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If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. The most affective way to remove toxins (road salt, herbicides, fertilizers or pesticides) from your dog’s and cat’s paws is to provide your dog or cat with a 30 second foot soak.
Organic unpasturized, unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties(primarily from the acetic acid and malic acid in ACV).
Do not use pasturized non-organic apple cider vinager such as that typically found on grocery store shelves (i.e. You can also use just apple cider vinegar between foot soaks – just put it in a spray bottle, spray your dog’s paws and then pat dry. Green tea (use decaffeinated only) is a non-toxic and rich in antioxidants – an aid to healing. The recipes listed above should be used three or four times a week if you are treating a yeast infection, or irritation due to allergies. Rooibos is a naturally anti-allergenic and also contains a significant amount of AHA (alpha-hydroxy acid) making rooibos tea an aid to the healthy growth and maintenance of skin. Lathering your dog’s paws with ointments, salves and lotions may make the irritation worse as allergens, toxins and dirt can get trapped underneath the ointment.
It is far better to resolve the root cause of the condition and use natural alternatives to treat the condition.
If you think that your dog or cat is suffering from food allergies you need to treat the immediate outward discomfort (i.e. To gain an understanding of the causes and many symptoms of food allergies you can read here. I am a Dog Whisperer, Dog Behaviorist and Holistic Canine Wellness Adviser with a wealth of real-time, real-life experience living and working with dogs. Symptoms for Fleas in HumansFleas Symptoms Treatment - Ways of treating the symptoms without visiting the doc would be to thoroughly clean the bites with a mild antiseptic soap and cold water. Most yeast infections do not require medical helps as there are excellent herbs that can easily and effectively treat the condition at the comforts of your home itself. Herbal Remedy for Yeast Infection Tea Tree Oil Tea tree oil is a strong essential oil with anti fungal properties. Garlic The benefits of garlic are so strong that they are used for curing several diseases of the body.
Chamomile A soothing and healing herb, chamomile helps in soothing the skin that has been affected by the fungus and also helps in removing the inflammation on the skin caused by the fungal action.
Continue application 3-4 times a day and top it up with 3-4 cups of chamomile tea as well for internal healing.
Oil of Oregano The oil is replete with anti parasitic and anti inflammatory properties and is also a known herb for improving the immune system response of the body.
Grapefruit seed The seed of grapefruit has been praised for its anti inflammatory, anti viral and antibacterial properties.
Grapefruit extract can be sprayed on to the skin surface several times to help treat the fungus that is present on the skin surface. Echinacea Echinacea is a general immune stimulant and stimulating the immune system means that you ready your immune system to fight off the infection without any medications. Cinnamon Cinnamon is a sweet spice that is used for healing diabetes, weight loss and other fungal infections. Your dog will have at least one nasty dog eye infection because your dog is continually exposed to dirt inside your home and when he’s outdoors and when he hangs his head out your car window and he will get infected for sure when he scratches at his eyes with his paws.

