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Squamous cell frequently originating in the larger bronchi and sometimes spreading by extension and lymph node metastasis.
Lung Cancer is a multi-faceted disease, and there are many effective types of lung cancer treatment.
The pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries have failed to produce more than a handful of useful therapies for lung cancer, however, many people still assume that the only options for treating cancer are the mainstream therapies of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Our approach is unique as it combines different alternative, holistic and integrative therapies that are usually not considered by conventional doctors for lung cancer. One effective lung cancer treatment is to starve cancer cells of foods that will promote their multiplication. The detoxification pathways of the human body are a network of enzymes and enzyme systems; they help protect cells from reactive oxygen species such as free radicals.
Tumor hypoxia or lack of oxygen in tumor cells has proven to be a factor for poor prognosis in a cancer patient. Holistic and alternative cancer treatment has relied on nutrition and supplementation to aid in healing cancer for years.
Modern Homeopathy known as Homotoxicology offers a holistic cancer treatment to aid in the fight against lung cancer, as progressive deterioration of the body’s own cleansing system leads to gradual compromise of the defensive mechanisms. Cancer rates have been rising alarmingly in the last century, particularly during the last three decades, when cancer has become the second leading cause of death, behind cardiovascular disease. Epidemiological studies have shown that up to 70 to 90% of all cancers are caused by environmental factors, lifestyle factors, dietary habits and chronic stress.
There are many other carcinogens that can cause Lung Cancer like diets high in saturated fat and animal fat, alcohol consumption, important exposure to asbestos, radon gas, certain viruses and particulate matter in the environment, among others. Through the years we have learned the importance of healthy living and eating, yet nowadays something as basic and essential as this has become quite difficult for many people, either due to lack of time, knowledge or consciousness.
Healthy changes in lifestyle and diet can reduce the mortality and morbidity for a good portion of cancers, as a healthy body can normally defend itself against the development of cancer because it knows how to deal with these occurrences. Virtually everyone who has cancer has some kind of body energy blockage that needs to be fixed. Our integrated team of health professionals will thoroughly assess where these imbalances originate in order to find the root causes that are contributing to this Cancer. Not only do we have state of the art diagnostic and assessment tools, we have a fully integrated team of health professionals who will study all of this information and connect the dots to reveal why your biochemical, physiological, structural and psychospiritual individuality has developed Cancer, but also how you can regain your health.
Your Medical doctor will facilitate your medical treatment and coordinate all other treatments into your program. Your Psychologist will help to determine any emotional factors that might contribute to the development of Cancer and support your healing through relaxation, healing imagery and emotional expression. Your Dentist will assess and treat any issues that could exacerbate the inflammatory process like gingivitis, cavitations, abscesses and heavy metal toxicity.
Your Chiropractor will assess and treat any structural imbalances that might be contributing to your health issues. Your Fitness Expert will help you strengthen and exercise your body in a holistic way to support detoxification, greater energy and overall health. At Sanoviv, we understand that a diagnosis of Lung cancer (the most common cause of cancer death amongst women and men) can strike fear in the heart of patients, their loved ones and friends. Sanoviv can assist you in understanding cancer from a different perspective, one of hope, care and respect, a perspective that includes options that actually make sense, and one that includes you as a full partner in your healing. Our focus is to boost your recuperative powers with nutrition and supplementation, reversing the underlying cause of the disease, sometimes even converting cancer to normal tissue by changing the cell’s respiration and reducing the tumor burden without harming the patient.
Since we focus on the underlying causes and imbalances that create cancer in someone’s body, we can treat various types of cancer. Medical treatment is targeted against the cancer, to support and strengthen your immune system and to not interfere with the healthy functioning of the rest of your body.
You might not be feeling optimal even though you have finished your traditional cancer treatment. Most people have an immediate impact when they hear the word Cancer in regards to their health state. Functional medicine is an evolution in the practice of medicine that better addresses the healthcare needs of the 21st century. The importance of this approach is that you are assessed and treated as a whole human being.
