivities and allergies may be the cause and your child should be tested (details below). In 2013, the American Academy of Pediatrics issued new guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of ear infections. To make an onion ear muff slice an onion in half and scoop out the inner layers until only the last 2-3 rings remain.
This allows your child to heal more quickly and also keeps them from spreading viruses to others. Keep your child calm and focused on the good work his body is doing in the name of healing! If I had a dollar for every child with recurring ear infections who was sensitive to dairy—I’d be a RICH woman. Luckily, there are alternatives to consider if your child continues to have ear infections.
It might look like Antibiotics have worked but its just a temporary relief and it will only create a cascade of more Ear Infections.
However, I feel antibiotics are grossly and irresponsibly prescribed by the medical community. Heat the onion in the oven for about 15 minutes at 300 degrees until it is warm and slightly steaming. The more your child believes in the body’s ability to heal, the more empowered (and powerful!) he becomes. Conventional doctors often only test for IgE antibodies and usually IgG antibodies are the biggest problem for these kids. Find out what you can do to heal ear infections fast and naturally from Creative Christian Mama here. Richard Rosenfeld, one of the authors of the new guidelines, says 70% of ear infections resolve on their own within 2-3 days and 80% of infections get better on their own within ten days. Fluids help to thin mucus and unclog tubes, so make sure your child drinks lots of clear fluids when sick. Dairy sensitivities are different than dairy allergies and your pediatrician may not know the difference, for more information read this article.
Also, gluten is a protein MANY people are sensitive to, so for children who have recurring ear infections, try eliminating gluten altogether.
The key here is giving kids time to heal, something we don’t always feel comfortable doing.
Bacterial infections may take longer to clear up, but it’s possible to heal from a bacterial infection without the use of antibiotics.

I don’t say this to boast about their awesome superhero immune powers– my kids get sick like other kids.
But when my kids are under the weather we use home remedies instead of pharmaceuticals to support healing with great results. When antibiotics are used prematurely, some bacteria will survive the medication, making the next infection harder to treat.
Jennifer Ashton most ear infections are viral in nature and won’t respond to antibiotics anyway.
Their canal is straight across or horizontal, [meaning]A your baby doesna€™t get much help from gravity to get the fluid to drain out of the lymph nodes and the ears into the throat and out of their body.
The problem comes when fluid and congestion build up in the lymph nodes in the neck and throat and cannot be moved or flushed out of the childa€™s body. The AAP Guidelines now state that antibiotics should not be prescribed unless there is an obvious ear infection – a very bulging tympanic membrane. If fluid is present some parents might insist on a swab culture to confirm it is bacterial rather than viral before considering antibiotics.
If they do, chances are the earache will resolve on it’s own before the results come back. For those that prefer to avoid Tylenol and other pain medications thatA may delay the healing process, here are ideasA .
They also found that it often worked in a fraction of the time.So what does this mean for ear infections?
Garlic also has been shown to inhibit some viruses, which some feel makes it a better choice than antibiotics, which only cover bacterial infections. Please keep in mind that some oils should not be introduced until child reaches a certain age. Gerber makes a distinction between betacarotene and true Vitamin A, which is only found in animal products such as fermented cod liver oil. If ear inflammation is due to food sensitivities, it may also be beneficial in helping to moderate and even reverse those sensitivities over time using protocols such as the GAPS Diet. Haggerton, “The lymph nodes need properly functioning muscles to contract with your babya€™s head movements in order to flush out lymph fluid and congestion that pools in the area. A If the bones in the top of your babya€™s neck become restricted (due to birth, or any other type of physical stressor), the muscles around that area cannot contract and work correctly. A If the muscles dona€™t contract perfectly, then the body has a hard time flushing out the fluid in the ear canals. Among the various natural remedies for ear infections, it isA a favorite with those who want to support the immune system naturally. Bake it face down on the oven rack at 350 degrees until you can just start to smell the onion, and it’s just beginning to recede. Place the onions over the ears like ear muffs, and then wrap them completely using a natural cloth such as a 100% cotton towel, or 100% wool scarf. You do NOT want to have the chemical fumes from an acrylic fabric going into the ear canal.
What you are doing is wrapping the top of the head, covering the onions, and then keeping it sealed by wrapping it loosely around the neck. Place it on the affected ear (testing first to make sure it won’t burn) until it cools.
For that reason, rice works just fine for us.When To See A DoctorThere are times when contacting a doctor is necessary. Instead, a parent can safely wait 48 to 72 hours, giving pain medicine as needed, and watching to see if those symptoms simply go away. Using some tips now on my ear infection ?Y™‚ to Carla simpson'>reply to this comment CyndiMay 9, 2013 at 1:35 PM Great article! Our 5 kids are ages 6-15yrs old and with any ear irritation we have always used warm garlic oil or warm onion oil, colloidal silver, peroxide and lavender oil on the outside with great success! My kids have only had one mild earache each, and it was resolved in 1-2 hours with ear oil and gentle massage. I would also add that any oil put in the ears should be warm (I stick the bottle in my bra to warm it to my body temperature). We used it for the kids and our own eye infection and link eye episode we had last year to great effect!
I had a millions errands to run and did not want to smell so I warmed some silver 500ppm in my bra 2 drops in the ear.

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