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Hope you have read my article on North Indian postnatal care. As promised in that article, here I bring to you details about the postnatal diet followed as part of the north Indian postpartum care.
During the confinement period food that the mother eats is considered equivalent to medicine that helps the mother to regain her physical and mental strength. Diet followed as per north Indian tradition is rich in ingredients that keep body warm, help in lactation and also helps in digestion. The main reason new mom should drink water after delivery is because water is an important constituent of breast milk. Drinking water also helps to reduce your chances of getting infected with a urinary tract infection. Ghee is added in almost every item prepared for post delivery – from laddus to rotis to homemade snacks. Ghee nourishes the body when taken in right quantities. Ghee actually increases digestive power and helps in smooth bowel movements. Pure ghee is high in nutritional content and helps in the recovery of the mother’s body from the stress of pregnancy and childbirth. Turmeric contains vitamins B6 and C, fiber and potassium and helps to heal internal wounds. It is very high in fibre and calcium and helps to reduce constipation that every mom faces post delivery.
Fenugreek seeds are the traditional food that helps in lactation.These seeds are boiled in water and are taken in the morning after food.

This is a traditional receipe.It provides vital nutrition and helps in lactationThe recipe for harira includes dry fruits like almond, pista, walnuts and cashew.
Panjiri generates heat inside body that helps in getting rid of impure blood after delivery and thus helps in clearing uterus naturally.
The new mother should eat on time and in adequate quantities so that the digestive system is not affected.
These were the food items I had during my confinement period as per the postnatal diet followed in North India. A Keralite by birth, bought up in Mumbai and now staying at Doha, Geetu is a mother to a 2 year old naughty pie.
So drink up plenty of water to increase milk flow and decrease dehydration due to breastfeeding. Every morning boil four glasses of water with two tablespoon of carom seeds (ajwain) and drink this water. When she is not blogging, she can be found glued to Bollywood gossip shows or asking her hubby if she is fat for the 'n'th time.

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