I just saw the dentist recently, why do I have to see one again at Sanoviv?In our integrated approach the assessment by all the health professionals is very important. I have a wide range of issues apart from Cancer and feel overwhelmed, what can you offer me? We will help you organize your health priorities in the order of what will have the most profound impact on getting you healthy again. The mechanism of action of medication is mostly to block chemical reactions in the body and most of the time won’t have an impact on treating the root factor that is causing the imbalance in the body but rather to artificially maintain balance. We use different types of IV therapy protocols depending on the type of health issues and the biochemical individuality of each guest. Even though we have a set of daily activities, each schedule is different from guest to guest. Usually it takes years of detrimental lifestyle choices and habits to start showing symptoms of imbalances in the body.
The diet at Sanoviv is a whole-food, cleansing diet that eliminates many of the common food allergens along with processed foods, sugar and damaged oils.
Conventional approaches suchas chemotherapy and radiation cannot be used continually because of their high toxicity.
Our objective is to support your own defenses, kill cancer cells, detoxify your body and improve your overall well being.
At Sanoviv we serve 100% organic food to ensure you are not adding to your body’s toxic load.
It provides an integrative treatment to modify, modulate and stimulate your body’s regular immune system function and mechanisms, so that it can recognize and eliminate cancer cells. Enzymes work to detoxify a wide range of cancer-causing chemicals which may have implications in the reduction of cancer rates. An impressive variety of new ways to introduce oxygen into the body is emerging. Flooding cells with oxygen may retard the growth of cancer cells or even help to return them to normal and maintain healthy cells at their normal functioning level. At Sanoviv, nutraceutical supplementation provides essential minerals, vitamins and antioxidants to improve nutritional deficiencies, fight free radicals, promote detoxification and support a effective biochemical balance in your body.

Reversing this process will have great value in the fight against cancer cells, helping the body recapture its lost biological ability to   compete against the invasive cells.
A proactive, positive mind and spirit will help the lung cancer patient’s fight against cancer. At the end of your stay, in order to support you on your way to recovery, you will receive an individualized lung cancer treatment home program designed to be incorporated as part of your daily lifestyle. While it has been proven that inheritance is not the primary cause of cancer, a small percentage of cases may involve some inherited factors. Some experts estimate that at this rate, cancer deaths will exceed those from cardiovascular disease in just a few years.
We don’t limit our medical attention and treatments to just surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. We will focus on assessing your lifestyle to determine if your diet, exercise and rest patterns are the most beneficial for you. Our Bioenergetics Department will assess how this can be affecting your health and determine what steps need to be taken to restore the health of your energy fields. This is usually a multifaceted problem that no one health professional can fully grasp or treat. Sometimes we recommend combining the useful aspects of these with our more alternative approach when it will serve your health goals.
Other disciplines like Dental, Nutrition, Psychology, Chiropractic and Fitness come into play to ensure that we achieve these goals and bring balance back into your life.
Our difficulty is that we have a very varied population with different types of cancer, stages and recommended courses of treatment. We can offer to assess what underlying causes can be affecting this and support your optimal recovery from the harmful side effects of these conventional therapies. By shifting the traditional disease-centered focus of medical practice to a more patient-centered approach, functional medicine addresses the whole person, not just an isolated set of symptoms. Many of the health issues that we faced today are multi-faceted; there is no one definitive cause and no one cure. Even though all our professionals are certified and licensed by their specific profession’s Board, we go above and beyond what allopathic care practices.
We will properly assess and treat the underlying causes through the use of specialized tools and prioritize those areas where we can have the most impact. We would ideally love to cure everyone that we treat, and we know that this is not always possible.
As an example, a lot of people will take a Tylenol when they get a headache but the headache is not caused by a deficiency of Tylenol. Especially since our program is based on applying lifestyle changes to support your ongoing health, bringing your spouse or significant other can be helpful as both of you can learn firsthand about these recommended changes.
