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H Pylori Bacteria, also known as helicobacter pylori, is an infection causing bacteria that is found in the body of most humans, but causes harm in very few cases.
This green vegetable was listed as one of the most effective natural remedies of h pylori bacteria in a medical study conducted in Japan.
Raspberry, strawberry and blueberry contain phytochemicals that fight against all types of bacteria in the human body. Ginger and garlic pastes have been identified as good antiseptics that heal the harm already caused by h pylori bacteria in the stomach. Drink more than 8 glasses of filtered water throughout the day for flushing out h pylori bacteria from your system. Mix one teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water and drink twice a day for a month to completely cure h pylori bacterial infection. 6 simple home remedies ascites natural treatments, Carom seed is the most indigenously used herb in india. Home remedies natural cures simple home remedies, Home remedies and natural cures to help you treat common ailments using herbal ingredients and holistic techniques. We have an collection of Home Remedies And Natural Cures Simple Home Remedies in various styles.
In North American folk medicine, cranberry juice is used for treating a number of bacterial infections. Turmeric is an excellent herbal remedy used for centuries in the Indian subcontinent for treating gastritis. The resin of Pistacia lentiscus, commonly known as mastic gum, is a popular herbal remedy for H. Gingerols, the key polyphenolic constituents in ginger, are potent antibacterial compounds.
Achellia millifolium, commonly known as yarrow, is a medicinal plant with significant anti H. Chinese cinnamon, also called cassia or Cinnamomum cassia, is used in the traditional medicine systems of Asia for treating gastritis.It contains cinnamic acid and eugenol that researches suggest protect the stomach lining from the corrosive activities of excess stomach acid by increasing mucus secretion. The fragrant flowering plant Gardenia jasminoides, commonly known as Cape jasmine, can be used for treating gastritis. Long term use of antibiotics and acid suppressing medicines destroy the healthy flora found in the gut and provide only temporary relief.
Make some curd with skim milk and churn it with some water to get a thin consistency of buttermilk. Fenugreek has been used since time immemorial for curing and healing a vast number of diseases and ailments. Ulcers cause a lot of pain and burning and most of the time you keep feeling a great discomfort in the abdomen. Stomach or gastric ulcers are lesions that break out on stomach’s lining due to extreme production of digestive acid by the stomach. Check Out The 17 Easy To Follow And Effective Home Remedies For Ulcers Given Here Bananas Bananas, particularly the unripe ones have high level of sitoindosides that induce production of mucus thereby helping protect the digestive tract. Fenugreek Fenugreek seed is a powerful spice that when consumed, functions to coat the stomach’s lining with additional mucus helping to heal ulcers. Cabbage Juice Cabbage juice with high lactic acid and vitamin C content helps improve blood flow to stomach lining and control H.pylori. Honey In addition to soothing the stomach honey is also anti-bacterial owing to presence of enzyme glucose oxidase that induces production of hydrogen peroxide and ridding the stomach of bacterial presence.