What you never want to do is wait until you see yellow pus, crusting and oozing blood round your dog’s eyes which means you got off track and your dog’s daily health maintenance program has fallen apart and is about to harm your dog’s eyes and cost you oodles more money than the saline solution you could have used to keep your dog’s eyes clean.
You know that bacteria is the most common cause of a dog eye infection followed by viral and fungal infections and other diseases which can lead to blindness if not treated quickly and properly.  Always call your vet when you see signs of an eye infection in your dog like redness, squinting, excess tearing and blinking. The simple home remedies and preventive steps you will read are the best alternatives to protect your dog’s eyes from all the possible dangers, diseases and discomforts of an eye infection.  Make sure that your dog isn’t allergic to any of the ingredients used in home remedies by testing first on a patch of your dog’s skin for an allergic reaction. Supplements: Check with your vet and use the highest quality supplements that boost your dog’s immune system to keep your dog healthy and fight off disease.
Chamomile Tea Bag: After you’ve had your morning or afternoon tea, you can use a chamomile tea bag to gently apply to your dog’s closed eyes to relieve redness or clean round the edges of your dog’s eyes to prevent a dog eye infection.
These are just a few simple ways to stay on top of your dog’s health and save yourself some money by using products you already have at home which are safe for your dog. Share these smart medical cost cutting home remedies to keep your dog’s eyes healthy with other dog parents and expect to get the best dog health strategies from Dog Health News™. Depending on the size of your dog, you can do afoot soak in the bowl or basin, sink, bathtub, shower or in a small children’s pool. After the soak just pat your dog’s or cat’s paws dry – do not rub them dry as rubbing can cause irritation.
Iodine is an excellent disinfectant as it has both anti-fugal and anti-viral properties, it is alsonon-toxic for dogs (but should not be ingested, just used topically). Just add a few chamomile tea bags to the liquid solution wait a few minutes and then soak your dog’s feet in the solution. Just add a few Golden Seal tea bags to the liquid solution wait a few minutes and then soak your dog’s, cat’s  feet in the solution.
Just add a few green tea bags to the liquid solution wait a few minutes and then soak your dog’s, cat’s feet in the solution.
They are not necessary and not better…you have what you need to work an excellent treatment with just the simple off-the shelf items I have mentioned above.
This article will help you understand how to resolve food allergies, naturally, safely and effectively – read more here. This is the main reason that yeast infections are way too common in the vagina, mouth and skin surface. If you are looking for some herbal remedies for treating yeast infection, here are a few of them that can help you treat it without much trouble. For treating yeast infections, a paste of garlic can be applied directly on the skin and left on for the entire day.
This will ensure that the fungus recedes and the skin gets adequate time to breath before the next application. The tea can be used as a rinsing agent as well for keeping the skin away from the fungal action and accelerating the healing process. Topical application of the oil is known to recede fungal as well as parasitic infections and clear the skin in no time.
The extract can be taken internally for treating the fungus and external application too is necessary to completely eliminate the threat and relieve the infection. Though there are no reported side effects in taking this herbal remedy long term, it is best to seek professional help if you plan to use it for chronic fungal infections. People who suffer from frequent yeast infections find that immune boosting herbs like Echinacea can help reduce the severity and frequency of the attacks greatly. Thyme can be taken as a tincture with up to 40 drops, which can be taken safely according to the general herbal guidelines.

For yeast infections, daily dosage of 1 to 6 grams can be taken according to the severity of the infection.
Not being proactive about protecting your dog’s eyes can mean you’ll have to spend money you don’t have on medications and unnecessary surgeries.
You can also prepare the tea as you normally would (as you would to drink it), just wait for it to cool down and add it to the liquid solution.
Steroids, cortecosteroids such as Prednisone and non steroidal ant-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) have many side effects including life threatening, life span shortening affects. It is indeed very common for yeast to harbor on the skin surface and other areas under normal circumstances.
For treating yeast infection, which is caused by a fungus, tea tree oil has to be diluted by adding water or vegetable oil to it. Cooling the tea bags and using it as a poultice is another effective way to soothe the skin and prevent itching. Oil of oregano has to be diluted with olive oil or coconut oil by adding on part of the herbal oil and three parts water and applied on the affected areas of the skin.
For external application for receding the fungus from the skin, make a paste of cinnamon with water and apply on the affected skin. You can then apply calamine lotion or other itch prevention creams from your local pharmacy (however always check with the pharmacist and read the label).
It is only when these fungi start growing uncontrollably that they cause infections that can cause a whole lot of difficulty along with it.
Apply on the area of infection and massage lightly in order to aid in the absorption of the essential oil into the skin. For yeast infections in the vaginal region, tea tree oil can be soaked in a cotton ball or a tampon and inserted in the vagina.
Massage for five minutes to help the infected skin absorb the medicinal properties of chamomile. Echinacea is known to be very effective if the herb is used at the initial stages of the infection. Thyme oil can be applied externally on the affected sites and a tea can be prepared with the dried herb which can be taken 2-3 times a day and used as a rinsing solution on the yeast infected skin. It would then be wise to keep the area cleaned and covered to avoid infection.If you are convinced that you have a flea infestation round you and some may have got into your food, then you need to visit the doctors ASAP. With continuous application and internal intake of half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder every day, the yeast infection can be completely cured.
As fleas can carry diseases such as typhus and bubonic plague (!), in addition to tapeworm, you could suffer adverse consequences as a result of eating them (this goes for children and pets too). The doctor will be able to treat your symptoms so pay them a visit.Symptoms of flea bites should not only be treated in the ways mentioned above, but you should always carry repellents and ensure you are covered up to avoid discomfort and potential illness. You want to avoid them getting into your home, otherwise you could have a major infestation on your hands.Fleas SymptomsSymptoms of Fleas in humans differ greatly and some may not even know they've been bitten by fleas. Others however may experience severe discomfort and irritabilityIf you are in any doubt about the symptoms you or your pets may be suffering, always opt for professional advice as parasites can carry a lot of nasty bacteria.

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