Regaining your health is a process and we can not expect to reverse all imbalances within a couple of weeks. Even though our approach is based on finding the most natural and least invasive course of treatment, we know that sometimes surgery is unavoidable and is a necessary step in your recovery.
Although you eat many vegetables (both cooked and raw) here, your nutritionist will provide you with a diet to follow at home based on your health condition, your access to certain foods, your ancestral heritage, and your desire to make positive health changes. We are experts at accommodating special dietary needs as we know the importance of having the right food for your specific needs can be to get well again. Possibly your oncologist may try to use what works best against your cancer through the use of trials. Lung cells usually reproduce to maintain healthy lung tissue and repair old, aged, damaged cells. The side effects of these treatments, such as immune suppression and secondary malnutrition, may worsen the prognosis as cancer cells canthen grow rapidly. Based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, we believe in using the energy in food to promote health and to help your body heal. Part of lung cancer is toxicity, therefore eliminating the exposure to toxins and encouraging the detoxification systems of the body to be at their best is a potent strategy for healing.
Oxygen therapy is an alternative or holistic cancer treatment used to help fight cancer cells and reduce side effects from conventional cancer treatments. A constant pattern of anger, resentment and bitterness can put the body into a stressful environment. Practices such as Yoga are very beneficial, as it has demonstrated mental and physical benefits for cancer patients in several medical studies.
We will continue to support your progress with our After Care program that will effortlessly coordinate any questions or comments you might have for your health team. The team that you will be working with is led by your Medical Doctor and includes: Dentist, Psychologist, Chiropractor, Nutritionist and Fitness Expert. Here at Sanoviv, you will be working closely with your team of health professionals who will work with the entire staff of health care professionals to design a program specifically for you from all the information obtained. We understand these feelings and concerns, and we are here to tell you that this does not have to be the case.
Our approach is an integrative one combining the best of conventional and alternative medicine. We can support your immune system, assess that biochemically you are in optimal conditions. Our team approach ensures, through our Psychology and Spirituality Department, that stress, unhealthy thoughts and feelings are not another contributing factor to the biochemical changes that contribute to your health issues. When a whole team of health professionals come together and make sense of the information, it is easier to see what are the underlying factors that weave together to create your unique symptoms. You will leave Sanoviv with a detailed plan on how to approach healing in a functional way. What is possible is to determine the right path to wellness through an integrative assessment and treatment plan that will combine the best of allopathic and alternative medicine. In Sanoviv we will work together at finding what is the cause for the headache and treat it. We require you bring a companion for support if you are very compromised and cannot get from appointment to appointment without assistance. Our main goal with IV therapies is to provide vital nutrients to the guest, bypassing the digestive system to allow a greater absorption by the body. Usually our days start with an hour of relaxation practices, like meditation and energy medicine class.

We offer a wide range of surgeries that can be combined with our innovative therapies and treatments to speed your recovery. Our goal is to provide you with a diet that will nourish you and improve your health, but also one that is realistic and works with your lifestyle. Our nutritionists and kitchen staff are highly proficient in adapting our meals to serve you in the best way. If for some reason the growth mechanism is off, the cell growth can become too much and the cells can divide too fast. You need to experience the abundant field of alternative, holistic and integrative lung cancer treatment options at Sanoviv. Part of our program includes learning healthy eating habits and recognizing unhealthy eating and cooking patterns. At Sanoviv, you will learn from our integrative health care team how to promote a loving and forgiving mind, body and spirit, creating a positive physiological impact to your body through psychospiritual support. What we have found with our approach is that the earlier the stage the better prognosis and very rarely needing invasive treatments. We can support your ability to have a successful recovery by strengthening your immune system and overall healthy function of your mind, body and spirit.
The field of Psychoneuroimmunoendocrinology (PNIE) studies the relationship that our thought and feelings have with the major communication centers of our body (nervous, immune and endocrine systems).
