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Though not a serious condition, a pink eye is not what you would love to show up at an important appointment with. To hasten the healing process, you can make use of the best home remedies for pink eye in adults as discussed below. The use of cold and warm compresses helps to reduce pain as well as get rid of discharge from the eyes. Soak a clean wash cloth in warm or cold water depending on your preference and extent of infection. Honey contains microbial properties and has been used for long against a wide range of illnesses.
Most types of honey will work for this condition but raw manuka honey is known to contain a high amount of dihydroxyacetone. Other than the natural treatments, there also are a few products you can make use of to make your own remedy at home. Dip a cotton ball or clean wash cloth into the salt water solution and put it on the eyelids of the affected eye to soothe the infection. Castor oil: Putting castor oil in the affected eye also goes a long way in curing this king of eye infection. Baking Soda: This home remedy is very soothing and is an effective cure for conjunctivitis. Home remedies are more recommended than pink eye over the counter treatments because they are milder. There are a number of over the counter remedies that can be used to treat pink eye in adults.

Most popular is breast milk for its immunoglobulin which helps to prevent bacteria from getting attached to the eye surface. They are excellent natural antibiotics for pink eye and are therefore the best home remedies for pink eye in adults that is as a result of bacterial infections.
Studies have shown that antibacterial honey can be used effectively in treating ocular surface diseases.
While making use of home remedies on how to heal pink eye, be advised to use them in the right way not to spread the infection. These are mostly necessary when the conjunctivitis is accompanied by a discharge which leads to the involuntary shutting of the eye. You can however relieve its symptoms using over the counter pink eye adults treatment such as decongestants and eye drops.
Where home treatments for pink eye do not alleviate the symptoms, it is best to visit an optician.
A warm compress opens up the blood vessels and allows for enough circulation ensuring that toxins are flashed out. Its use in various eye conditions gives variable results but is certainly great at treating pink eye. Sea salt is especially popular for this as it will help draw out impurities and pus, soften any crusted discharge, soothe the affected and reduce swelling. Use of medication is best done under a doctor’s recommendation so visit one before using any medicine. With this type, you may also have to wait a number of weeks for the condition to run its cause.

The infection could be resulting from other eye infections which need to be cleared so as to get rid of it.
When used appropriately and in the right amounts, these will help get rid of the condition fast.
When there is an infection, exposure to the sun and wind or allergies the eye swells and becomes red. Where the pink eye is as a result of allergies, you can get antihistamines such as cetirizine or loratadine to help relieve the symptoms. Other times when you ought to visit a doctor include where the condition is accompanied by increased light sensitivity, blurred vision, fever and pain. We also give you tips to help avoid spreading the infection to the eye that is not affected while using the remedies. Although this condition is not serious and tends to go away on its own within seven to ten days, home interventions can alleviate the symptoms fast. In case you wear contact lenses, remove them and use normal glasses during the time of the infection as these could aggravate the situation.

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