Beetroot Eat up fresh beetroots or juice it up for an energy drink that is loaded with antioxidants to cleanse and clear up the stomach of harmful bacteria.
Coconut Coconut water and milk are highly antibacterial and have stomach cooling properties. Berries All types of berries including mulberry, strawberry, raspberries and shrewberry have anti-bacterial antioxidants that soothe the stomach by effectively reducing stomach acid production. Coconut Oil Virgin coconut oil is antibacterial and anti-fungal and proven to check harmful stomach bacteria due to the lipids and saturated fatty acids present in it. Apple Cider Vinegar A once-a-day consumption of two tablespoons of raw apple cider vinegar diluted in two glasses water is an excellent remedy for treating ulcers.
Vitamin E Vitamin E can positively help repair the damaged stomach and intestinal lining by encouraging protein repair. Cayenne Pepper Cayenne Pepper has capsaicin that inhibits secretion of stomach acids and improves blood flow to gastric mucosal cells.
Most stomach problems, especially peptic ulcers are caused as a result of the attack of infectious h pylori bacteria. Broccoli sprouts contain compounds known as sulforphane and ellagic acid that have antibacterial properties.
This compound in berries is so strong that its effects can be utilized by the human blood no matter how the fruits are cooked or refrigerated.
These enzymes stop the catalyzing functions of the h pylori bacteria and prevent them from causing inflammatory reactions inside the stomach. If you cannot take raw cinnamon for its pungent flavor, add its extracts in tea or hot water and drink the solution. Baking soda has antimicrobial properties, thus effectively killing all harmful microorganisms in the human body. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Here is some inspiring pictures about Home Remedies And Natural Cures Simple Home Remedies. It contains acid-neutralizing compounds genipin and ursolic acid that can reverse gastric damage. It has great significance in ayurvedic medicine because of its powerful antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Peel a fresh aloe vera leaf and blend the pulp with a little water in a blender. Drink half a cup of the gooey juice twice daily. Apple juice will destroy the harmful bacteria and it will also inhibit the production of too much acid. Take one spoon powdered fenugreek seeds with milk, boil fenugreek leaves and drunk up the infusion with honey or simply boil the seeds in water and drink the water. Chew small sticks of Licorice three times every day for at least 10 minutes to allow the juices to be consumed or drink infusion prepared twice daily. Have one teaspoon coconut oil thrice daily for a month or switch to coconut oil to cook food. Daily consumption of one cup yogurt helps inhibit .H pylori in the stomach and help ulcers to heal. Consume one spoon of Slippery Elm bark in powdered form thrice daily or drink the bark’s infusion. Add cayenne pepper to soups, meats etc or mix one-fourth of pepper to one glass of lukewarm water and drink it two times daily.

Drink up approximately half cup Aloe juice before every meal for reducing acid reflux and quick healing of ulcers.
The antimutagen substances in berries fight against the offending bacteria in the stomach and help cure stomach problems caused by h pylori bacteria.
This remedy, however, must be applied only at the first stages of the infection, when harm from the bacteria is at its minimum.
Click image to get bigger picture, and if you find Home Remedies And Natural Cures Simple Home Remedies interesting, you might pin it to Pinterest. In a small number of cases, long-term intake of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), bile reflux, autoimmune disease, heavy drinking, excess secretion of stomach acid, trauma or pernicious anemia damages the stomach lining, leading to gastritis. It can therefore be used as an alternative to standard H2 blocker medications such as ranitidine or cimetidine. These antibacterial components of mastic gum also possess anti-inflammatory property that alleviates inflammation of the stomach lining.
Moreover, the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects of the phenolic compounds of yarrow can reduce the risk of gastritis.
The buttermilk will supply lots of healthy bacteria which will soon destroy the harmful bacteria. Methi will also provide a mucilaginous coating and prevent the stomach acid from eroding the lining.
Its powerful nutrients will strengthen the protective lining of the stomach and the intestines and will heal the ulcers rapidly. Most times ulcers heal quickly with medication, corrective lifestyle and dietary changes but they can worsen if treatment and precautions are not pursued properly.
They also have soluble polysaccharides that help neutralize gastric juices thus reducing inflammation.
Fresh ginger should be ground and seeped in hot water for couple of minutes to prepare the tea. Blend and juice half raw cabbage head and two carrots together, and consume the juice 10 minutes before every meal. Consume a tablespoon of garlic juice, or eat 5-6 garlic cloves in fresh or pickled form daily for a month. Alternately, mix one teaspoon Licorice powder into a glass of water and cover it overnight. Instead of turning to medicinal drugs that may lead to further side effects, try natural cures for h pylori bacteria.
In addition, the ginger compounds can protect the gastrointestinal tract from toxic chemicals, thereby maintaining the normal functioning of the digestive system. A weak immune system is unable to handle the sudden spurt in growth and the bacteria become dangerous and inflame the lining of the stomach and the duodenum. A permanent and natural solution to ulcers is possible through a number of home based remedies. It not only kills h pylori bacteria, it also reduces pain and inflammation caused by the helicobacter pylori.

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