This form of dentistry takes into consideration many things that traditional dentistry would not. We will work together to facilitate you being an active participant in your health and healing. When you come to Sanoviv, we start treating the causes of the disease and over time, the body will find its balance again. For this reason, it’s ideal to come back after having applied all recommendations suggested by our team so we can reevaluate your current state of health and help you continue on the path to optimal health. You may not be eating “leaves and twigs” all your life, but you will have been introduced to many new and different foods during your stay here as well as how certain foods are used as medicine. Nutrition and eating properly for your biochemical individuality is one of the cornerstones of our treatments. This process can continue and grow in an uncontrolled way causing a tumor.Carcinoma of the lung has the ability to metastasize early.
This program is provided by professional certified Nutritionists, and complimented by individual metabolic typing to ensure your recommended diet is what will best support your overall health. Our approach will support the optima functioning of your own defenses, so even when exposed to these treatments, you will be able to deal with them with less side effects.
If our thoughts, beliefs and emotions are not balanced, this can affect how our body communicates with itself and create health challenges.
For this reason, you might start seeing changes in laboratory values and the doctor might have to start reducing the medication and reduce dosage until you reach homeostasis. We believe that it is also of great importance to build the body’s immune system while doing an anti-tumor program. After lunch we have some of our afternoon classes or more therapies and sessions until dinner.
The physicians at New Hope Medical Centers acknowledge this and treat every patient differently. Each patient’s history, medical records, symptoms, and medical tests are studied and are given a protocol to meet their needs.
As you work with cancer, you should not “tear down the body” without “building the body up”. Pneumonia Chest, shoulder, or arm pain Weight loss Bone pain Hoarseness Headaches or seizures Swelling of the face Pleural effusion is when there is some fluid in the lung or lungs. Because of the debilitating affect standard treatments have on the body, increasing the body’s immune system helps the body deal with standard protocols. Risk Factors of Lung Cancer:It is believed that cigarette smoking is the number one reason for lung cancers.
Many traditional treatments lower the immune system, lowers the patient’s blood values, thus weakening the patients overall health. New Hope Medical Center does not make any stated or implied claims regarding results.  The extent of the response to treatment varies from patient to patient, even those with a similar diagnosis due to the uniqueness of each patient’s internal body makeup. The more cigarettes smoked in a day and the younger the age of starting to smoke, the greater the risk of lungs being affected with cancer. The major chemicals in cigarettes other than nicotine are polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHS), nicotine by-products, metals such as cadmium and nickel, tobacco-specific nitrosamines (TSNAs), and radioactive polonium 210 (210Po). Early and Late Stage cancer patients need to focus on their body’s immune system to increase their chance of survival.Cancer staging involves the process of describing the spread of cancer from the site of origin. Elements of cigarette vapor include oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, water, nitrogen oxides, formaldehyde, hydrogen cyanide, benzene, and toluene.New studies are showing that alcoholism is associated with significant immune suppression. The correlation is shown by changes in the interferon system and by the altered activity of the natural killer cells.This form of cancer develops in regions of scar areas such as scars from tuberculosis.
Then possibly your oncologist may try to use what works best against your cancer through trials. Some possible air pollutants are diesel exhaust, tar and pitch, arsenic, dioxin, cadmium, chromium, and nickel compounds.A diet low in fruit and vegetables is is also blamed for an increase in cancer of the lungs. Studies show a positive correlation between the intake of cholesterol and dietary fat and lung cancer.Lung surgery is performed to cure the patient in the early stages.
The success rate depends on the condition of the lungs and which state of cancer he or she is in. Biopsy: the removal and examination of a small piece of tissue from the living body to determine if cancer cells are present.
Bronchioles: the smaller air passages that lead from the bronchi further into the lung tissue.
Bronchoscope: an instrument for inspecting the interior of the lungs and allows a way to get specimens for culture or biopsy. Stop feeling helpless to your disease…you still have options! Are you looking for an Alternative, complementary treatment that Really works?

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