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If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. The most common way to get rid of this problem is to apply petroleum jelly or lip balm on the affected nail bed and leave it on overnight to moisturize it.You can also soak your nails in warm oil or water for about 15 minutes daily, and eventually trim the hangnail with a pair of cuticle scissors. The house remedy which will remove your skin tags the fastest way feasible is cutting it off. Apply some ice towards the area surrounding the tag and contain the tag with the tweezers as well as pull at it and reduce the fleshy stalk at one opt for the cuticle cutter.
Always wash the area encircling the tag thoroughly and lightly wipe it dry and try among the above home remedies for pores and skin tags. Among all other foods that the doctors, dieticians or the health instructors the one that always tops any chart is fruits. Itching is described as a peculiar tingling or uneasy irritation of the skin that creates a desire to scratch the affected area. Dacryocystitis is an inflammation of the sacculus lacrimalis that is positioned between the inner corner of eyelids and nose.
Blood pressure (BP) is the pressure (force per unit area) exerted by circulating blood on the walls of blood vessels. Sometimes during pregnancy, diabetes might suddenly develop in women with no previous history of diabetes. The term Ringworm is usually used to refer to a skin disease owing to the fungal infection. Allergy means the sensitiveness of the body to a substance that normally doesn’t affect other persons. Indigestion also known as dyspepsia is a very common problem wherein the digestive tract is not functionally properly.
Although the term adrenal fatigue has been coined only in the 1990s, the symptoms of the condition have existed for decades.
This person came to the emergency department with a painful bump after the wrist was hit by a car door.

The condition is medically called trichoptilosis and is caused by thermal, mechanical or chemical stress that wears away the protective outer layer of the hair cuticle.Lack of proper nourishment and moisture can make the problem worse, particularly for those with long hair.
BeerBeer helps control split ends by supplying protein and sugar to the damaged hair follicles.
This annoying problem is called a hangnail.Hangnails are basically small bits of skin that hang off the cuticles of your nails. This really is an Indian herbal home remedy that will reduce the skin tags really effectively. They are usually caused by dryness (especially during the winter months), exposure to harsh chemicals (like those present in detergents), and bad manicures.
Vitamin E OilVitamin E oil is one of the most effective remedies for hangnails as it softens and moistens the nail beds.
Keep the area clean and dry and for those who have no medical condition like diabetes causing issues with healing, you will be healed very quickly! Especially the baking soda and castor oil is really a very popular remedy and considered a very effective treatment. There are many who live without treating your skin tags so long there isn’t any irritation or it does not result in a cosmetic problem. Because your hair is primarily made up of protein, eggs help strengthen the hair follicles. Spray it over the mid- and end-sections of your damp hair.Let it sit for two to three minutes.
People who bite their nails or have nutritional deficiencies are more prone to this problem.Apart from marring the beauty of your nails, hangnails can be painful and can even become infected with bacteria or fungi, causing swelling and redness. Plus, vitamin E facilitates healing of the skin tear.Apply pure vitamin E oil on the problem area and leave it on until it is absorbed completely. But many vouch that it’s not all that painful and when done under fully sterile problems, you can get rid from the skin tags in a jiffy and you will see no scars even! But you must keep in mind that if any skin tag appears discolored, painful or the label gets bigger, please see your doctor as you might need a biopsy to check for malignancy and so on.

Plus, they will make your hair smooth, reduce tangles, and enhance resistance to breakage.You can use an egg hair mask once a week on a regular basis. Brush out your hair first to prevent tangles.Whisk an egg yolk and mix in two or three tablespoons of olive oil and one tablespoon of honey.
BananasBeing rich in natural oils, potassium, zinc, iron, and vitamins A, C, and E, bananas help restore your hair’s natural elasticity and minimize breakage.
HoneyThe best way to prevent as well as treat hangnails is to keep your nail beds moisturized so the skin around your nails remains supple. Being a natural humectant, it attracts and retains moisture.Plus, it has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that fight infection and reduce inflammation. Manuka honey, in particular, has potent antimicrobial properties.Dab raw or manuka honey on the affected area and leave it on for several hours to soften the cuticles.
Hot Oil Deep ConditionerDeep conditioning with hot oils helps restore moisture, which in turn helps control split ends. AvocadoAvocado is rich in vitamin E, healthy fats and other nutrients that help nourish and heal your skin.
All you need is an ounce of rosemary – steep your rosemary in the hot water for about 20 minutes, then let it cool. Homemade Cuticle SoftenerAnother useful remedy for this problem is to use a homemade cuticle softener to soften and moisturize your nail beds.Mix together two drops each of jojoba oil and eucalyptus oil, one drop of tea tree oil and two tablespoons of warm olive oil. It is loaded with protein, essential fatty acids, folic acid, magnesium, vitamins A, D and E, and other nutrients that nourish your hair and stimulate growth. Rub this cuticle softener onto your nails and cuticles, and leave it on overnight.Heat two or three tablespoons of olive oil in a microwave or double boiler.
Massage the mixture onto your nails and cuticles, and leave it on overnight.For best results, soak your hands in warm water for a few minutes before applying the softener.

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